One on One


It had been a couple of days since the party, since the hotel room, since both of them.  Oh, both of them together.  It was hedonistic and amazing and beautiful to let myself be taken by them.  The duel touching, their lips on mine and their skin warm against my body on the bed.  It was unlike anything I have ever felt before.  So natural, just like breathing or the heart beating.  We were meant to be together like that.  Each of them with their own unique talents specializing in specific areas and pleasures.  It left me weak, sore, drained physically and emotionally.  Who knew letting yourself be dominated by two men would be so divine and leave you worthy of a life you never knew you wanted?  I craved it now.  I wanted it all the time.  I wanted them.  I wanted more and Daniel, well, he was the boss he was the Daddy and that left me woozy with thoughts that dripped from my mind to my skin.  He was in charge and I appreciated that about him.  I didn’t have to think or do anything because he thought for me and told me what to do when I was questioning myself.  He was everything and more and he knew it.  He was more alive and confident than any person I knew.  He was so in touch with himself and so authentic that his realness was scary but I liked it.  I liked it so much and I was his.  I was his from the moment he walked to me in that room after he took off his jacket and lead me to the bedroom with Gabriel already waiting for us.  His hand holding mine made me feel at ease and in another world.  A world so foreign to me but I wanted to be there.  I chose to be there just like he chose me to be the one in that room.  I was worthy and I submitted to him, to them.

He called me and invited me to his cabin for the weekend and I accepted immediately.  I was packed and ready per his requests and he arrived right on time.  I was giddy when I opened the door and saw him standing there.  He smiled and I tried to contain myself until he stepped into my place and I shut the door.  He looked around and then at me.  “You look beautiful as always” he said as he walked closer to me.  I thanked him shyly and he pulled my hand up to his mouth.  He kissed the top of it, then turned it and kissed the palm of my hand and then he took my fingers and rubbed them along his lips.  I swallowed hard and my breath escaped my mouth in a low whimper.  He kissed each finger and let one go into his mouth.  I felt his tongue and then his teeth as he bit it.  His eyes focused on mine with wicked intent.  He pulled me closer to him and kissed me softly and slowly and whispered “are you ready to go, to be with me for the weekend?”  “Yes, yes I am” I replied.  “Yes, yes you are” he said low and quiet with a smirk as his hands brushed down to my backside and he turned me around quickly and tugged at my hair and kissed my neck and released me and walked to the door picking up my bag and headed down the steps of my brownstone to the car waiting with the driver inside.  How can he just do that?  Get me so riled up and just walk away.  I shook my head and followed him as he turned around in the city sunshine and said “let’s go” and laughed.

The cabin wasn’t just a cabin in the woods.  It was a 5 bedroom 5 bathroom fully functioning home with rustic yet modern charm.  A pool, hot tub, sauna and a kitchen that had a staff when he required them and of course a stable and trails that were private to a pond which was more like a lake that was also his.  I felt like a child when we arrived and rolled down the window gazing at the lush landscape and the beauty of this place that he brought me too.  Evergreens and trees everywhere with the floor to ceiling windows open to greet us as we walked up to the door.  His driver carried the bags in and he told him to put them in the master suite and he began to give me the tour.  It was a totally him.  From the top to the bottom it reeked of power and presence.  Art pieces and rugs placed perfectly and each room different with class and purpose.  His office especially.  He can’t ever separate from work for too long, at least not that I had ever seen.  I looked around his office peering at all the books and trinkets that lined the shelves and as I did he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said “lets take a walk outside so I can show you some of the property”.  His words were so heavy on my skin as he spoke them into my ear.  I felt him pressing against me and I wanted to touch him.  I slid my hands behind me in between us and he pushed into me as to approve of my hand placement.  I kept doing it and pushed myself against him.  He took my hands and moved them along himself and then grabbed my by the wrists and held me tight.  “Not yet but soon” he said as he turned me and let them go but held onto one of my hands as to take me to the other room.  We walked through the rest of the house and out to the patio area that over looked the pool and the rest of the grounds. It was gorgeous.  I took a deep breath in and tried to forever remember this moment with him.  The sun was out and it shone down onto the wild woods and brush in such a way that made it majestic.  He smiled in my delight.

We walked along a path and ended at a clearing with a fence line and as he leaned up against the pipe fencing I knew that the later was now.  The way he looked at me was one of want and need.  I started to walk towards him and he told me to stop.  “I just want to look at you.” “I want to see you in this light right here, naked”. I stopped and looked around.  I’m sure we were alone out here but for some reason I wasn’t sure and he told me it was ok and nodded and said “we’re all alone Lilly, it’s okay, take em’ off”.  I stood there fully clothed in the sun warmed air and began to undress for him.  Piece by piece I took my clothes off.  My jacket first then my shoes and socks and as I stepped out of them I could feel the cool earth underneath me and I shivered a bit from that and from the excitement of doing this for him.  I kept going by tossing my t-shirt off next and then sliding my jeans off and standing there in my bra and panties biting my lip and trying not to feel uncomfortable.  He looked at me as his eyes were darkening and dancing up and down my almost naked body.  My hair blowing across my face in the breeze and he said “you’re not done” as he smiles and raises his eye brows.  I take a deep breath and reach for the clasp of my bra and undo it.  I toss it at him and slip out of my panties and do the same.  He laughs and takes a step away from the fence.  I stay still.  He is looking me over as he gets closer.  I am shaking from the cool air and from the sheer want that is racing through me.  I am an object of desire, of his desire and I have no idea what he’s going to do with me.  I can’t wait.  I want him to touch me, to kiss me, to take me but he’s being so coy, so stealth about it.  He walks around me and growls and groans in appreciation of my naked body.  He hasn’t touched me yet and he’s circled me like 4 times.  I can’t take much more of this waiting for him.  He stops in front of me and takes his jacket and scarf off and then he takes the scarf and walks behind me and takes my hands and tells me to put them together and as I do he begins to bind them with the scarf.  I can’t help it but when he does this I make a sound and he leans in and kisses the back of my neck and says “now, now you’re ready” and smacks my ass hard and he grabs me around the waist and pulls me hard against him and the kisses get harder and wilder as he turns me around. He pulls his shirt off and tosses to the ground.  His pants are coming on done moments after and as he shoves them down I follow and I’m on the ground for him.  The hard earth under my knees hurts but I don’t care.  I am there for him.  I am there to please him and to be pleased by him.  He lets out a deep moan and I continue. It was like torture to wait for him.  For him to admire me and not let me do anything and now I’m bound and restricted but not unable.  I know what to do.  I know what he likes from last time and if not he will tell me and I will listen.  Because that is my role and I know my role with him and my place with him and soon my place will be under him. I will be looking up at him in ecstasy while we become rooted together in the wilderness of our desires and our lust for one another.  Our bodies lost and found in the forest of our fantasies brought to life by the master of my body for I am his now and his alone for this weekend.  The motive is need.  Pure need to please and to soothe his appetite for passion and control and that he shall receive and demand from me.  And here, tied in the ticket in the privacy of his backwoods I have submitted to him yet again. One on one attention served to him by me through physical worship and devotional rapture. Sovereign submissive satisfaction guaranteed.  Yes Daddy.

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