Destroyed and desperate is how he left me the last time. And he knew he would. It was like he’d been planning it. He had checked in on me and I on him. Texts and calls and let’s meet up talks happened more than once. And those addicted quickies on my lunch break or morning coffee that made me late to work or that one time after Chinese food in an alley and another trip to the book store where I sucked him off in the used crime and horror section. We had actually seen quite a bit of each other. He was in my dreams and in my reality and in my bed. So much of him in my world that I needed it. I needed him. I wanted him. Barely making it a day without him. It was a way and a want that was controlling me and I didn’t even care. I couldn’t turn back. My body wouldn’t let me.

We decided to go out one evening to a bar/restaurant that a friend of his recommended. We needed to enjoy some time out of bed and maybe take a minute to get some air that didn’t smell like sex and sin. Little did I know that was a scent that stuck on him like sensual syrup. The man just oozed sex and I was right there to lap it up.

We decided to meet there as I had a late meeting and he was still working at the bookstore occasionally. I got a text that he was there in the back but could come up to the front and meet me. I told him to stay put and I’d find him. I made sure to dress accordingly in a short black skirt, white button up tuxedo shirt with cufflinks. Fishnet thigh highs with a garter belt nicely hidden and my 90’s girl inspired boots. Bright red pouting lips ready to be kissed and my hair tucked back with diamond studs and that perfume he likes spritzed on my wrists and neck.

I made my way through the crowd of people, scanning the room for him. I didn’t see him. The bartender yelled my name and pointed towards the back. This place was old Hollywood meets the present. Red velvet draped around leather booths with dim lights, modern accents and soft bass beats playing. There were people dancing and eating around the bar. It was funky and fun. I made my way to the back area and saw him sitting there. He was a couple steps up seated in a row of chairs with all that red velvet behind him. Our eyes met and my entire body immediately warmed with want. I swallowed hard as he leaned back and slid his ring fingered hand down his lap. I wanted to suck those rings right off each finger, spit them out, and hand them to him while he watched me do it.

Fuck me he was gorgeous.

He watched me walk towards him and something in me told me to slow down and let him watch me. I stopped by the two steps that lead up to him and turned around and bent over to “tie” my boot. I know my ass was showing and he could see I was wearing thigh highs. Still bent down I turned my head to look at him, smiling. He was smiling back at me and adjusted himself as he did it. I giggled, bit my lip and stood up and made my way to him. I never took my eyes off of him and his never moved from mine. My body reacting with each step closer as I nearly began to shake craving his touch. That first touch from him. I wasn’t even sure how long we could last in public. Especially with how he was dressed and that look that was on his face as I got closer. He looked primal, like an animal that was going to devour me. And I would let him. Every single inch of me was his. He owned me with that look.

He stood to greet me and leaned in for a kiss. My arms went around him to pull him closer and it was like a damn let loose. White hot liquid heat was flowing through my body. As his lips touched mine I shuttered and a sound escaped my mouth that he gladly sucked in and responded back with a low growl that I swallowed proudly. This public display of affection needed to tone itself down before I shoved him on a table and put on an X-rated show for all to witness. I stepped back and took his hand and sat down next to where he’d been sitting. Drinks were ordered and the idle chit chat was happening but I couldn’t take my mind out of the all the things I wanted to do him gutter and I’m pretty sure he was in the same spot as I could see that in his pants.

“You wore that outfit to work?” he said questioning as his hand crept up my thigh. I grinned and said “Yes, I did”. “Did anyone notice you had these on?” he said as he snapped the top of the elastic on the thigh highs. I squirmed and put my hand on his as to say I liked it. “No one would have noticed.” I said. “I spent most of the day in my office until my meeting which was in the conference room where we were all seated”. “So it was a secret for me then?” he asked as his hand slid further up. I drew in a deep breath and the scent of him and the bar filled my lungs while my eyes closed a bit. He leaned over and pressed his lips against my neck and asked “May I?” I answered by pushing his hand further and putting my leg up on his so it wasn’t exactly for everyone’s viewing pleasure. He looked around and began to say things to me that would forever be tattooed on my mind and be sticky on my skin as his breath and lips danced all over my neck and jaw and ear. His hand was making way of the black lace panties that matched the bra and the fishnets. He pushed them over to the side with his fingers giving him access to my soaked slit. “Oh my, you are absolutely dripping” he said “I know, you do it to me” I said unsteadily as he ran his fingers along my wetness. I was happy the music seemed to be louder at that moment as the sounds that were inside me couldn’t be contained as he rounded my swollen bud with his thumb. The pressure was perfect and my body was his. He knew it. He knew me like a sexual map and he was on his way to making me cum. My hands gripping the material of his shirt and the velvet behind him. I was so close and unafraid as I opened my eyes and saw it was safe and with an instant and a lick and a bite on my neck and a quicker pace of his hand, I was done. I was over the edge and he was right there to catch me. As my body rounded the corner of pleasure and I was coming down hard on him he kissed me and took my sounds into his mouth. He drank them up as I trembled in his arms. He absorbed my satisfaction while I buzzed with gratification. Smiling he pulled his hand back and I adjusted myself and relished in what just played out right there in public.

I looked around the room as to see if anyone noticed and I didn’t see a soul who seemed to care. Most everyone was locked into a conversation or eating or on their phones or socializing to the music. He told me I was a bad girl and as I took his hand I said “I think we need to go”. I left too much money on the table, grabbed my purse and lead him through the bar towards the exit with his still wet from me hand in mine. The night air hitting our skin like a wave of reality I turned him to me and kissed him, hard. I tugged his phone out of his pocket and told him to get us a car. The Uber showed up a few minutes later and we poured ourselves into the backseat. It took all I had not to do him right there. We were seconds from accomplishing just that as the driver told us we were almost there. I smiled as he politely took my hand to help me out and we headed inside his building. It was and old unit with only a few floors and a rickety old elevator. We took the stairs and as we did, I walked ahead of him unbuttoning my shirt. Turning to show him and walking backwards, he came to me and slid it off my shoulders and took it in his hands while I made way of his shirt and took it in mine. One more flight of stairs and we’d be on his floor. Luckily, there weren’t many tenants in his building. He came closer to me and soon my back was against the wall. I was in my bra, skirt, the thigh highs and boots. He was in just his pants and shoes. Our skin touching and the cold cement wall felt good holding me up as he pushed me into it while his hips were grinding against me. My hands running all over his bare back. He shoved my skirt up as I found the button and zipper to his pants. I crammed my hand down the front and as I did he hissed and put his head back. My fingers wrapping around his length as he pumped into my hand. “Can we make it to your apartment or are you just going to fuck me right here?” I asked as I squeezed him. “Right. Here.” he said pushing me harder against the wall and pulling at black lace of my panties. I freed him from his pants and after I did I licked my palm and put it back around him. He gasped and turned me around. My hand let go and he took each one and placed it on the wall, interlacing his fingers in mine. My breasts scratching against the cement blocks as his thrusts began after his sharp entrance. The jagged sounds echoing as I pushed back against him wanting him deeper. I wanted him as far as he could go. As hard as I could handle. His hands around me and reaching for my front tugging the fabric of my bra down as he pulled out, turned me around as he dove down to kiss and suckle me. His hair in my hands as I watched him kiss and lick me all the way down. I pulled him up and turned him around and slid down to my knees. My eyes looking up tasting him and me on him. My hands up on his beautiful stomach and that V that points directly to heaven. I looked at him as I popped him out and said “Let me” and he came down to me, kissed me and put his shirt on the stair and sat on it. I took my bra off and dropped down on him. Straddling him right there on the stairs. My legs shaking and my body begging for a release again. Bucking and pressed so hard against him I kept the drive up. Feverously. Like an animal. Just like the look he had at the bar brought to life right there in the rapturous ravishment in the stairwell because we couldn’t make it to his apartment. I was close, he was close, because he said so. His hands grasping my hips and ass as I leaned back and he held me as the tousled soreness and pounding pleasure of relief came like thunder. I threw myself forward to him as he held me through the aftershocks of both of our completions. Heavy and sedated I could barely move but we had to, we needed to be in his apartment, not half naked the stairwell. We stood and as I smoothed out my skirt and he gathered up his shirt and mine and pulled up his pants, he said nearly laughing “Wow, that was fun.” He kissed my lips with a little nibble at the end and I agreed, that was definitely fun!

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