Life and it’s ways. The ways that crawl in. Most are invited. Some forced in. And you can’t always choose which ones stay.

Messaged and received.

Wanted. Maybe even needed.

Craved in the shadows. Hidden but found.

Unnecessary became necessary. Unplanned. Never thought of. Spur of the moment can’t happen though. Not in this crazy.

Holding on but for what? For why? For the attention? What’s so fucking special about it? The questions could eat you alive, but that’s exactly what you want. To be eaten.

Stay away but you can’t. Hold your breath but you still breathe even under water. It’s a scare tactic right? Or is it just part of your survival mode. Another creation of your mind. Your heart can’t take it so your mind does the bidding for you and your body follows. It’s not your fault. You’re just that type of girl.

Burdened with imagination and desire that followed you home one dark and stormy fairy tailed night.

Lethal lust and day dream delights.

Moon light and star shine became your companions and the rhythm of the night is your song.

Cursed and blessed. Played with. Tortured. Appreciated.

Left behind to be a good kitty and lap up the milk that was so graciously spilled at your knees.

Do you like it like this? Or maybe how it was before? Or just the way it is in your head. It’s safer there. Room for more and never less. Always turned on and the lights are dim as to not aggravate the pain.

Hazy. Bored. Delicious. Homebound. Sexy. Reality. Lost. Wanted. Fantastic. Sad. Worn. Devoted. And……..Crazy.

See, there’s lots of stuff here. And like that shinny that left, we’re all mad here.

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