The bass was loud, rattling my chest as I walked into this so called hip new club.  I hadn’t been out in ages it seemed like and the girls talked me into it tonight.  I was shaking my head and rolling my eyes as we weeded through the crowd towards the bar as they wanted a drink.  I wasn’t in the mood quite yet but I would get there.  I was dressed for it at least.  I don’t get all done up in much more than full make up and a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but at least tonight I was rocking some decent cleavage and slid on my sexiest tight jeans showing some ample ass and I suppose I could shake it if they played something decent.

The girls were ready after a few cocktails and I was dragged out on the dance floor and even with protest, I started to feel the groove.  It just wasn’t my scene but once I was out there and the lights were flashing to the beat and the girls were laughing and smiling it felt good.  I hadn’t felt good in awhile.  I needed this.  I needed the music to take me away.  I need to feel something.  Anything other than the same ol same ol that I had gotten so used to and the distinct sting of an unwanted reality doesn’t last as long when the music and people drown it out.  The dark corners of the club looked inviting to hide in but the girls were not going to let that happen tonight I could tell.  We kept dancing and moving and spinning and grabbing hands and laughing.  I was having fun.  The song changed and the next came on.  A little bit more sexy and our moves changed.  Hips swaying and looks exchanged and giggles about that one time we danced to this song before.  I was just letting go.  It was needed.  I smiled and laughed and was running my hands through my hair and as I turned and tipped my head back and looked over towards the stairs that lead up to a seating area I saw him.  Our eyes locked immediately.  It was dark and he was just far enough away that I couldn’t make out the color of his eyes but I could feel them on me from behind his glasses.  I was trying look away but I couldn’t.  He looked comfortable sitting there with his leg up over his knee.  He was leaning forward with out an expression on his face but when the light would hit it from the flashes matching the beat I could see him.  His lips shining as maybe he had just licked them and his face unshaven but beautiful.  His features were prominent and distinct.  His jaw looked eatable and I bet his neck smelled of cologne and fresh air.  His single pocket t-shirt fit perfect against his strong frame.  His arms tight underneath and his hands resting on his knee looked like they could hold on to anything very well.  He had boots on and seemed to be almost militant with his stature and his gaze at me.  He never looked away even when I did.  I felt like I was dancing for him. I tried to put on a bit of a show and I think he liked it.  I was drawn to him.  I felt him pulling me towards him like I was under some movie made vampire spell or something.  It was so foreign to me.  He felt very powerful even at a distance.  Very dominant and executive in the way he looked at me.  I told my girlfriends that I had to use the restroom and I left the circle and walked that way.  He watched me and I watched him looking.  I made sure he saw me.

I snuck into the restroom and checked myself in the mirror.  All looked ok and I went back out and there he was.  Right. There.  Standing with one foot against the wall leaning back a bit.  I swallowed hard and tried to catch my breath because he was stunning. I mean jaw dropping mouth open gaping good looking.  If he never graced a runway he should.

His eyes were ice blue and cut right through his dark framed glasses and slammed into me with purpose and direction.  He smiled and said hello.  His lips curled in a chesire grin with deviant meaning and I liked it.  I smiled back and said Hi.  He pushed off the wall with his foot and was closer to me now.  I was backing up against the wall looking for some kind of support to hold me up because I was not going to be able to stand much longer without it.  He was absolutely the most sexual thing I had ever seen.  His hair was styled perfectly and his body was like it was hand made by 1,000 women with only one thing in mind and that was to please.  He stepped forward again and I couldn’t believe how close he was to me.  He did smell good too.  Clean and fresh and expensive.  A mix of pure man and money drizzled with desire.  He looked me up and down and tilted his head down and towards me as I was backed up against the wall his left arm up with his hand planted on the wall next to me with his watch so close to my ear I thought I could hear it ticking even with the music blaring behind us.  He smiled again with a calmness that made me feel ok and confident so I tipped my head up towards him giving him the go ahead and he kissed me.

My lips against his felt like I was kissing the sun.  The heat was immeasurable.  His body moved closer to mine and with that I gave him entry for his tongue to touch mine.  Softly he did and our kisses grew deeper and harder.  Right there in the corridor of that club.  A night I wasn’t sure I even wanted to participate in just became red hot.  I couldn’t feel anything but him against me.  All of him.  I was feverishly charged.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  My hands holding onto him over that fitted shirt.  The cotton soft and worn against his skin.  Oh, I wanted to touch him, feel him, his skin against my own skin.  I pulled back and tried to catch my breath searching his eyes for some kind of acceptance about this crazy impromptu make out frenzy with a total stranger.  My mind was racing and telling me I was nuts and I should leave and find my friends but then he placed his hand on my cheek turning my eyes upwards to his and there was the grin again and that alien feeling left me taken over by sheer lust and want and I grabbed his head and pulled him to me leading him backwards down the hall finding solace in the dark and a in corner behind a wall leading to and unopened and unused kitchen we continued.  Signs saying no loitering and the music quieted as we furthered from the main area.  The kissing began again and it was harder this time.  Heavier almost.  I was pulling and grabbing and tugging at him.  And he was pressing and pushing and needing at me.  We were on fire.  I know people walked by and could probably hear the moans and groans and the oh’s and whimpers coming from around that corner but I don’t think either of us cared.  My skin was rough from his stubble and my hands were moving ferociously over him.  His hands had soon found that ample ass of mine and found their way up my back to my hair tugging it and pulling my head back to give him access to my neck.  He worked my neck.  Licks and kisses and bites and words that I couldn’t make out as he neared my ear with his mouth.  The pressure of our bodies against one another could have knocked through the wall but we stayed stable.  Time was irrelevant and I was lost.  Gone into the abyss of passion and need.  Craving release and demanding it from him.  The attraction was instant, the lust was insatiable.  I don’t think I have ever been so turned on….ever.    All he did was look at me.  All he did was see me.  All he did was follow me with his eyes and I was done.  I was his.  All his.  Right there, right then.  No stopping just movement.  A  forward motion of furried ecstasy.  Wrath like hunger between two people unknown to one another until this moment.  An appetite for eroticism and sensualism brought to reality by just one look.   His look towards me.  One of dominance and salaciousness.  It made me weak and wanton.  I let it happen and happen it did.  It was exciting.  The carnality of it all.  With this man, this unknown person found in solitude yet surrounded by lights, music and people.    How long could this go on for?  How do I stop myself?  I don’t know but for now, I will just keep going feeling him feeling me.  Allowing it.  Allowing him to be with me.  All of me. His libido and my thirst matched and quenched in the darkness and forever remembered.


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