We had heard about the party from friends and I planned to spend the night at my best friends house so I could go with her.  She was the type of girl that gathered attention where ever she went.  She dressed for it and looked for it where I was just the type of girl that kept that side to myself then.  I wasn’t shy but I wasn’t slutty either, not to say my best friend was but she wasn’t afraid to show it off that’s for sure.

I drove and we ended up having to park in a lawn down the street because there were so many cars.  I was nervous because I didn’t want to get busted.  We were only teenagers.  I was just 18 then.  I had on a tie dye and jeans, my typical outfit of choice.  She was in a jeans, and black very low cut tank top and had a black corduroy shirt over it unbuttoned.  It was the 90’s and we both fit the look. My hair was shorter but growing out and probably wavy and tucked behind my ears.  I wore a little make up just mascara and powder but I usually had some color on my lips.  Something bold to set them apart from the rest of me.

There were so many kids there.  Some I knew, some I didn’t.  It was bound to get busted but luckily the boy’s father was a member of the local law enforcement so I guess it was safe.  There was loads of alcohol and a lot of pot smoking going on that night.  Girls in the hot tub with boys and people sneaking off to bedrooms.  There were people in every single available spot of that property.  It was a mega house party.  It was fun.  We grabbed a cup and hit up the keg.  We walked around a few times talking and watching the debauchery happening.  I ended up running into a group of guys that I had knows for years, one being the host of this party.  Hugs all around and a little catching up.  But there was one that kept my eye, that always made me wonder, that didn’t look away from me at all.  His smile was electric and his eyes curious.  We had known each other since we were kids at church together and then in junior high we sat together on the bus and hung out as friends.  I loved his curls and his freckles.  He was always so nice to me and funny.  He made me laugh.  He liked my shirt as we shared the same taste in music.  We always had.  Going back as far as sharing my discman on the bus listening to the latest CD I had gotten.  And here we were older and more attentive to one another.  I wanted to sit with him but my friend wanted to keep walking around.  His eyes kept mine even as we walked away and I turned back to look at him.  He was still looking and smiling.  I tried to let go of my friends hand to go back to him but she wouldn’t let me go.  The night went on and I saw him a couple of times and I had a bit more liquid courage and found him again sitting down in a group of people.  I wanted to tell him we were leaving as my friend found a guy she wanted to leave with and I didn’t want her to go alone.  He joked with me and said very coy “I could keep you hostage” with a huge smile on his face.  I’m sure my smile matched his what with the buzz I had and not just from the beer but from him too.  He was sitting there in baggy light blue jeans and white t-shirt with a band on it. He reached for my hand and held it while I responded and said back to him closely as the music was loud “I wouldn’t be a hostage if I wanted to stay right?” and as I looked back at him for an answer and he said “No, you wouldn’t, not if you’re willing”  and I kept looking at him as the air got heavy right at that moment and everything and everyone seemed to disappear.  I wanted to stay with him.  I wanted him to take me down by the river away from all the people and do with me as he wished.  I wanted that hand that was holding mine to be cupping my cheek as he kissed me and then slid it down over that t-shirt to feel me.  I wanted to take him down right there on the grass and give him a night he’d never ever forget.  But, I’m pretty sure his girlfriend at the time would not have agreed with all of that and I was leaving.  I hated to leave because I know for a fact if I would have stayed, something would have happened and I wouldn’t be the curious little kitten that I am now.

We kept in touch over the next year or so and even met up through our local college classes but soon he moved far away and I never saw him again.  Then when social media took over the lives of every bored human across the globe we connected again.  It was nothing at first.  Just idle chit chat here and there and likes on each other’s posts and comments back and forth sometimes.  It wasn’t until recently that it ramped up big time.  I’m not even sure how it happened but it did.  I think the curious nature that we both possessed got the better of us and we let it.  I mean why not?  There’s no harm in some fun talking.  Sensual conversation between two consenting adults doesn’t seem like it’s a sin.  No homes to wreck or any other’s to worry about.  Just us on the screen letting our thumbs do the work with words and our imaginations spilling out letter by letter.  Sometimes it would get so hot that my brain would be too fast for my keyboard and the spelling became terrible and the heat became alive.  It was like another being in the room with me and with him.  A lust filled demon.  A sexual savage through technology.  One that I had no idea lived within him but I was very familiar with the one that lived in me.  He drew it out immediately.  That good girl gone bad deviant that wanted nothing more than to please him verbally typed back as fast as she could with every ping of her phone.  The nights and days were filled with declarations and disclosings of fantasies and realities and served as the release we required from our suppressions.  So many years had past and now there was this connection that may or may not have always been there but it was ignited, unearthed through correspondence.  A tantalizing transmission across country.  He put thoughts in my head that I had never dreamed of and if I did, I used it for my own personal time and publication.  I never knew a man could talk like he did and does.  He was like my male equivalent.  Lord help us because what we were about to do could be volcanic and the eruption could melt us both.

He had to fly out my way for business and I agreed to meet him.  God, in real time I was going to see him.  I could touch him if I wanted to.  He could touch me like I know he wants to.  We could do all of those things we wrote back and forth about in real life, finally.  I’m not sure I could handle it but I had to try.  If it’s as hot as it is via the internet then there had better be paramedics available and lots of Gatorade and cold cloths to soothe and ice to relieve anything swollen.  I have no idea if we will even be able to come up for air once we actually get in a room alone together.  The electricity between us miles apart is so fully charged and rousing that it will be dynamite explosive to say the least.

His flight arrived and he took a car to the hotel I agreed to meet him at in the city.  I was instantly tingling when I got his text.  I prepared the room and made sure I was ready myself.  My phone pinged and it was him.  He was here.  I made my way down to the lobby and got off the elevator in such a lather of excitement that I could have knocked people down to get to him.

I searched the room and there he was.  Our eyes locked and his mouth turned to smile.  I could see his eyes sparkling from across the room.  I tried not to run to him but a brisk walk got me to him quickly.  I stopped just in front of him.  He looked me over as I did him.  I couldn’t believe it.  We were finally in each others real life presence.  I took a huge breath into my lungs and lunged at him for a hug.  His arms wrapped around me so tight as mine did him.  I pulled back and just looked at him.  Our eyes saying everything and our mouths not moving at all.  I needed to save my energy for him.  I ran my hands up his chest, to his face and just held them there for a moment.  He took one in his hand and said “where’s the room?” and I turned still holding his hand and guided him to the elevators.

We stepped inside and the doors shut.  He looked at the button I pushed and said “Oh, 27, nice, that gives a me a moment”  “For what?” I asked and as I turned he had me up against the mirrored elevator walls and his mouth was on mine without warning.  That kiss had been years in the making.  It was so deep and so hard coming from two people that were so hungry for one another that it was blistering in that elevator.  It stopped at our floor and the doors opened and we walked out.  I took his hand again and lead him to the room.  I swiped the key and opened the door and we walked in.  As the door shut I closed my eyes and knew that he was right behind me.  I could feel his breath on the skin of my neck.  His long, tall and lean body pressing against me.  He was kissing and licking my neck.  Tracing my jaw line with his lips and tongue as I tipped my head back for him.  His hands roaming the front of my body as mine searched behind me for more of him to touch.  Moans and whimpers coming from my mouth as he snarled and growled like the big bad wolf he said he is.  I bit my lip with delight and excitement. I bit it so hard it hurt and he told me to.  He said “bite it so hard that it hurt. It will distract you from the greed you have for me”.  I turned around and said “I don’t have to do that tonight because you are here and you are mine for the taking” and he grabbed me as his hands squeezed me close to my hips and he gently shoved me on the bed and replied with “not before I take you first” and in a moment he was over me whispering and telling me what he was going to do to me as I squirmed and quivered and licked my lips with anticipation and want.  My clothes were coming off as he undressed me and undressed himself and soon enough I was at his mercy.  A full on torturous assault of his doing to me.  Over and over until he was satisfied with himself and I was left a mess on top of the pure white comforter that was still gripped tightly in my hands as I couldn’t let go.  I was left in a ravaged rigamortis state and he was so pleased with his performance that I feel like his smile would be tattooed on his face.  It was primal.  It was supreme seduction that was driven by days, weeks turned to months of controlled and ruling sexual verbage brought to life and damn near death right there on that bed in that hotel room in the city.  But what a way to die.  Death by a day dream turned reality.  Bound, gagged and buried all by my teenage crush. Who knew we we’d be so sinfully delicious together?  Now we do.  Dessert anyone?

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