My God. What happened last night? My head was aching and my body was sore. My eyes matted from the left over mascara that wasn’t washed off. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Shit. I never go out on week nights. Nor do I make it habit to drink so much and then stay at a friends apartment but our company had some at home work day planned and we decided we could play hooky if we wanted to. Last night was a blast though. Bits and pieces were compiling like a movie in my mind as I peeled the sheets off my body. What the hell was I wearing? Looked like a t-shirt from a university. It’s definitely not mine. Water. I need water. And coffee. A lot of coffee. I tiptoed down the hallway to the bathroom and took a glance in the mirror as I grabbed for make up remover to use after a splash of cold water to my face. Thankfully I know my way around her place! I hear her asking me if I was up. I answer back as I peeked up from behind the fluff of the hand towel. God, she looked awful. We both kinda did. We laughed and chatted about everything that transpired. Shots and cocktails and dancing with Italian men from out of town that wanted to take us home. Running out and grabbing an Uber and going to the next bar for more fun. Wild girls we were. She flopped back on her bed and grabbed her phone scrolling through her contacts cackling as she got one of their numbers and he was texting her now asking for his jacket back. The jacket was on the floor by her closet. We laughed and walked to the kitchen.

Um. Who in the deliciousness was that? My God, look at him. His eyes made me nervous like a teenager and his hand gripping his cup made my mind sin and my body want to. Those lips and that beautiful black hair. Oh my.

He looks up from his cup of coffee and smiles. “You ladies got in quite late last night” he says after a sip. I look at Jess and she laughs and says “Come on bro, like you didn’t do shit like this too, probably still do” and she throws a kitchen towel off the stove at him. He dodges it and looks at me. I mean really looks at me. From the top of my messy hair all the way to my pedicured feet. He takes a slow sip and doesn’t stop staring. I tipped my head and bit my lip a little wondering just what that look meant. He looked, hungry, like he might tear me apart and I think I would gladly let him. “You’re wearing my shirt” he says with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, would you like it back?” I ask teasingly. He keeps his smile and remains silent but still looking. We were locked in a stare. Jess shoves me and says something about her dumb ass big brother staying with her for a couple nights while his place gets painted. He nods to the seats at the table and the box of donuts and the other two coffees in the carrier. We were very thankful for them.

I decided I needed a shower before heading home and Jess insisted she go to the gym. She was nuts. I was not ready to sweat out all the vodka I consumed last night. She tells me to be good as she grabs her keys and heads towards the door. “Wait, you’re going to just leave me here with your bother?” I say blushing. “Yes, yes I am” she says tauntingly. She leans in and whispers too loudly before she heads out “You might just have some fun, you could use it, or at least your puss….” I slammed my hand over her mouth before she finished saying it. She wasn’t lying. It had been awhile. Too long. And he was hot. Like old Hollywood hot. That, gentlemen wants to spank me after he kisses me hot. That, would lick my lips to moisten them for me hot. That, I would do things to him in the back of a limo hot. And he was just sitting there in that button up white shirt and jeans. And I was in his t-shirt. Fuck. Was I bold enough to take it off and throw it at him and ask him to join me in the shower? Ha, no I wasn’t. So I just simply said, as I rounded the corner towards the bathroom, that I was going to shower and I would give him his shirt back after. Next thing I know he was standing in the door way of the room I slept in looking at me. His feet were bare and his arms crossed and he was leaning against the door frame. I swear I could smell him. His scent like washed linens and sandalwood straight from the hippie shops downtown. I took a deep breath of him. He smiled and asked “So, you gonna give me my shirt back after your shower then?” I stood still but my mind ran to him and kissed him. Grabbing his face and pulling him to the unmade bed behind me. It was like he was reading my thoughts and he took a step into the room. I breathed harder and he responded by licking those luscious full lips while his eyes traveled up and down my skin. I was damn near naked in just that t-shirt and panties from last night. My glitter nails were about the only other thing I had on besides my diamond studs and the look of lust on my face. He asked me about the shirt again as he took another couple steps and was right in front of me. Yeah, that scent was smashing into me now. I took another deep breath of him and I swallowed him in. My lips open and my body responding to his closeness. I was getting warm and flushed. I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and my skin was throbbing. He moved a bit closer and I took a step back and my legs hit the bed. I couldn’t go any further unless it was on the bed. Fuck. That’s what I wanted too. I did. And I think he did too.

“So, my shirt, I get it back after your shower then?” he questioned quietly and directly. Now was the time. I could take it off and give it to him. Or tell him he could have it now. God. Just say something! “Yeah, unless you just want me to give it back right now?” I say coyly and tempting him. My eyes never leaving his but my hands making the motion to take it off. He smiles and responds with “But then you’d be naked”. “No, I have panties on” I say. He moves just a bit closer and leans in and says “Well then, you wouldn’t be naked now would you?” I giggled and moved towards the buttons on his shirt and say “Maybe if you take yours off too, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable” He drew in a breath as I unbuttoned the first button, then the second. His chest hair exposed. I wanted to touch it. He said as I kept going “Well, it is only fair if I’m just in my boxers then too”. I laughed as he said that knowing the pants were next. I got to the last button and slid the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His skin smooth under my hands. He looked at the hem of his shirt on me and his hands went for it and I let him. He pulled it up over my head and tossed it over by the doorway. I stood there in front him my skin prickling from the electricity between us. My breasts on full view and his hands sliding up my back pulling me to him. “Wait” I quickly say just before our mouths met “Your pants?” He grinned and immediately took them off and went right back to pulling me to him and just like that our lips collided. Full body contact. My mouth opened and his tongue plunged in. He tasted like sunshine in the morning and I wanted all of him right now. The kissing was urgent. I couldn’t contain myself. And I didn’t want to. That look in the kitchen made me ache for him between my thighs and instantly hot.

I sat down on the foot of the bed and he stood in front of me. I kissed and licked his stomach and worked my way back up his chest, my hands gripping his back. His moans were demanding as I went lower again, looking up at him. My freshly washed face from the bathroom sink smiling as my hands slid the fabric of his boxers down and I dropped my head. His hands in my hair and the sound that came out of him when I took him in was of pure marveling revelry. He watched me with precision and delight. Hissing and and saying “Oh fuck” as I kept going, using my mouth for his pleasure. After a few minutes he pulled away and as I looked up with suck swollen red lips he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back on the bed and told me to slide back and as I did my panties came off by his hands. His black hair was all I could see from my angle laying down as it was between my legs. Biting and nipping my thighs and trailing kisses closer to my heat slicked and ready. I was ready the moment he took that long sip of coffee in the kitchen and raised that eyebrow at me. Like thunder in my belly a storm began to brew. I was climbing as my body moved under his tongue. I grabbed handfuls of the slept on sheets and cried out with one last taste. He held on to my hips as the waves crashed through my body and vibrated with satisfaction. He stilled himself and stopped as I was whimpering and trying to catch my breath. My hands let go of the fistfuls of fabric and went to his face and I pulled him up to me kissing him deeply and ravenously. We weren’t done yet. My legs still shaking as he steadied himself before he entered me. Damn. One thrust and he was in as my head went back and the weight of him on me changed as my body arched to meet his. No need to ease it in. Just like velvet motion we moved. Moving in glutinous indulgence. A locomotion of lust. Him taking and me giving. The dessert that once was in me was no longer. Soaked and sopping. Drenched and dripping from him and by him. Pushing through all the way to the end, wringing wet. Two bodies left smashed, sloppy and fully satisfied. I don’t think I can tame this monster now that I let it out. And why would I want to? No doctor could cure this one. No way.

Thank God I put on that t-shirt last night.

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