The night of the party had arrived. We had been preparing for what seemed like months now. Everything was planned out and executed perfectly. I was all business and that’s what got the job done. Nothing ever altered me. Ever. I was on point and I never fell off. I kept my employees on a short leash and I had a team that I trusted and it paid off with every event. They only got bigger and the clients too. The bigger the better I say. Give me a challenge, I can handle it.

The guests were pouring in and everything was going smoothly. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything was playing out. The décor, the food, the music, the location…..everything was stunning. And I was dressed to fit the theme. Black tie for the men and full gowns for the ladies. I was in a navy blue floor length silk gown with a zipper up the back. Black velvet gloves and black heels with black fishnets hiding underneath. Scarlet red lips matching the ruby studs in my ears and my dark hair slicked back. And just enough cleavage. Heavy mascara and smoky eyes to wink at my team as they needed me to keep it cool while they worked the room and I kept everything under control. Under my control. That’s how I liked it. In control. Unfortunately that didn’t leave room for much more in my life and I was desperately craving something unrealistic, something new and exotic that would pull me out of my controlled existence. A fantasy that didn’t fit into my working hours which seemed to be all of my hours these days. I needed to be set free. I needed to be moved. My soul shaken. I thought about it in the quiet of a corner just off the kitchen in the hotel where the event was being held. I leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and imagined that rush, that something hot. I sighed in the moment. I let my head tip back and for a just a second I felt it. The warmth of a touch. The sting of bite on my neck. I swallowed with the thought of it all. An escape. I took a breath in and before I could exhale I heard someone clear their throat as if to let me know I wasn’t alone. I flung my head up and looked around.

Oh. My. Fuck.

There he was standing there on the other side of the corner. My corner where I was hiding. He was devastatingly handsome especially in a tux. Remarkable actually. His eyes dark and his hair perfectly styled and his lips, oh my, his lips were sensationally delicious looking. So plump and moist even in the dimly lit hallway. He smile and said he was sorry for startling me. I shook my head “There’s no need to apologize, I was just taking a moment”. He took a step closer. I could smell him. He smelled heavenly. I inhaled and he noticed watching my body move. We engaged in small talk and soon I realized he wasn’t just a guest at the party, he was an owner of the hotel. I knew he looked familiar. He teased me about hiding and said he had a better place to hide if I wanted to follow him. Unable to resist, he put out his hand and I took it. His nails manicured and his grip firm and steady. We walked through the kitchen and I told one of the staff members to keep things going and that I would be back. We went to the elevators, stepped inside and as the mirrored doors shut, my mind began to race. What the hell was I doing?

He told me I looked ravishing and I know I blushed. He said he had wanted to talk to me at the last meeting but that he had to leave before it began. He had other obligations at another property. I remembered him. He was dressed more casually but he was still beautiful. I smiled as he talked and watched his mouth. His words were getting lost in my imagination and as the doors opened to the floor he had chosen a gust of air pushed his scent at me again and I had to steady myself as we walked. I had no idea where we were going. Down a hallway to a room. He pulled out a key and opened the double doors. I smiled a little unsure but walked in. Wow. It was indeed much more luxurious than the corner in the hallway. It was a penthouse suite. He told me he brought me up here to see the view and reassured me that was his intention, just the view. I laughed and said “Maybe that’s not mine?” and as I said that he took my gloved hand and pulled me closer to him. He was beautiful. Arrestingly beautiful. My body was reacting to his closeness and I was immediately warm all over. I was trying to breathe and stay in my body. I felt like I was floating almost. There was something happening. A chemical reaction. This was completely out of my control. He put his hand up to my cheek, I leaned into it. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip as I opened my mouth slightly. I could barely breathe at this point and he knew it. The lights from the city pouring though the giant windows was the only way I could see him but oh could I feel him. He was radiating in front of me. The heat between us was thrilling and fully charged. Magnetic even.

He turned me around and his hands went around my waist pulling me to him. I leaned my head back against him and as I did that he dipped down to my neck. Those delicious lips were on my skin prickling it with fever. My hands went up and back over my head to touch him. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my incandescent fantasy. I was going to turn to kiss him but he stopped me. “Not yet.” he said and held me firmly against him and by firmly I mean he was too. I could feel all of him and as I did that I began to move against him. He groaned as I did. My blue silk against his black filled out trousers. His mouth on my neck again and then to my back. Soon enough he was at the zipper. He stopped, pulled his hands off the front of me and down it went. My dress lay at my feet as I stepped out of it I turned around to see him and to let him see me. I was in a black lace bra that held me up quite nicely with matching lace panties and my fishnets over them. The gloves still on. I went to take them off and he said “Oh please, leave them on”. So I did. With one step I lunged at him and he at me. We were kissing like ravenous depraved sweltering animals. I couldn’t get enough. My hands going for his jacket and then his shirt. The buttons were a little difficult with velvet gloves on but soon enough his shirt was off and tossed to the floor. His chest on full display. Perfectly chiseled. Every muscle rippling as he moved. His skin so delectable in the city light glimmer. He moved to sit on one of the couches and as he did I stepped out of the heels and stood in front of him. He pulled down my tights and as he did his face moved forward. His breath against my skin now almost bare. I let out a sigh as he moved his fingers along the elastic of my panties between my thighs. He was looking up at me, my hands cupping his head. “Take off your bra” he said. So I did. He kept up with his fingers moving them over the fabric feeling how wet I was. In one quick movement he slid one into me. I gasped. Then out and in again. Jesus. My head back as he did it again and again. He felt so good. Then he took it out and pulled me on to him. His hands on my breasts. Kissing and sucking on them as I moved over him. Straddling him. Rocking back and fourth on him. Needing my release. My hands wrapped around him violently kissing him and just like that he tossed me over on the couch. Leaning down over me he pulled my panties all the way off and then stood to undo his pants and shoved them down along with his boxers. There he was standing naked and me laying there in just my gloves and smeared red lipstick. He lowered himself back over me. Kissing me softly this time. Tenderly and with passion and eagerness and with one fiery thrust, he was in.

My gloved hands gipping his exquisite body as he moved and my body matched his movement. Finding the rhythm and the hot spots as he rocked into me. My hips and back arching to meet him. Craving more of him inside me. Wanting it deeper and harder. I couldn’t get enough of him. His scent blanketed me as he moved. Our sounds urgent. Needing to get there and him getting me there. My body tensing and climbing. The fire in my belly was crawling up my skin. I was close and I told him so. He kept going. My legs wider now to get more of him. I needed all of him, absolutely all of him and with that I came apart. Exploding with ecstasy into a delirium. A trance like state as he kept up the ravishment now seeking his own reward. Harder, faster, louder. More, and more and more of him. And that last gratifying thrust was his and I took it. All of it. A furious milking frenzy for the finish. The two of us laid there, him still on me, me holding him, shaking and unable to make any words come out of my mouth only audible sighs and moans. Our bodies sedated and satisfied. A fantasy come to life. A hallucination almost. A lunacy of lust given to me by one alluringly beautiful man. It was exactly what I needed and now, I was hooked.

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