Life and it’s ways. The ways that crawl in. Most are invited. Some forced in. And you can’t always choose which ones stay.

Messaged and received.

Wanted. Maybe even needed.

Craved in the shadows. Hidden but found.

Unnecessary became necessary. Unplanned. Never thought of. Spur of the moment can’t happen though. Not in this crazy.

Holding on but for what? For why? For the attention? What’s so fucking special about it? The questions could eat you alive, but that’s exactly what you want. To be eaten.

Stay away but you can’t. Hold your breath but you still breathe even under water. It’s a scare tactic right? Or is it just part of your survival mode. Another creation of your mind. Your heart can’t take it so your mind does the bidding for you and your body follows. It’s not your fault. You’re just that type of girl.

Burdened with imagination and desire that followed you home one dark and stormy fairy tailed night.

Lethal lust and day dream delights.

Moon light and star shine became your companions and the rhythm of the night is your song.

Cursed and blessed. Played with. Tortured. Appreciated.

Left behind to be a good kitty and lap up the milk that was so graciously spilled at your knees.

Do you like it like this? Or maybe how it was before? Or just the way it is in your head. It’s safer there. Room for more and never less. Always turned on and the lights are dim as to not aggravate the pain.

Hazy. Bored. Delicious. Homebound. Sexy. Reality. Lost. Wanted. Fantastic. Sad. Worn. Devoted. And……..Crazy.

See, there’s lots of stuff here. And like that shinny that left, we’re all mad here.


My God. What happened last night? My head was aching and my body was sore. My eyes matted from the left over mascara that wasn’t washed off. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Shit. I never go out on week nights. Nor do I make it habit to drink so much and then stay at a friends apartment but our company had some at home work day planned and we decided we could play hooky if we wanted to. Last night was a blast though. Bits and pieces were compiling like a movie in my mind as I peeled the sheets off my body. What the hell was I wearing? Looked like a t-shirt from a university. It’s definitely not mine. Water. I need water. And coffee. A lot of coffee. I tiptoed down the hallway to the bathroom and took a glance in the mirror as I grabbed for make up remover to use after a splash of cold water to my face. Thankfully I know my way around her place! I hear her asking me if I was up. I answer back as I peeked up from behind the fluff of the hand towel. God, she looked awful. We both kinda did. We laughed and chatted about everything that transpired. Shots and cocktails and dancing with Italian men from out of town that wanted to take us home. Running out and grabbing an Uber and going to the next bar for more fun. Wild girls we were. She flopped back on her bed and grabbed her phone scrolling through her contacts cackling as she got one of their numbers and he was texting her now asking for his jacket back. The jacket was on the floor by her closet. We laughed and walked to the kitchen.

Um. Who in the deliciousness was that? My God, look at him. His eyes made me nervous like a teenager and his hand gripping his cup made my mind sin and my body want to. Those lips and that beautiful black hair. Oh my.

He looks up from his cup of coffee and smiles. “You ladies got in quite late last night” he says after a sip. I look at Jess and she laughs and says “Come on bro, like you didn’t do shit like this too, probably still do” and she throws a kitchen towel off the stove at him. He dodges it and looks at me. I mean really looks at me. From the top of my messy hair all the way to my pedicured feet. He takes a slow sip and doesn’t stop staring. I tipped my head and bit my lip a little wondering just what that look meant. He looked, hungry, like he might tear me apart and I think I would gladly let him. “You’re wearing my shirt” he says with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, would you like it back?” I ask teasingly. He keeps his smile and remains silent but still looking. We were locked in a stare. Jess shoves me and says something about her dumb ass big brother staying with her for a couple nights while his place gets painted. He nods to the seats at the table and the box of donuts and the other two coffees in the carrier. We were very thankful for them.

I decided I needed a shower before heading home and Jess insisted she go to the gym. She was nuts. I was not ready to sweat out all the vodka I consumed last night. She tells me to be good as she grabs her keys and heads towards the door. “Wait, you’re going to just leave me here with your bother?” I say blushing. “Yes, yes I am” she says tauntingly. She leans in and whispers too loudly before she heads out “You might just have some fun, you could use it, or at least your puss….” I slammed my hand over her mouth before she finished saying it. She wasn’t lying. It had been awhile. Too long. And he was hot. Like old Hollywood hot. That, gentlemen wants to spank me after he kisses me hot. That, would lick my lips to moisten them for me hot. That, I would do things to him in the back of a limo hot. And he was just sitting there in that button up white shirt and jeans. And I was in his t-shirt. Fuck. Was I bold enough to take it off and throw it at him and ask him to join me in the shower? Ha, no I wasn’t. So I just simply said, as I rounded the corner towards the bathroom, that I was going to shower and I would give him his shirt back after. Next thing I know he was standing in the door way of the room I slept in looking at me. His feet were bare and his arms crossed and he was leaning against the door frame. I swear I could smell him. His scent like washed linens and sandalwood straight from the hippie shops downtown. I took a deep breath of him. He smiled and asked “So, you gonna give me my shirt back after your shower then?” I stood still but my mind ran to him and kissed him. Grabbing his face and pulling him to the unmade bed behind me. It was like he was reading my thoughts and he took a step into the room. I breathed harder and he responded by licking those luscious full lips while his eyes traveled up and down my skin. I was damn near naked in just that t-shirt and panties from last night. My glitter nails were about the only other thing I had on besides my diamond studs and the look of lust on my face. He asked me about the shirt again as he took another couple steps and was right in front of me. Yeah, that scent was smashing into me now. I took another deep breath of him and I swallowed him in. My lips open and my body responding to his closeness. I was getting warm and flushed. I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and my skin was throbbing. He moved a bit closer and I took a step back and my legs hit the bed. I couldn’t go any further unless it was on the bed. Fuck. That’s what I wanted too. I did. And I think he did too.

“So, my shirt, I get it back after your shower then?” he questioned quietly and directly. Now was the time. I could take it off and give it to him. Or tell him he could have it now. God. Just say something! “Yeah, unless you just want me to give it back right now?” I say coyly and tempting him. My eyes never leaving his but my hands making the motion to take it off. He smiles and responds with “But then you’d be naked”. “No, I have panties on” I say. He moves just a bit closer and leans in and says “Well then, you wouldn’t be naked now would you?” I giggled and moved towards the buttons on his shirt and say “Maybe if you take yours off too, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable” He drew in a breath as I unbuttoned the first button, then the second. His chest hair exposed. I wanted to touch it. He said as I kept going “Well, it is only fair if I’m just in my boxers then too”. I laughed as he said that knowing the pants were next. I got to the last button and slid the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His skin smooth under my hands. He looked at the hem of his shirt on me and his hands went for it and I let him. He pulled it up over my head and tossed it over by the doorway. I stood there in front him my skin prickling from the electricity between us. My breasts on full view and his hands sliding up my back pulling me to him. “Wait” I quickly say just before our mouths met “Your pants?” He grinned and immediately took them off and went right back to pulling me to him and just like that our lips collided. Full body contact. My mouth opened and his tongue plunged in. He tasted like sunshine in the morning and I wanted all of him right now. The kissing was urgent. I couldn’t contain myself. And I didn’t want to. That look in the kitchen made me ache for him between my thighs and instantly hot.

I sat down on the foot of the bed and he stood in front of me. I kissed and licked his stomach and worked my way back up his chest, my hands gripping his back. His moans were demanding as I went lower again, looking up at him. My freshly washed face from the bathroom sink smiling as my hands slid the fabric of his boxers down and I dropped my head. His hands in my hair and the sound that came out of him when I took him in was of pure marveling revelry. He watched me with precision and delight. Hissing and and saying “Oh fuck” as I kept going, using my mouth for his pleasure. After a few minutes he pulled away and as I looked up with suck swollen red lips he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back on the bed and told me to slide back and as I did my panties came off by his hands. His black hair was all I could see from my angle laying down as it was between my legs. Biting and nipping my thighs and trailing kisses closer to my heat slicked and ready. I was ready the moment he took that long sip of coffee in the kitchen and raised that eyebrow at me. Like thunder in my belly a storm began to brew. I was climbing as my body moved under his tongue. I grabbed handfuls of the slept on sheets and cried out with one last taste. He held on to my hips as the waves crashed through my body and vibrated with satisfaction. He stilled himself and stopped as I was whimpering and trying to catch my breath. My hands let go of the fistfuls of fabric and went to his face and I pulled him up to me kissing him deeply and ravenously. We weren’t done yet. My legs still shaking as he steadied himself before he entered me. Damn. One thrust and he was in as my head went back and the weight of him on me changed as my body arched to meet his. No need to ease it in. Just like velvet motion we moved. Moving in glutinous indulgence. A locomotion of lust. Him taking and me giving. The dessert that once was in me was no longer. Soaked and sopping. Drenched and dripping from him and by him. Pushing through all the way to the end, wringing wet. Two bodies left smashed, sloppy and fully satisfied. I don’t think I can tame this monster now that I let it out. And why would I want to? No doctor could cure this one. No way.

Thank God I put on that t-shirt last night.



Plans for the weekend were in place and it seems like forever since I had been out of my house.  I wasn’t sure what to wear but the girls said it was casual but for some reason I felt fishnets were in order.  Slid them on as I turned up my music and danced around my bathroom while putting on my makeup. Red lips are always necessary.  Grabbed my ripped jeans and put them on over the tights and threw on a light heather blue  t-shirt.  Ran some product through my hair and spritzed some perfume on my wrists and neck and I was ready.  Tied my miss matched Converse and took one last look before my girlfriends rang the bell.  Purse and jacket in hand as I opened the door and shooed them all back to the car.  

We all decided right off we were going to just have fun.  It was a party at one of our co-workers places downtown.  He owned several properties and this one was a warehouse turned into a loft.  There was a DJ and the music was blasting and the crowd was wild with dancing and booze. It might as well have been a club. I teased them that I felt too old for this shit but they weren’t having it and pulled me to the middle of the dance floor area.  I must say, it was fun.  I was desperate for some water after about 5 songs and we found our way to the bar area.  There were several places to sit and there was food available too.  Waiters and waitresses swiveling with trays around the room.  I slammed my water and we decided to take a cruise around the place.  A few others from our work were there and they showed us around.  We ended up heading upstairs and when we got up there I needed to use the restroom. Our co-worker that owned the place showed me down the hall 5th door on the right. 

I roamed down the dark hall lit by a few sconces on the walls and found the restroom door and opened it.  I was so embarrassed to find someone in there. It was a guy. I immediately said I was sorry and started to turn and shut the door but he said wait, he was done. I stopped, turned back around and looked at him.  He had a cigarette lit in one hand and was grabbing for the pack with other.  His eyes dark in the dim light.  They hit me like a car crash.  His lips formed into a grin and I was stuck.  They looked like they were chiseled from stone.  A statue from Babylon standing in front of me.  His hair messy and begging to be touched.  His arms firm and vascular from under his button up straight out of the 50’s jean t-shirt. He tilted his head as to offer me to come in but I was glued to the fucking door handle.  I just stood there smiling and finally he said “Do you need anything, like can I get you something?”  I shook my head and said “No, no, I’m fine” and I nervously laughed and walked around him as we switched places.  Walking those few steps past him I could smell him.  He reeked of man, fresh but smoky and hints of liquor and the woods after it rains.  It was intoxicating.  I had to hold onto the sink.  Goddamn he was beautiful.  He turned back around and said as he took a drag from his cigarette and was shutting the door for me “If you do need anything, come find me.”  And I almost fainted. He shut the door and I locked it and made a decision right that I would definitely find him for something. Yes, yes I would.  

I quickly found my girls when I was done and they were still with our co-worker thankfully so I could ask who he was. He laughed and said he wasn’t surprised I would like him.  Like him, no, want him, Yes!  Teasing me and joking he walked me over to the railing looking down onto the party goers and we scoured the crowd looking for him.  I didn’t see him.  Moments later  I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around expecting it to be one of the girls and like a bullet to the groin it was him.  He smiled saying “So, do you need anything yet?” Everyone waited for my answer especially him. I said “Yes, yes I do” The girls swooned as he took my hand and lead me away.  I looked over my shoulder at them and they were damn near cheering for me.  I closed my eyes and turned back around. He took me to the middle of the crowd and as the song changed he pulled me to him.  Our bodies touching through the fabric.  My mouth drying up as his hands went around my waist and we started to move.  It was a bluesy song and we were swaying to the beat. He ended up turning me around so I was facing away from him.  His hands on my hips and as I leaned into him he asked into my ear “What do you need?” and I answered back “I think this is good”.  His grip tightened on my hips and he asked with his lips on my ear “Are you sure?” I took a deep breath and as the air exited my lungs I said “No”. He turned me around and looked me in the eye and then let his gaze sink to my mouth and he leaned down and kissed me.  The world around us melted away instantly.  I opened my lips to let his tongue in and in it came, touching mine.  His hands tighter around me.  Mine grabbing the denim shirt.  He stopped and said “Come with me” and I said “Yes”. 

He took me by the hand and we returned to the stairway headed up to the loft.  Passing people and hearing the chatter and laughter as we did.  The music grew softer as we went down the hall.  Back to the restroom where we were.  He opened the door and gently pushed me inside and shut the door and locked it.  It wasn’t romantic.  It wasn’t meant to be.  He came towards me and turned me to the sink picking me up a little so my ass was on it along with his hands.  He was between my legs coming in as close as he could kissing me hard.  Groaning with his lips forcing me to moan back.  My hands making way with the buttons on his shirt touching his bare skin underneath.  He smiled as I ran my hands along his chest and pushed the shirt off.  Then quickly he tugged mine up over my head and tossed it on the floor.  His bare chest was too tempting not to kiss, so I did.  Trailing along his collar bone and down to the middle of his chest then down his stomach.  I looked up and he was watching me.  He pulled me up by my chin with his hand.  Kissing me again.  He stopped pulled back and looked at me. Admiring me.  His eyes focused on my ample bosom held up by a red bra.  He took a step forward and placed his hands on me as he did.  I tipped my head back and leaned against the mirror as his mouth was on me. Freeing me from the fabric he generously paid attention to each of them.  

I wanted to switch places.  I pulled him up and turned him around.  He was leaning on the sink now.  My hands sliding down the front of him between his legs.  He hissed as I did it and I smiled as I felt him. All of him.  As my mouth watered for him I undid his pants and as I took them down I went with them.  Looking up with appreciation I took him in.  Slowly and purposely.  His head went back as I did and his hands gripped the sink.  The sound that came out of his mouth was like a whimper carried by the word “Yes”. I wanted to worship him like this.  Such a spectacle of a man.  The most powerful position for a woman.  He moved with me biting his lower lip and grunting the word “Fuck”. He placed his hand on my head.  My eyes closed and then looked up at him.  He was watching.  Enjoying.  I kept going, reveling in him and in this. So delicious. I pulled away and he pulled me up.  He kissed me and turned me around.  He undid my jeans and stepped out of his. He looked at the fishnets and looked up at me with a smirk as he told me to put my hands on the sink. I turned around and did it watching him in the mirror.  With both hands on my ass he took a hold of the tights and ripped them. I shuttered when he did it.  He leaned in from behind me and kissed my neck and my back. The kisses and his tongue were sliding down my skin.  God he felt so good.  His hands still on me as he pulled the ripped the tights harder while his mouth was down there.  I couldn’t steady myself  nor could I stay still.  I was grinding on him as my hands slammed onto the mirror jiggling it on the wall.  He didn’t stop.  He kept going until I was ready to scream and as soon as I fell over the edge he came back up and pushed himself in.  Rocking into me.  His arms wrapped around me holding onto me as he moved, as we moved.  My head back on him as I staggered and vibrated from his thrusts.  I was climbing.  He could feel it.  And just before I got there he said “Is this what you needed?” and right then I cried out “Yes!”  Riding the shock waves he turned me around and sat me on the sink still trembling holding onto him he plunged into me.  He didn’t stop.  He didn’t slow down.  He was climbing now and I was holding on ready for another one. Our bodies pushing and pulling.  My hands tugging and clawing him.  Our sounds like animals.  Primal.  Needing it. Driving for the finish.  And with one last push it sent him over and I went with him.  He caved into me, slumped over with ecstasy.  Breathing heavily he moved  his head up and kissed me. A gentle soft and deliberate kiss. I smiled into the kiss. He moved and I stood as he did. Sore from the faucet in my back I looked in the mirror trying to see if there was a mark left. He politely handed me my clothes as I pulled what was left of my tights off and stuffed them in my purse. He laughed while buttoning up his shirt and asked “A keep sake?” as he looked towards my purse and I simply responded as I leaned in fully naked holding my clothes and said “Yes”. 



When the flesh and bone of reality just doesn’t cut it anymore, you need an escape. You need the appetizing side of your mind to pick up the slack.  You need it more than you can even comprehend.  The delectable darling needs to step it up.  She needs those demons she’s made friends with to pop over to the light and bring some of that delightful dark with them.  Fall into the the pit of that nectarous night time fantasy during the day.

Do it.

No one’s around.  No one will know.  Shove that savory temptation all the way in and let it happen.  Don’t be afraid to let it take shape.  It’s time.  It’s been long enough.  That lion’s been asleep in the back of your mouthwatering mind for too long.  Wake it up.  Splash him, soak him, devour him and let him lay to waste while you go at it again and again.

Forget you pain.  Forget your past.  And forget your future.  Just feel.

I can’t help it my imagination is built this way.  It’s rare and rich to possess something so tantalizing, luscious, sensual and yummy.  It’s a shame it can’t be on devious display all the time.  Instead it’s tucked away for those special times and lured out by the siren song of depravity that palpitates and suffers in succulent silence.  It’s not to be forced or pushed but it is to be played with. That much is allowed. Then lick it clean from the dripping sugar coated day dreams that run on repeat during the scrumptious peep shows behind the doors in my mind.

Every inviting morsel sweetened and sucked in just as a fantasy appetizer.  By the time the main course has come, you’re so stuffed, you don’t know if you can go anymore.  But you do.  You have to.  You have to finish it all.  The glutinous greed is taking over. Let it. Keep going, don’t stop.  This is a flight of fancy mind fuck fit for a king so give him all you got now.  A tantalizing illusion of the most gratifying nature.  Objectifying yourself, for yourself.  What’s the harm in that?

Heavenly, palatable, enticing, divine, pleasurable, satisfying, delicious.

It all tastes so good when it’s bad. Right?



Most of my life I was the weirdo.  The odd one.  The black sheep.  Whatever you want to call it, that was me.  I never really fit in anywhere.  I didn’t participate much in sports or extra circular activities in school.  It wasn’t my thing. I wrote poetry and read comics and classic literature.  I wasn’t much of a socialite. I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t a complete outcast either.  I was just me.  So you could imagine when I went to college and graduated and began my career, I wasn’t much of a joiner then either.  I was lucky and landed the perfect position at a prestigious advertising firm in the city.  I got great deal on brownstone walk up as the person died in it and no one wanted to buy it.  It didn’t bother me hell, I hoped they haunted me!  So basically my weirdo ass had it made but I was lonely.  I was.  And I hated to admit it because if I were to truly admit that, then I would have to do something about it.


And that, I missed that a lot.  I hadn’t dated much because I was serious girl.  I got feelings and shit always went bad and I’d go back to my boring existence of solo shadow play by myself and tea on Fridays comforted by classic horror movies and Creepshow reruns on late because I don’t sleep well, I never have, even with a vibrator.

My coworkers insisted I go to some new club opening downtown.  They said I would really dig it.  I inquired more but they said it was a surprise so I came to work with a little deeper red lipstick on that day and black corduroy converse instead of my normal canvas ones.  That was dressing up to me.  Classic blue jeans with a white t-shirt and a black lace bra because why not and a dark green ring master style jacket was my outfit.   I thought it looked pretty damn good and so did the girls I was going with. There were a couple guys too.  We piled in a car after a quick bite and a few drinks for them. I’m not a drinker.

We arrived to the club.  We got out and headed to a stairway the lead down to the entrance.  So far, I was digging it.  We were greeted by a large man at the door and as we walked in there seemed to be a very circus like vibe. Lots of people and a couple bars and music with different rooms with arrow signs for each. It reminded me of a porn store where you can go back to the peep shows and jerk off booths.  I was kinda stunned at how classy yet naughty this place was.  It wasn’t a sex club but it was close.  There were lots of lounge areas too.  With velvet booths and pillows.  I was in love with the décor and the truly disturbing vibe I got form it all.  Whips and chains and floggers and riding crops hanging around for use as men and women dressed the part walked around for looks.  Back lit go go dancers were in the corners and cages where half naked men looked down at you and smiled.  Glittered girls with pink lips sold shots behind the bars and there were a lot of wigs and martinis.  I loved it here but I needed some air.  I asked one of the girls and she pointed to the stair way sign that said “Up for fun” and I walked that way.  It went up a flight of stairs to a door.  I opened it and there was a set of elevators. I asked the man standing there where I could catch my breath and he pointed to the left one.  He said I could take it to the roof, so I did.  There were a couple other people including my coworker and I that hopped on.  We all got out and walked out a door to the roof.  I sucked in the sunset city soaked air and as I did I turned around and was hit with a beautiful punch to the gut when I saw him.

Holy fuck.  Look at him.  Laying on the edge like that.  Lost in his own thoughts as the humans from the club bustled around like pigeons on that roof.  Holding their drinks and their breath as they looked over the edge and there he laid so stoic and stunning.  My God.  I had to swallow to remind myself I was alive.  I was in sexual shock by his good looks.  His hair perfectly a mess and his skin so fair against the sinking sun behind the city scape.  His lips formed by Aphrodite herself because no one of this world could have designed them otherwise.  He was extraterrestrial.  He had a sad but sensual look about him.  I wondered what his gaze was stuck upon as I lined his body with my tongue in my mind.  I was instantly aroused. I hadn’t felt that in so long. My face warm and it wasn’t the air.  It was cool but I was sweating.  His fingers long and his legs too. I wondered what he tasted like and I couldn’t look away.  I felt drawn to him like a pathetic moth to the flame knowing I would get burned from it but God I bet it would feel good. I bet he felt good too. Oh my, I was shaking.

He turned to look my way and I wanted to sink in the whatever was behind me but there was nothing to save me.  He smiled at me and I wanted to faint. Me, he was looking me.  Fuck, he was getting up.  He rolled off the edge and fixed his shirt that had ridden up some showing the side of his abdomen and I again had to swallow hoping my saliva wasn’t running out of my mouth.  He was exactly that, mouth watering.

His hands in his hair and then in his pockets as he walked to me.  I grabbed for my coworker as she was staring just as bad as I was.  He giggled and bit his lip as he stood in front of me.  He introduced himself and said he liked my jacket and touched the fringe on the shoulder.  I thanked him and told him my name and reached to shake his hand.  He accepted my hand then pulled it to his mouth to kiss the top of it.  My coworker laughed and he glared at her.  She immediately stopped and looked away and walked over to some other people.  I was smiling and he leaned in and softly said to the skin of my ear “So, do you want to go back in with me?”  Shivers shook my body when he did that.  I nodded and said yes.  I didn’t even care about my coworker.  I just kept my hand in his and we went to the door and got on the elevator.  It was just us in there.  He was leaning on the wall staring at me and I was at him.  He smelled like sunshine and moonlight sprayed on his clothes mixed with sandalwood and sex.  He took a step closer to me and the elevator came to stop.  The doors opened and he took my hand and we walked into the club.  He tugged me to the hallway and we followed it to a room.  It was one of peep rooms or so I called it.  We were the only ones in there and yes there was a little show going on behind the glass.  It wasn’t pornographic but it was sexy.  She was dancing and half dressed.  The music and the mood was intoxicating.  He was intoxicating.  There was a place to sit and a table for drinks in there.  The walls soft with paisley cloth wallpaper and the décor was the same in there as out in the club.  He sat and I sat next to him.  I was hot and took off my jacket.  His eyes never left me.  He was watching my every  move with precision. We were talking.  The everyday chit chat shit you do when you’re getting to know another person and without warning he said “I like your black bra, did you do that on purpose?”.  What the hell?  “I might have” I answered.  Smiling he responded “It worked, I noticed”. His smile was like a fucking razor cutting cocaine that you didn’t even have to snort to get high. It worked just by him flashing those pearly whites right at me.  Again, I swallowed hard and when I did he watched my throat and moved closer. “Do that again” he said. And I did, I swallowed harder this time and licked my lips after I did it.  He leaned in and placed one small kiss on my neck. I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t move.  I was anxiously frozen.  His hands making way up my back and I arched into them as he did.  A sound escaped my mouth as he continued with his lips on my neck.  The sound was of sensual delight.  He moaned against my skin and my body lifted as he did.  I couldn’t help it.  I was just reacting to him and this unbelievable situation.  He could be some cold blooded killer that I just followed into a peep show room but goddamn, what a way to go.

I flung my arms around him and pulled him down as his head came up by my mouth. Our lips crashing against one another.  His tongue forcing entry and  I let him in, deeply.  The weight of his body on mine felt good.  Beyond good.  I moved my legs under him and made room for him as I spread them open.  He pushed himself up and we matched our groans as he did.  My hands in those dark locks pulling and tugging.  A slight bite from his teeth on my lower lip lead me to believe he wanted me to tug harder so I did. Yes, that’s what he wanted.  God I was drowning in him.  Letting myself go under with him.  Soaked in him as he kept moving.  My hips meeting his rhythm.  His hands searching over the fabric of my white shirt.  Yes, do that. Feel me.  My body reacting and hardening to his touch.  He shoves it up and pulls the lace down, freeing me as he dives for my bare flesh. My head back and the sounds fill the room as the excitement builds.

Buttons and zippers make way with our fumbling fingers and I am so glad I wore the matching panties for once and not my lame pink cotton ones.  He smiles at the lace and says “You’re a naughty girl with these” and I giggle.  Clothes pile up and bodies beautiful glimmer in the dim light.  Show me more.  Give me more.  Harder.  That’s what this place is all about. The extra life.  The don’t talk about life. The secrets brought to you by the dark corners of your mind life.  But not in here. Here it’s ok because he pulls the riding crop off the wall and smacks my thigh with it and like it.  He smiles at me half dressed and asks politely “again?” and I nod yes as he raises his hand and brings the crop down again the sting shoots up my skin and warms my instantly.  This man with his godly good looks and undeniable charm took me into this room with one thing in mind and that thing is happening.  He’s a stranger to me and I am to him and I can’t even care about that right now as he’s stepping out of his trousers and running that leather along my stomach and flicking me with it.  He runs it all the way up to my lips. I stick out my tongue and lick it and he closes his eyes in pleasure because I did that.  He drops it and is back he started, kissing me and pushing himself up between my legs.  I move to give him better entry.  A hiss escapes his mouth as we both escape our reality with this in real life played out fantasy.  We are letting it happen. I am letting him do this to me because I want to. Because when I saw him on that roof top tonight something took over me. Evil or demons or angels or fairies or perhaps my common sense was abducted at that moment but his eyes met mine and it was on.  I was going to have him and have him I do. His body moving and mine under him to feel it.  Every single stroke, every single thrust I feel it.  It’s divine.  So delicious. So good but oh so bad.  I never thought I would do something so wild and reckless but here I am in a secret room letting him do what he wants to me and I like it.  Oh I like it.  Maybe that type of girl was always in me and now with him in me, I realize it.  My arms gripping and grasping and pulling at him as he continues.  He’s not stopping until he’s done.  Until I’m done, again and again and again.  And in that moment, that finish line paper tape break, we both break, together. Our loudness covered by the club bass heavy music and discounted by the depraved minds that are on the other side of that door.  Sedated, we lay there.  Him catching his breath and me too as I am wasted from the primal act that just happened.  His forehead kiss  leaves me swooning  and the depth of the final kiss before he slides out leaves me wanting more.  I want to dive inside his mind and hold onto his heart as his eye contact is still so heavy as he dresses and helps me with my clothes.  This was a full blown hurricane connection.  There is no running from it.  It’s there.  It’s alive in the room.  We just gave birth to it or better yet, it gave birth to us.  My life so lost and tedious with time spent washing away night after night and now there’s not just a spark but a pure electrification that has awoken my very soul.  He did that the second he saw me. Did he abduct me with lust? Was I drunk with and from the debauchery in this place?  Perhaps. But no matter now because I am forever his stranger to feast upon, his own personal extra curricular activity.



I  was tired. I had been tired. He knew I was. Life has a way of digging in and sometimes it hurts. You can’t seem to hide from the pain, you just have to feel it. You have to take it even if you don’t want to. That’s just how it goes.  And it was definitely going that way.

He came in, fixed a drink for me and for him and without even saying a word I could see where this would be going.  He didn’t even loosen his tie or take off his jacket.  He clicked on some music and inhaled as he walked by me.  His deep breath of me filling his lungs as he leaned in from behind and let the breath out on my neck.  I tilted my head to one side and let the warmth float over my skin. His full just licked lips pressed against me and then he moved away.  My eyes were still closed as I felt his body brush mine as he went around me.  My hand holding my drink and the other grasping at the air for him as he moved away from me.  My skin was on fire just from the air expelled from his lungs.  The inhalation of me that he loves spilled out back onto me.  And that one small kiss on my neck lit me up like a bonfire. I opened my eyes and he was laying on the couch, smiling at me.  Fuck.

The music echoing in the lamp light seemed to move my  body in his direction. Or maybe it was just him and that look.  How the hell could I say No to that?  God, he’s beautiful.  Sinfully delicious and totally using it to his advantage.  He sat up and took a sip of his drink then put it on the coffee table, his eyes never leaving mine except to look  down at my mouth and back up.  His arm stretched out as if to offer himself to me.  I walked towards him and as I did I stepped out of my shoes and was working on the buttons on my shirt. His grin widened and his gaze darkened.  I stood before him and took the shirt off and as I went to unzip the back of my skirt he stopped me by placing his hands on the outside of my thighs and shoved up the skirt, my thigh highs exposed.  He tugged on the elastic lace and smiled.  My hands were on each side of his face as he looked up at me.  The electricity between us was palpable. We’d done this before but every time was like magic.  I leaned down to kiss him and as I did he grabbed me and placed me on his lap and enveloped me in him.

I straddled him as he was fully dressed.  Me in my bra, shoved up skirt and thigh highs.  My hair slipping down around him as our lips met in urgency.  I needed to lose myself in him.  I needed to feel something else, something other than reality.  He knew how to do that.  He knew just what I needed.  I needed it hard and demanding. I needed him to punish me with pleasure. I needed him to make it hurt in such a delectable way that when I moved after, I could feel it. I needed him to absolutely crawl inside me. To take over my body. To possess me. And then exercise that demon right out of me.

The frenzy of kisses paused as he reached up and took his tie off.  I was making way with the buttons on his shirt as  I wanted our skin to be touching.  My hands immediately under the fabric to feel him.  His response to my touch made my hips move and my breath hitched as he met my movement and pressed up feeling his length under me. The tie still in his hand as I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and followed it with my mouth on his bare skin.  He quickly wrapped his arms around me and moved me to the side. He tossed his shirt on the floor and was undoing his belt as I helped with the button and zipper. My eyes looking up at him while he stood.  My hands grabbing at the waist of his  pants to  pull them down and after I did he pulled me up and hammered me with a kiss. Long and deep.  His tongue and sounds begging for entrance to my mouth.  I let him in, gulping up his moans and sliding his boxers down and as my hands came back up he grabbed them both holding them together.  Without hesitation he turned me around and told me to keep my hands together. I did. He still had the tie in his hands.  He wrapped it around my wrists and tied it.  Tight.  I  winced a little as he pulled tighter.  He turned me back around and kissed me again.  Harder this time.  His lips were damn near mean.

He twisted me around and unzipped my skirt and shoved it down.  I stepped out of it and as I did he moved with me to the couch again. Pushing me down into it as his weight was on top of me.  He sat back on his heels and looked at me. He took my thigh high covered ankle and pulled  it up to him. He ran his mouth down the length of the fabric until the he was at the elastic lace. He moved further up and ran his lips and tongue along me.  His teeth grazing my inner thigh as he spread me wider.  He kept going.  His eyes looking up at me.  My panties were no cover for my excitement as he got there sliding his fingers over them and then under them.  My back arched and my head went back as he went in.  I moved against him as his entrance and exit became quicker and soon enough, his mouth made it’s presence known.  I gasped as my hands begged for freedom from the  binding to grab his hair.  I couldn’t do anything but take it.  And I did, all the way to the edge.  My body was shaking and ready.  It needed release and with one more circle of his tongue and that second finger, it came.  It came like thunder.  An eruption.  And just as my shuddering was subsiding and my breath came back to me, he was pulling down the fabric that had just been pushed to the side off of me and tossed over by his clothes pooled on the floor.  His mouth back on mine reminding me of my sweetness as he continued with the bodily bombardment.  It was a physical borage of demolishing debauchery.  Non stop explosive ectasy.  Hitting me harder and harder with each climb.  Tearing me apart with every thrust.  Invading me as hard as he could to give me that relief that I needed. That physical agony replacement I required.  That last ascendance was it.  I was there. He was there. And with one last solid thick invasion we reached it. A detonation of sexual deliverance.  My pain debilitated by desire.  Left crippled and worn he untied me, kissing each marked wrist a swollen lipped smile.  He knew just what I needed. And as soon as we both recovered and rested, he would do it again making sure I was completely done in.  And in my case, sometimes you just have to surrender to the need and you will find lecherous absolution.




You.  You came out of know where and hit my soul like lightning.  Pure profane lightning. Definitely not a God of thunder. No, you’re from somewhere else entirely.  Otherworldly perhaps, extraterrestrial even.  Not from the heavens, not from hell but the things you do to my below make me blush.

Perverted and miscreant thoughts stream live in my mind all damn day long since our one meeting. How did this even begin?  Where did it take a turn?  I think I know but the fact is I don’t even care because I like it.  I like you. Too much.  It’s not normal to feel this way for someone, someone like you.  But I do and I want it, I want you.  It’s unhealthy but I know you don’t care and I know you want it just as bad as I do.  You told me so.  You left nothing to hide and nor did I.  I let it trickle out until you caught on and it didn’t take long at all. It got dirty fast and I sure as fuck don’t want it to get clean now. It’s too late for that.  I am shameless with you and you with me.  Your good girl gone bad in a wicked moment of honesty that sent us both down a wild river of corruption.  I am uncontrollable with you and I have barely even been with you. I ache for when I am. My abandoned body so thirsty for you.  The unexpected twisted thoughts that play like movies in my mind keep me company until you are next to me.  Lonely on this journey until you. Violently awoken with filthy fantasies so abundant that I can’t seem to shake them and I don’t want to. I just store them away for later use.  My body can’t handle much more away from you.  The cravings are rotten and my mind is too.  I try to make it minutes at least not thinking of you but there you are again creeping around in my thoughts.  Lurking and waiting.  Penetrating my every second with your own desires for me.  It’s unnatural and gluttonous but the day dreams and the scheming for our future lechery have become their own monsters.  Obscene and repulsive but damn do I let the animal that is you in my mind drown me in candy coated sinful deliciousness any chance I get. Sucking hard on that sweetness.

In my bedroom, in my living room, in the bathtub, in my car, at the office, I can’t hide from you and I don’t want to.  I want you with me everywhere and there you are. Your low carnal voice echoing inside me.  Drawing me to the edge as my body feverishly tries to keep up with your directions.  Tell me how. Tell me when. Tell me everything. Brutally torturing me with your words.  Written or spoken they overpower me.  When you speak my name it absolutely suffocates me with want.  I am so invested in you. So obsessed with you. Immersed in you. Waiting to be fully drenched in you.  All of you.  Every single inch of you.  Me flooded with you.  That’s what I want.  Drown me with you.  I can take it.  But the waiting is asphyxiating.  Its agony.  How much longer?

The heat, this incandescence, that has grown from one meeting to now is seething.  Burning inside me and inside you.  Mind fucking one another to the point that when we do meet again, I believe we will incinerate. Your touch will scald my skin, leaving marks from the sensual searing.  I know it, and I want it.  I want the singe, the chafe, the swelter, all of it and I want it with you and from you.  Set me on sexual fire, please.  I will crawl for it. Beg for it.  Plead for it. Because I need it. You need it too. We need it from each other.  Our bodies and souls crudely connected and there is no separating it now and why would we want to? Too much lust. Too much said. Too curious and improper to look away from.  Luscious lewd conduct in private. Too dirty to get clean so open up that depraved door and let me in.



Days upon days spent at work.  No social life really.  I wasn’t up for it much anyway these days.  I was rather lost with life. So I spent my time working.  I was in line for a spot in the new development and I wanted it so bad I could taste it.  My boss new it too.  I was pretty sure I would get to head up the team.  He did mention he might bring someone in from outside to aide in the project as it was big for our area.  He told me one afternoon before I left that he was going to host a dinner after he invited the gentleman.  He would be flying in from New York tomorrow.  And then he told me not to worry, I had the job but I would need the help.  Fine.  I guess.  I liked to work alone as I was a bit of a control freak but if he was an expert then I suppose I could yield, a little.

I woke excited.  I jumped into the shower and got dressed in a suite.  A pressed white shirt with cufflinks tucked into black pinstripe trousers and jacket to match.  Hell, I might as well put on a tie at this point but I opted for blood red lips instead.  I got there early and set up for the meeting.  Everyone was buzzing about the new guy, especially the girls.  Whatever. They said he was hot.  Even my assistant was falling all over herself about it.  I rolled my eyes and shuffled papers as every one scurried around for the staff meeting.  I was totally ready to get this project going so lets hope this guy was on my wave length. We were all seated when my boss and a couple others strode in.  The new guy, was with them.

Holy Fuck

He tuned the corner and the world stopped.  All the air was sucked out of the room and I couldn’t move.  He was beautiful.  I mean stunning.  His eyes dark and piercing.  His suit cut perfectly for his tall frame.  He was so tall.  His hair long and tucked behind his ears. Black and shinning like onyx.  I wanted to touch it.  I swallowed hard and tried to inhale.  Fighting the urge to bite my lip as I watched him come around the table shaking hands with everyone.  He got closer to me and the empty seat next to me and I was doomed.  He was going to sit there.  He smiled and I knew I was staring.  Not like polite staring either, it was gawking.  My face turned warm.  My body too.  I was like stuck in some enchantment or something.  He reached out to shake my hand and as he did I stood to better present myself.  Breathing in I put my hand out and when I did his eyes met mine and it was like an internal explosion.  Those eyes, so inviting.  His hand so large and firm when he shook mine.  I tried to let go but he held on and used the extra moment to look at me.  His eyes traveled all the way down to my trouser covered boots, all the way back up stopping just for a sweet second at my chest and then right back up to my gaze.  His lips closed and curled into a captivating grin. He politely pulled the seat out just a little bit further for me to sit back down after he released my hand.  I damn near fainted as I think I had been holding my breath the entire time.  I took in a deep breath finally and sat down.  He sat down as well and when he did and I took that breath, I was hit with his scent.  Dear God how was I going to get through the meeting let alone work with him if he smelled that good?  It was like fresh rain, body wash and sex.  He spoke and I had to adjust my seat.  His voice was commanding and deep, with purpose and rhythm.  I was following each syllable watching his mouth move as the words fell from his lips and tongue like a sensual gospel.  I was totally fucked.

The meeting and the day ended.  I did my best to not spend the entire day dreaming of those hands and that mouth and those eyes and that hair. I was unsuccessful because that’s all I could think about. Those day dreams slipped into night dreams as I put myself to bed that night.

The next day was torture. He walked into my office in an off white cable knit sweater and navy pants that fit too well.  His shoes shinning in the morning sun that poured through my windows.  His hair loose and he tucked it behind his ears while we talked.  Every movement and motion he made was beckoning me to touch him.  I know it had been awhile for me but this was ridiculous.  I eventually had to go to the restroom and tell myself to get it together.  I came back in with two coffees and he was seated in the leather seat by the couch with his arms on his knees reading something and when he looked up at me, I almost dropped them.  He laughed.  He knew.  He knew exactly what was happening.  I unfolded some blue prints on the table and when I did he stood and came up behind me.  His body directly behind me.  I could feel the heat from him he was so close but not touching me.  I had to close my eyes and regroup quickly.  I even peered back at him and he didn’t budge.  He kept his stance firmly behind me.  Oh my, I bet he was too.  Firm.  I was so tempted by him.  I thought two could play this game so I leaned forward, my backside brushing against him.  He still stood stoic but he smiled.  Teasingly I took one more step backwards and now I was flush against him and I placed my hands flat on the table, both of them.  I was in a very provocative position.  He took the bait.  He leaned forward and moved a bit to the side to see where I was looking and to see what I was showing him and as he did he placed his hand on mine and softly slide it over to rest next to mine.  It was enthralling.  This little game.  He was engaging with me.  I pressed back a bit and he moved some more to the side.  I tried not to giggle but it came out.  He took the other hand and slid it back up over my arm and over my back and as he did I leaned into him.  I was ready to have him turn me around and take me right there and from what I could feel from him, he was ready too.  Just then the door swung open and my assistant bounced in with the files I had asked her for.  Goddamn it.

Soon enough after a couple days of working side by side with him, the dinner was upon us.  I was ready with a new dress and an agenda.  No more games, no more teasing.  I wanted him and he wanted me.  It was time.

I got to the building a little late as traffic was crazy.  I got out of the car and walked into the restaurant.  People bustling about, music playing, and the hostess took my jacket and told me to head to the back to the private room.  I popped by a mirror and checked my hair and lipstick.  All good.  Smoothed out my dress that was a bit more fitted than usual but again, I was making a statement.  It was black with a gold zipper down the back.  All gold accessories and the shoes uncomfortable as hell but killer red bottom black pumps with lace style fishnets that set it off perfectly.  And lets not forget, the red lips.

As I walked in and looked around at all the people I smiled and said my hellos.  It was the typical bunch of over served assholes with too much money and not enough women in the room to spend it on giving me the once over as I rolled my eyes.  And just as I was getting through the crowd and nearly annoyed, there he stood.  Leaning on the bar with a glass of amber liquid in his hand.  His look was pure domination. He was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt underneath.  Unbuttoned at the collar and no tie.  He watched me walking towards him.  He bent his head down to take a sip, his eyes never breaking contact with mine.  I watched his lips touch the glass and then suck the liquid in. He pulled the glass away and I watched him swallow the sip and smile at me.  Fuck.  His eyes skipping all over me.  I could feel them practically burrowing into my skin.  He sat his drink down and walked towards me.  His hands down at his side and mine gripping my red bag that matched my lips.  I sucked in a breath as the distance between us closed and he was right in front of me and I was right in front of him.  His body right there, under that suite.  I looked up at him and he down at me as he took my hand and kissed it.  I bite my lip and felt the liquid heat begin inside me.  He asked if I wanted a drink and I said I’d have what he’s having.  We stood at the bar for a minute, I sipped my drink, he sipped his and the chatting was about work.  I couldn’t take it.  My legs were squeezed together the entire time as to find some relief in the pressure.  He was obscenely alluring.

I was bewitched.  I was in some kind of splendid stupor.  He knew it.  He could feel it too.  The heat.  The charge.  It was electrifying.  It was immediate.  From the office to now.  The sinful stimulation so juiced and primed.  The past couple of days have lead up to now.  Thrilling and tense with momentary touches and glances.  Watching and waiting.  Smiles and lips licked in the direction of what would we taste like?  The dynamic was rousing and we were ready.  It was now or never damn it.  I took the chance.  I put my drink down, walked around him and looked over towards the door.  I made sure he saw my eyes and I began to walk that way.  He knew to follow me.  He knew what I needed and he wanted to give it to me.  And I was ready to take it.  To give myself over to him right now. My drought soon to be over.  Neglected no more.

I smiled past the people in the room and exited.  I waited in the hall.  He walked out.  His eyes dark and hungry.  The need was palpable.  I looked around searching for somewhere, anywhere.  He was doing the same.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards another hallway.  There was a door marked stairway.  He pushed the door open  pulling me behind him.  The door slammed loudly in the open concreate stairway.  He stood before me breathing hard and I stood there leaning on a railing holding onto it with my chest heaving.  Then in one step he had me pulled against him.  His arms around me and pushing me against the metal railing.  It hurt but I didn’t care.  His mouth on mine.  His tongue wanting entry so I graciously opened for him.  The heat was white hot but all I was seeing was black.  I could feel him.  Pushing and pulling and tugging and grabbing and needing.  Needing me.  And I needed him.  There was no taming it now.  It was set loose and set a blaze.  Burning together in an animalistic inferno.

His hands shoving up my dress, my back pressing against the rail.  My hands in his hair. That hair like the dead of night as I tugged it to pull his head back off of my neck and kiss him.  His head dipping down to my chest.  Wanting me free of fabric he turned me and unzipped the dress.  It fell to the floor leaving me to feel the stark coolness of the stairwell against what little fabric was left on my body.  The biting look on his face as he threw off his jacket and my hands went to the buttons on his shirt. He growled as I made way with the shirt along with his belt, button and zipper on his pants.  I wanted to eat him alive. Destroy him.  Gorge myself on him until I gagged, so I did. When I had my fill, he plucked me up and took me over to the stairs. I turned him around and pushed him up a couple of steps. He came at me quickly and roughly and he pulled me down on him.  My fishnets pulled apart from where I straddled him. His hands quickly annihilated them.  He was reveling in it.  In all of it. He was appreciating every inch of my bare skin with his mouth.  Kisses, licks and bites all over me. And his hands played crucifying torment wherever they touched.

The only words I remember were “I want to use you up, completely” as he lifted me over him. The sounds from him echoed against the walls.  My lecherous cries went unheard as we moved. Seething in rapture. Carnal lewd debauchery.  Sensuous sex right there on the cement. Hedonistic and dangerous.  The pain with the pleasure would leave me marked and wanting more.   An exciting X-rated all consuming consummation.  I was left wasted. Wrapped around him weak and breathless. Stripped, seized, stretched, shaking and soaked in lust.  Consensually pillaged. Two bodies left extinguished to smolder in sync……..until the next detonation.




How long has it been?  Since you just let go? Since you forgot about reality? Since you undressed your mind?

All you have to do is let it happen.  Just sit back and let your mind do it’s thing.  Allow it.  Breathe and feel it begin.  Don’t hesitate. Just say yes. Don’t fear it.  Open up. Don’t deny it.  You’ve done that for long enough.  You’ve run from it.  You’ve hid  from it. You’ve acted like it wasn’t there or that you didn’t want it.  All that does it make it harder.  Make you harder.  There’s no need for that.  Not anymore. Because you can have it anytime you want it.

That beautiful distraction.


That phantasmic fantasy that drips from your day dreams. That one you swirled around once. The one you played with. Taunting it.  Teasing it.  Temping it. Torturing it.  Yea, that one. Remember?

Focus.  Take it down.  Swallow it all.  Don’t miss a drop.

Now look around your imagination. Grab it. The illusion. Squeeze it. Harder.  Mark it if you must.  That way you won’t forget. A little sting for later to remember in the shade of your red light special.

Slip into something more comfortable, one delectable digit at a time. Stretch it out like succulent elastic.  Don’t worry, it will snap back. Your mind and body have been in a drought, hit them with a hallucination hurricane. Make them feel it.  Drown them in your delicious delusions. Suck in that bottom lip and bite it baby.

Don’t stop now.  You’re almost there.

Give it all you got. Rigid ravenous rotation. Concentrate on your invention. The stiff supposition.  The tactile trickery that’s made it’s way inside. Deep inside.


Now. Right now. Let it go.  Let it all go in one explicit explosion. Drench it. Soak that reality. Leave it choking and drained. Milked completely.

And just like that, you’re back.  Weak and wasted, but you’re back.

Tick tock reality knocks but you don’t have to let it in if you don’t want to.  You have the access to the master and commander of your mind. Anytime. Any place.

All you have to do is ask.







The event was long and drawn out with lots of hand shakes and fake smiles  I knew he was over it about 10 minutes into it.  I was absolutely shocked he asked me to attend with him and I made sure to put on my best attitude and dress.  He was in a tux and looked like a model walking the runway as he strolled up the stairs to my building.  I met him at the door.  His eyes travelled the length of my body stopping at my lips.  My deep blood red lips that matched my nails and my shoes.  He smiled and kissed me softly saying “Why didn’t you let me come in and properly pick you up?”  “Because, we’d never leave if you had come in” I answered in a coy voice.  He laughed and agreed as he took my hand and walked me to the car waiting at the curb.  “You smell delicious”.  Those words hung in the air as his breath sat heavy on the skin of my neck where he whispered them.  My breath held as he sat next to me in the car.  He was so beautiful like a walking sex God here on earth.  His touch was like lightning and his movements so fluidly sensual that you could be seduced just by his walk.  He kissed my wrist and the top of my hand while he held it and it was all I could do to stay seated and not hike up my very expensive dress and have him ruin my panties by ripping them off and straddle him right then.

We arrived at the hotel where the event was being held and he escorted me to in.  We made our rounds with him introducing me and listened to the speaker during dinner while his hand was tugging at the material of my dress under the table.  I smiled and tried to keep my composure while his hand crept under touching my thighs.  My breathing increased as he moved further up.  Our eyes met from the side as I bit my lip and sucked in a moan trying not to let out where his hand was under that table that I was about to rip the cloth off as I was gripping it so hard and his arm.  Everyone began to clap at the end of the man’s speech as I blinked hard and slipped out and “oh” as he removed his hand after one last swirl around.  I looked at him with the same hunger in my eyes that was in his.  I wanted more and he knew it.  I couldn’t get enough.  Each time we were together I would ache for days afterwards physically and mentally.  I wanted it all the time and I wasn’t ashamed at all about it.  I craved him.  I craved the release he provided me and raw connection we have.  I had no idea meeting a man the way I did with him would lead to such debaucherous pleasure. It was so animalistic and so powerful.  He saw me and wanted me and I let him have me and there it was and so it’s been ever since.  Pure ecstasy every single time.  Over and over again.  Brought to you by the body of a man built to please and woman ready whenever he wants.  And we were ready, so ready.

The event ended and as we walked to the car I told him I had an idea when we got home.  He smiled and asked me what it was and I told him he had to wait and see but I would give him a little preview in the back seat!  He politely opened the door and smacked my ass getting in.  He took no time at all gently pushing me down in the back seat.  He was over me in seconds shoving my dress up so he could position himself better.  He told me how beautiful I was as he kissed and nipped my neck.  Trailing his lips along my jaw and up to my ear.  My body moved with his and my hands were in his hair pulling him to me to kiss him. Our mouths were explicit and direct and needing.  Pushing and pulling and tugging and grabbing one another on the leather of that back seat.  I could feel him pressing against me.  I wanted to free him from the confides of that fabric.  I tried and he said “Not yet, I want the secret first”  I grinned and said ” I definitely think you won’t need your pants after the show”  “I can’t wait” he said as he dipped his head down to my chest and kissed me over my dress with his hands cupping me.

The car came to a stop and we were at his place.  In the parking garage by the elevator.  We got out of the car and as the cool evening air hit me I grabbed his hand and lead him to the elevator.  As we stepped inside, I kissed him, hard.  His body leaning up against the wall of the elevator.  He spun me around shoving me up against it.  We had no boundaries. No reason to stop or say no.  The doors opened and we went to his apartment.  The top floor was his.  All of it.  I told him to have a seat and wait.  I walked into the master bathroom and turned on the faucet to the beautiful tub and told him to come in.  He was in his bedroom standing in front of me taking off his jacket and tie.  I told him to stop and come to me.  He did.  Standing near me I stepped back a few steps and began to show him myself.  Slowly taking my dress off, letting it slip down over my skin to fall to the floor.  I stepped out of it in just my bra and panties and shoes.  He smiled and looked at me.  I mean really looked at me.  I went over to my bag I had tossed on the bed and grabbed my phone and picked some music and checked the water running and turned it off.  The bubbles billowing waiting for me hop in.  I slowly moved my body to the music.  His gaze darkened as I rolled my hips and ran my hands over myself.  Unclipping my bra and letting it fall off while he took in a breath.  Then slid my hands over my ample breasts and then down to my panties.  I slid them off and tossed them over near him.  He laughed.  I told him to come into the bathroom.  He followed me and I stepped out of shoes and into the tub. Bubbles covering me as I slid into the water.  I told him to just watch me bathe.  Just see me get wet.  See me get clean.  See me have fun with myself.  And he did.  He leaned up against the sink as I took a cup of water and dumped it over my head.  My perfect hair and makeup to become a mess in front of him.  My hands in my wet hair tipping my head back, feeling the music as I moved in the water.  Taking the wash cloth over my eyes and my lips smearing my mascara and my lipstick.  Licking the water on my lips as I did it.  He adjusted his stance and himself as he watched.  I sat up on my heels so he could see more of me.  Taking the loofa and the soap I lathered up.  I kept going making my body all soapy and then sliding my hands all over myself in the soapy mess that was all over my skin.   I slipped back down into the water rinsing my body off and then all the way under and back up turning back towards him and holding onto the sides pumping my body in and out of the water to the music and never losing eye contact with him.  Keeping the energy and electricity between us.  I was doing this for him.  I wanted to put on a show for him.  His dirty girl getting clean just for him.  He seemed to be enjoying it even when I flicked water at him getting him wet.  He laughed and put his hand up to his mouth and ran his thumb across his lip that got wet when I splashed him and sucked it in.  He was licking my bath water off of him and that sent a heat directly between my thighs.  I wanted to keep going.  Keep turning him on until he couldn’t take it anymore.  So I did.  My hands everywhere on myself.  Taking inventory of each part of myself, especially the ones he likes.  Spending time at each one just for him to spectate. Licking my fingers and showing off myself to him. His own private party with me as it’s star.  All wet and all ready for him to take me.  And take me he did.  He left his spot and came to me and pulled me up out of the tub soaking wet.  My hair slicked back and my makeup all smeary.  I went to wipe it off and he said “No, I like it, you look so undone”  He picked me up out of the water and turned me to the counter.  He sat me up there and took the towel and wrapped it around me while he kissed me and then took me into the bedroom and laid me down on his bed.  He took off his wet white shirt and tossed it over to the side he said “Thank you for the show darling but now it’s my turn”  I squirmed and smiled and soon enough I was left a wanton wasted body, consciously crippled and sinfully satisfied.  Limp from lust and debilitated by the deed of pure hard bone weary fornicated fantasy come to life.  Just a copulated mess left on the sheets and a tub still full of water and my brain drenched with yet another mind numbing memory of him and of me to add to the ravenous roster of our gluttonous body worshiping benders, of which, I never minded the hangovers.