Hand made


The sun was finally shining and the breezes were beginning to feel warm with spring and the people were happy.  Finally, some Vitamin D after such a cold winter.  I was craving the warmth too.  I needed it.  My mind was in over drive and I had been so over worked and beyond stressed with outside issues that I needed a break.  I had just moved too and I needed some new and fresh pieces to add to my hand me downs and clearance acquired home goods.  So a trip to the trendy furniture area in the city was just what this girl needed.  I got a couple of addresses from a good friend of mine who was in the design business and I decided to walk those several blocks taking in the sights and soaking in all the sun I could before the spring rains came.

As I walked I was treated to kids walking with their parents hand in hand and it made me smile remembering me at that age.  Playing in the back yard with my bother and being so happy to be outside barefoot.  I hardly ever wear shoes and when I do it’s worn out converse in a variety of colors.  I wouldn’t care if the concrete was cold still from the thaws of winter, I wanted my feet uncovered!  No more socks and shoes or boots with puffy coats and hats and gloves!  I smiled at the memories.  There’s something calming about the city when it warms up.  People seem to be in less of a hurry to get out of the cold and the air is less turbulent and time slows down a bit.  It’s nice to appreciate the sights when  you aren’t blinded by snow pelting your eyes and dealing with frozen fingers and wind burnt cheeks.  Again, I smiled.

I made it to my destination and held out the post it with the name and address on it and looked up at the sign.  It was a small shop with what looked like hand made pipe lights in the windows and reclaimed wood shelves and leather chairs.  It was set up like a tiny living room.  It looked inviting.

I walked in and heard a ding as I stepped in through opened the door.  There were a few other people walking around and they all looked my way as they heard the ding.  A woman was behind a counter and she smiled and came my way asking if I needed any help.  I said no, just looking and kept on.  I was interested in the piece that was featured in the window so I was spying around of that one.  The furniture was like art.  I was afraid to look at the price tags.  The store was narrow and long and I walked back towards the back.  I could hear some people laughing and carrying on in the back and I looked that way.  I almost tripped over an end table as I did because there sat a man that shook my entire being.  He was sitting on a block of wood barefoot in a button up shirt and jeans.  His hair blonde and luscious.  When his eyes met mine, he stopped smiling and stared at me with intent in those diamond blue eyes.  The heat from the sun caught in my cheeks as I blushed and tried to look away.  I kept walking around and looked up again and he was still looking at me while the conversation went on around him.  He followed me with his eyes.  That look of intention grew from his face to his body as he adjusted himself on that block of wood.  He licked his lips and looked down and then up again.  I was entranced with him and could not stop looking at him.  He finally got up and walked over towards me.  I wanted to hide but that was not an option.  I took a deep breath and the smell of the wood and stain filled my lungs.  I closed my eyes quickly and looked away down at one of the tables and fumbled with the tag.  He came close, stuck his hands in his pockets and looked directly at me “so, what are you looking for today, anything in particular?” he asked smiling.  I looked up and I swear the lights in the store brightened with his smile.  It was a full on all American smile with GQ model potential.  Hell, he could have graced the cover for fuck sake.  I responded politely with “Yes, I just moved and I need a few new pieces. I am an avid reader so I need some shelves and I really like the one in the window” We walked over to the window and as we did he complained about something hurting his foot and said “I guess that’s what I get for going barefoot in a wood shop”.  I closed my eyes with the memory I just had walking here still fresh in my mind of a barefoot little me and I smiled and he noticed.  “So it’s funny that I hurt my foot, gee thanks” he said.  “No, no, I was just thinking about how I was always barefoot as a kid and how it’s so nice out today that I would love to be barefoot too but not on the city sidewalks that disgusting.” I said looking out the window.  He agreed and we talked about the shelf and I immediately wanted it and he showed me some other pieces too that could work with it.  I didn’t even care how much they were at all.  My credit card was ready and so was I.  My God, I was like a teenager struck by hormonal lighting that hit me in all the right places.  I was almost embarrassed by how I was reacting to him.  Almost.  I was good until he said he would deliver them to me personally and asked for my address.  I about died.  And when I told him the numbers he seemed happy and boyish like he’d just scored a hot chic’s phone number.  So it wasn’t just me feeling it.  Ok.  Good.  But me, this army green button cladded cotton jacket wearing girl with city street wind blown hair and hopefully still perfectly applied red lipstick couldn’t bag a dude this hot. No way.  But damn it all, I was going to try.  He walked me towards the door and put a blue dot on the shelf marking it sold and the light and the shelf near the counter that I liked too.  He laughed and said I should take the chair too since I liked it so much. I looked at the leather and wood together that made up the chair.  I ran my hand along the soft worn leather on the arm of the chair up the back of it while he watched me and he placed both of his  hands on the back of the chair too.  His grip tightened as my hand got closer and his eyes grew darker as well.  I looked at him.  And he looked at me.  The air in that store got sucked right out and gravity seemed to escape the space from my body to his.  It was like a magnet pushing and pulling my weight back and forth.  My hand touched his hand.  My pinky finger grazed his thumb and as I did that I looked up at him and he was staring at me so hard I could feel it.  I was absolutely frozen in his gaze. Our hands touching and I didn’t move mine and he didn’t move his.  Suddenly I was brought back to reality as the door dinged when someone walked and I turned to look towards the door and then quickly back and he was still looking at me.  I blinked several times and said “I will take the chair too”.  He smiled and said “I’ll bring it with me and the other pieces”.  His voice changed.  It was lower now.  Deeper.  Quieter and directed only for me to hear and with more intent than his look. .  He held up the post it with my address and said he’d see me in a couple days and I said as coy and as flirtatious as I could with out looking like a complete fool “yes, yes you will” with the emphasis on the will and he smiled. That smile paired with those eyes  would temp Eve herself and I was ready for that fruit.

Delivery date was upon me and I was trying to busy myself cleaning up my new place and deciding where my new shelves will go and my lamp and that chair.  I had to have that electric chair. And it may actually be the death of me for all I know but what a way to go.  He had text me earlier with a time and it was nearly that time when I hear a knock at my door.  My stomach almost fell out of my body as my hands became sweaty and my mouth dried and I took two deep breaths and opened the door.  It wasn’t him.  What the hell?  Then I hear another voice, his voice, and he was coming down the hall with another shelf.  Our eyes met and I had to take a step back against the door frame.

He.  Was.  So.  Beautiful.

I smiled and felt the room grow smaller as he came into my apartment as he brushed up against me with his body as I didn’t move out of the way quick enough for him to make it through the doorway.  I pointed to them where I wanted the pieces and the other man plugged in the lamp and he sat the shelf near the window and then he said “we just need to grab the chair now and the other shelf” and he winked as he walked away.  I giggled and ducked my head as I bit my lip as he walked out.  I walked over to the lamp and touched it.  The same with the shelf.  He made these with his own hands.  That hand that I barely touched.  Those hands that I imagined all over me as I washed myself this morning in the shower.  I had no choice but to let my fantasy go this morning.  I was desperate.  He was back with the chair and the other shelf and he placed it near the rounded window area and he told the other guy thanks that he had it from here and he left as I thanked him and just like that we were alone.  Alone in my apartment.

I was terrified.  I had never been so effected by someone like this from a mere meeting.  He unzipped his sweatshirt jacket and I walked over near him.  He ran his fingers through his golden hair and tilted his head to one side and tucked those hands in his pockets again.  It was like a 7th grade dance.  Boys on one side girls on the other and who was going to make the first move?  He had just a white t-shirt on under the sweatshirt.  A fitted white t-shirt. I could see his body through it.  His muscles firm and tight under the fabric.  His chest moving with each breath just resting underneath the cotton.  His jeans hung off of his hips and his boots looked worn and dirty.  His belt tucked in the loops as I walked around him and sat down in my new chair.  I was just in black leggings and a grey V-neck shirt with my hair freshly washed and a bit out of place.  I had some music playing and that’s all I could hear besides my voice in my head screaming “KISS HIM”.  I swallowed hard and looked up at him standing while I sat.  My vantage point was stunning.  His body pressing against the denim.  I licked my lips.  I quite appreciated this point of view as my eyes danced over him while he pulled his arms out of the sweatshirt and tossed it on the empty shelf.  His arms pushing against the material of that white t-shirt.  I sat forward as to stand when his hand followed the bare skin of my arm up to the bare skin of my neck.  His hand resting on my cheek as my emerald eyes peered up at him while his thumb traced my bottom lip and he spoke breaking the strong silence “when you came into my store a week ago, I couldn’t stop staring at your mouth.  Your perfectly shaped lips.  I wanted to kiss you immediately” he said.  I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand and my lips softly kissed his thumb and when I did that his breath hitched and he hissed it back out as he pulled me up to him.  His eyes locked on mine and then down to my mouth.  His lips soon followed his look and then his tongue looking for entry into my mouth.  I let him in.  He kissed me.  He kissed me long and deep.  My hands grasping his back and running up into that gorgeous hair.  I lost myself in him.  I let him take control.  I let him take me over with his mouth.  His hands so strong and steady moving over me.  My body was electrified and I was coming apart molecule by molecule.  So intricately undone by his kiss.  Time lapsed and I wanted more. More of him.  More passion.  More depth and more feeling from him, in him and with him.  I needed him. I needed to feel him, all of him.

I turned him around and sat him down in that chair and sat facing him.  He smiled with delight and appreciation of my actions.  I wanted to feel his skin, his body.  I pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor running my hands along his chest and stomach.  His skin twitched from my touch and he took deep breaths and moved his hips up and I moved myself down to meet him.  My lips went from his lips to his cheek, to his neck where my name fell from his mouth so soft and deliberate.  My body reacted with a shutter. My arms wrapped around him with a newly acquired devotion and my gold painted nails ran down his back as he leaned me forward and slid kisses down my neck and chest.  I couldn’t contain my sounds or my movements.  I just let go and soon enough he was back at my mouth and picking me up.  My legs wrapping around him and his well worked hands holding my backside up and then down onto the floor we went.  Right there next to that chair, those shelves and that lamp he made.  On a rug I got from a corner store off of a pile of look alike Persian rugs with my head on a velvet pillow he grabbed off of my couch.  Right there he took my body over with his and I fell off that cliff with him splashing into the waters of desire diving deep, loosing our way with one another under water only to come up for air because we had to, only to go under again and again. He became the Neptune of my soul and my body that day and I the mystical mermaid that came into his store one warm day and sang a siren’s song that lured him in with out even knowing it and today right there on that rug I became his.

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