Set the mood, you know how.  Do all those cosmopolitan things your mind comes up with when your driving and the rain is pelting the windshield and the defrost is burning your eyes as your late to your next whatever and you let your mind slip away somewhere fun.  Do those things.  Those things that haunt your thoughts in a good way.  They stick because you want them to and because you want to do them for that certain someone.  Remember when you put on those lace panties and you smiled because you felt sexy?  And when you put on that matching bra that holds you up and shows you off and gives you that same smile because you know they would love you in that color…..wear that.  Run that bubble bath with all the scents to layer over your warm skin.  Pull out that expensive body wash and lotion that the sales clerk at the perfume counter talked you into as you willingly handed over the credit card because yea, it smells divine and you want to bring out whatever sexual deviant you’ve been hiding and she lured her right out with that scent.  Pour that liquid onto your loofah and lather up like he’s watching you in that tub.    The more you feel the more that deviant appears. Arouse her.  Bring her fourth.  No need to keep her hidden.  She lurks inside you waiting to be let go.  Let her out.   Slide that gorgeous red lipstick on that was featured on that hot model next to the display at make up counter and own it.  Look at your lips in the mirror and know he wants nothing more than to feel them on him.  Your lips excite him, use it.  Imagine what that color would look like smeared all over his neck after you kissed him there.  Or one single kiss left on his stomach after you pulled his shirt up to get to that belt buckle.  Think about that.

Those boots or heels you wanted, buy them.  Wear them as you walk to him seated in a lonely armless chair waiting for you.  You planned this night out, you know you did, and it’s happening now.  The deviant is here.  The music playing in the background.  The TV off and nothing to distract you because you are the distraction.  You are the tool.  You are what he desires.  Work it.  You spent time finding those songs that get you going and now it’s time to show him what he wants.  Roll your body to the rhythm hovering above his lap while his hands are neatly placed at his side like you told to.  Put your hands on him, rest them on his thighs as you lean back towards him arching your back tipping your head back to him while giving him a full voluptuous view.  You can spin around to face him, straddle him and let him see up close and personal how defined your lips really are and that they do indeed match what’s underneath as you give him a sneak peak with a tug of your t-shirt and then stand up turn around and to the side and give a thumb slide down the side of your pants and show a little lace while your rock those hips for him.   Keep your eyes locked on his.  Watch him watch you.  Isn’t that beautiful?  He is admiring you. He is excited by the sight of you moving to the music for him.  Just for him.  A private show. Come back over him facing him your arms wrapped around his neck as you lean forward your chest barely touching him so close he can feel the heat from your body and smell that luxurious bath that lingers on  your skin.  You’re both intoxicated by the rush, so high on the adrenaline and anticipation it causes you smile in appreciation of the on purpose situation you’re in.  You told him no touching in the beginning but with out hesitation you place his hands on  you and whisper in his ear “go ahead baby, touch me” as your lips grazes his earlobe and you allow those lips to travel down to his neck and trace the outline of his jaw.  His hands are strong and holding you tightly gripping you with no intention of you leaving his lap and you don’t want to.  The song has ended and another one has begun.  Your heart is racing, your body heated and willing and his is ready.  Your dance for him was a success and your thought out plan of arousal was perfectly executed.

Well done deviant.  Well done.











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