It’s human behavior or misbehavior rather to want what you can’t have. How could I not? Just look at him. His gaze is pure intoxication. Deep pools of lust that drag you under and you don’t give one fuck that you can’t breathe. You want him to strangle you with his sexual desire. You want the goddamn life choked out of you because your reality sucks. That’s just me being brutally honest and open to the truth. Bottom line is you’d rock his world so hard that he’d never want another but that’s not your goal or your authenticity. You just want him. Not for anything other than that one thing. Straight up, straight out, and straight in sex. There is absolutely no need for it to be anything other than that. In fact, the idea of more is just a turn off. The beauty of the distraction is what’s necessary. The veil pulled down and over so you can’t see anything past what’s in front of you. And what’s in your sights is him. A carved out of lust long lost hunger awoken sex God. You know it. He knows it. So why not just go for it? Take it for what it is exactly and just fucking do it. Do it for the greed of it. For the itch that you know you need to scratch. For the lechery will live on your skin in secret forever. Do it. You can take it. You can hold onto it for as long as your mind can remember. You need it. So does he. He wouldn’t talk to you the way he does if he didn’t and he certainly wouldn’t look at you like this. Such carnality behind those eyes. Ready and willing to make you weak. To take full advantage of you and you won’t stop him at all. In fact, the words “don’t stop” will most likely be said. You know it. He knows it. You can’t help but keep repeating that in your head. Oh and head of yours is so full of depravity and urge. An appetite that has yet to be served. Even in your real life it’s so lack luster that your fantasies often take over to compensate for the aphrodisia you covet. Night dreams and day dreams collide. You can’t help it, it’s always been that way for you and the fuel he provides is no surprise. It’s a daily need. And the heat brings added relief to the mundane and the drudgery of it all. God, the heat. The pure incandescent white hot that formed just from his words that radiated all the way down. All the way. Because that is what you require from him. What you want. Flat out. No need to sugar coat it or water it down. There’s not room for that shit here. The only thing wet, is you. Soaked and unsorted until he touches you. Until he pins you up against a wall and tells you exactly what he wants to do to you and that ache takes human form. When the existence of the yearning becomes tangible and tactile, then, you take him. And you let him please you. Be eager. Be impatient. Be ravenous. Be voracious. Be YOU!

You assumed the role when you signed up for the fun so go with it. He’s gobbling it up so give him more. Give him everything you can’t give anywhere else. Don’t be stingy. Slip down and show him how desirous you truly are. Show him what it’s all about where you let that illusions live. Where nightmares are a utopia of sensuality and reverie. Let him have it, he can take because he asked for it. Just look at him. He’s not a mirage, not this time. He’s real and in front of you ready for the frenzy. He is prepared for the debauchery. He was created for it. How could he not be with lips that curl into a grin like he has? He was born for the salaciousness that is the day dream of your own embodied sexual agony that you live with tormented by the sentiment of suffering. None of which has been self inflicted nor accepted just learned to live with. But not with him. Not with the promise of ecstasy and fever presented to you by him. The pure sultry behavior and word play better lead to action. All the action. From top to bottom action. Don’t leave one inch untouched or unbathed by the liquid heat that’s been boiling since the beginning. And who cares if it’s just a hot spell? At least it’s fun. I mean just look at him. Practically begging for calefaction. The kind of delirium that makes you want to drop on all fours and crawl for it. Tell you what to do and you’ll do it for him. All of it. Everything and everywhere. It’s just that easy. Passion that shakes. That’s what you want and he looks the part. Such an unrest that lives inside you. It damn near burns you up sometimes but you know he can put it out. Quench it. Douse it. Drown it. That’s the way. That’s how it needs to be done. Until it’s all gone. All used up. Wasted with nothing left until the next time. Blown out and blown up. By him. He’s the one that needs to do it. To do you. However you want to take it or look at it because Jesus Christ just look at him!

It can’t happen soon enough or be enough. You know once it starts it will be insatiable. You will be insatiable. Because that’s you. The little red ridding hood with the wolf. The ringleader of your circus and the one with the ace in the hole in your hallucination. Just a girl looking for a helping hand in her imagery and creativity, that’s all. No invention or intervention needed. Just bringing a fantasy fuck to life because how could I not, just look at him.

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