Speak to me


The room was full of people.  People I didn’t know.  Martini handed women laughing at bad jokes told by men with hard ons that seemed to be more evident to me than the ladies giggling.  Was I one of these desperate drunks ready to be nailed by some random guy with Rolex?  God no I wasn’t.  Hell, I was the only sober person in here.  The music wasn’t quite loud enough and the song choices sucked.  I was looking for a way out or at least the bathroom to hide in for a minute.  Lord, give me a balcony to sneak out on and let me see the night sky to remind me that something real exist in this superficially supplemented world that I got dragged to tonight. And my wish was granted when I saw the double French doors leading to what looked like was a patio of some sort.  I pushed and pulled at the door handle when it finally popped open and I stumbled outside.  The crisp cool fresh air hit my lungs hard as I it flung my brown hair around my face.  I ran my hand through it and tucked it behind my ear when I looked up.  I wasn’t alone out there even though that was my goal.

There he stood in the corner where the concrete met the grass.  His frame like a silhouette as he was dressed in all black.  His left hand in his pocket and the other holding a drink.  He pulled it up to his lips and took a sip.  The amber liquid glimmering in the lamp light shinning down from above.  The grounds of this house were dotted with them.  Antique like with ivory covers over the bulbs giving just enough light to show him off to me.  It’s as if he were in a spot light when he turned to address the noise that was me coming out the door.  Dear God, his eyes.  Like absolution handed to me by devil himself.  So blue, so pristine that they dazzled as they gazed at me.Ffrom top to bottom they moved over me.  It was like a bolt of blue lightning crashing into me.  He looked absolutely stunning standing there.  It was as if the night was made just for him to be in.  To conceal him.  To hide him from the light almost.  His darkly dressed body turned and stepped towards me.  He looked hungry or thirsty, I couldn’t decide which one.  He sat his drink down on a table near him and kept his left hand in his pocket and the other hand he put into his suit jacket and undid the button as he walked.  His thumb undoing the button but rubbing it in a circular motion before he opened the jacket up.  It was tantalizing to watch his thumb do that.  My body stiffened at that sight.  I suddenly imagined his hands on me doing that.  I took in short breaths trying to keep my mind from racing as fast as my heart was.  What the hell was going on with me?  I just walked out, saw a guy and with in minutes I am utterly mesmerized by this unknown man.   His hair was dark and styled back away from his unshaven face.  The breeze blew his scent towards me and I closed my eyes in anticipation of his two or three more step arrival.  I was dizzy from it.  I stepped back as he came closer.  His eyes never leaving mine.  His mouth open slightly like he was about to lick his lips.  I felt like his prey and he had hunted me with out me even knowing it and now I am caught in his net just by his look.  I even looked away twice to see if he was totally alone and to see if he was looking behind me at someone else.  No way could HE be looking at ME like that.  He looked ravenous.  Like he was starving and I was his meal.  This was that vampiric moment women day dream about to get off to when they are alone and they want to be completely taken by their favorite True Blood character that has mind fucked them a million times right out of the shower.  Oh My, he was right in front of me now.  Saying nothing but speaking to me with his eyes.

There I stood, in my converse covered feet with my grey V-neck t-shirt on and my favorite skinny jeans with the tiny rip in the knee and the other one by the pocket.  I am completely underdressed but at least I am adorned with my signature red lips that bring out my green eyes from behind my dark glasses.  He stops inches from me. He was an illusion.  He had to be.  Do I touch him to see if he’s real?  Just say something……

“Hello” he says.  “Um, Hi” I say back.  “My name is Alexander, I am a friend of Maggy’s, the lady hosting the party here.  It’s her house” he says slowly.  “Oh, well, it’s a lovely house from what I saw” I reply looking up at him.  He’s quite tall and thin. I can see a bit more of him now.  Those eyes though.  Like the clear blue sky on a summer day when I would lay in the yard as little girl looking up at it waiting to make shapes out of the clouds.  They were comforting yet heavy with mood and want.  What he wanted, I wasn’t sure yet.  “Are you here alone?” he asked.  “Kind of, I came with a friend but, I met her here.  She works with someone that was invited”. I answer.  “What is your name?” he asks as he studies me.  His eyes have moved to my mouth and mine to his.  “Zoey, my name is Zoey”. I answer out of breath.  I have been moved to the corner of the patio now by excitement and wonder as I stepped back from his closeness.  I have no more room to move back and as I do, my back hits the brick of the house.  “Be careful” he says as his hand slides behind me and touches my back and moves me towards him.  My hands go up and my palms hit gently on his chest as if to protest the lack of space between us but I realize he’s still touching me and his other hand has come around to meet together on my back.  He moves my slowly away from the house and out of the corner and into a strand of light that has come down from one of those antique lamps in the grass.  “I’m good thank you, I can be a bit clumsy sometimes” I laugh out the words as he lets go of me and I swear his touch has scorched my skin through my shirt.  He smiles and says “Well, I didn’t want you to hurt yourself or think I wanted to hurt you either. I can come off a bit aggressive sometimes. It’s just part of me I guess” he says as he looks down and then back up at me as if to see if I was still looking at him.  Of course I was.  He was beautiful.  “Ha, well, it’s not like you were stalking me or anything, you just now saw me so….” I say with a silly giggle.  “Oh, I saw you for sure before you came out here.  You were sipping your 7-Up with your half crocked girlfriend and seemed utterly bored with it all and tried to hide in the bathroom but it was being used probably by some loaded chic getting banged by some asshole who couldn’t keep it up long enough to even begin to entertain your thoughts so you moved through the crowd towards the doors.  I came out the other set first” he said as his eyes gleamed.  “soooo, you are stalking me” I say half nervous half who is this guy.  “Not exactly, just curious about you Ms. Zoey”. he says as he puts both hands in his pockets exposing the rock band t-shirt under his sport coat.  It was a light blue Pink Floyd shirt that looked worn out from the wash and didn’t go with his Gucci shoes and his perfectly pressed pants.  He smiled as I noticed as if we had some cosmic musical connection from my low key shoes to his lack luster t-shirt.  He leaned back on the pedestal clad ledge along the edge of the patio.  His body so long and lean.  And again those eyes that matched the movement in his lips when he spoke.  We chatted awhile and then we interrupted by several rowdy people who seemed to want to bring the party outside.

He took my hand and lead my back in.  Graciously through the people we weaved in and out.  “Where are we going Alexander?” I asked.  “Call me Alex and somewhere quiet, if that’s ok with you?” he says as he turns to me while we walked.  That look.  That look of hunger on his face again.  I didn’t care, I was following this man,this godlike man wherever he was taking me was where I wanted to be.

We ended up going upstairs down a stark white hallway.  It was almost clinically white.  So white that his dark clothes and hair seemed alien like in the atmosphere.  “Um, are you taking me to a room or something?” I questioned him.  And with one swift turn and tug of my hand I was against the wall.  “No, I won’t do that if you don’t want me to” he says breathless.  I swallow hard and try to catch my breath.  “You, you can…..I will go…if you…” I can’t finish the words as he stairs at me.  His fixated on my mouth.  I want him to kiss me.  This stranger this gleaming man in front of me.  The lights are humming or is that my body?  So alive and electric right now.  I feel like I could take off to the sky I am so reeved up.  His arms on either side of me and I can’t move and I don’t want to. He’s pressing against me and I can feel him.  All of him and all it would take was inches for us to connect with our lips.  I can feel his breath and his body breathing in and out.  I know he can feel mine too.  It feels like an eternity and then he makes his move.  I tip my face up towards him and his hand is cupping my cheek and then the other on the other cheek.  I am holding my breath when he puts his lips on mine.  I come undone completely at the moment of impact.  His mouth on mine.  I grab and pull and tug at him with my hands.  He was starving and now he’s feeding. Feeding on me.  My lips are being sucked and bitten and nibbled and licked all by this man worthy of the most divinely beautiful women and yet he chose me.  Me.  I will revel in it.  He is devouring me with his mouth and I am letting him.  I am swallowing his moans and groans and he is drinking in my whimpers and “oh’s” as we continue against the white wall.  I can barley stand it.  I want more. So much more.  I want to feel all of him.  I want his skin on my skin.  I want our clothes gone forever and to be naked with him in a room that will only allow us in it.  His hands are making me shutter and loose control of myself.  I have no idea what I am doing and he has every idea of what he’s doing to me. This is a side of me I knew was in there but didn’t know how to bring her out.  He knew exactly how to draw her out too.  Just one look.  Just a longing hungry gaze that spoke to me from across a patio and I was his. Addicted to the unknown.  My curiosity and his mingled with the scent of invisible pheromones and perfumed fall air I was set into forward deviant motion.  And motion is what I wanted with him.  Our bodies to be in motion together in some luxurious four posted fur covered bed perfectly positioned next to a lit fireplace hidden and prepared for me just behind one of these doors. Was I in a movie?  A living day dream with this walking sex of a man dripping with necessity.  We were lost in a mysterious seduced moment intertwined with one another……Now where??


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