Disco diamond day dreams lurking in the back. Peeking out from behind the normal. No need to keep them hidden when the agenda is writing itself. Don’t fear it. Don’t let go of it. Find it in the dark. Let it possess you and take you over like a sullen melody with broken wings. Let it cover you like a fleece blanket by the fire in autumn. Let it become you. But always keep an eye on it’s hands.

You have no one to prove it to and you have no switch to hit. There’s just that little bit left to uncover so rip it off and stand in that stoned spotlight for all to see. No shame no burden, just you. Just you being you for all the world to see, even if it’s just a mirror. A realm for the hopeless lusters that linger for fun. Passers by and watchers ogling for and drooling for the tasty scraps left from the fantasy feast you so willingly provide. But darling, don’t forget to feed yourself even at that empty table. Don’t you dare go hungry for them. Why take less, when there’s always room for more? That’s what I always say. And yell it if you must so you don’t forget. So loud it hurts and leaves you horse. All the while your mind is kicking and screaming for it all. Chaos abundant in the shadows and cheerleaders run dry and run out when you’ve been there too long. So buck up babe and hold on because even in the darkest of waters, the weird stays thick and the monsters love to play. So don’t forget to give them a show because who doesn’t like to watch?

Shall We?

Whether you take the back seat or the drivers seat, it’s on.

No escape. No more bullshit. It’s all right there in black and white splattered and spinning with red.

Don’t get dizzy before you take a taste.

Steady yourself. Get in position.

Once the toxin of paradise is sipped you can’t help yourself, you’re going to chug it, gulp it all down. Let it drip and dribble from your mouth. Catch it with your hands and lick it off your fingers if you must. But get it all.

Every. Last. Drop.

Forage and hunt and gather that shit. Then lap it up like a good girl and don’t forget to bow you head to the master within otherwise it was all for nothing. And you don’t want to get punished. Or do you?

Do you slow your lover lust filled roll or do you quicken the lip biting pace? It’s all screams on the emotional rollercoaster when it’s time with the girl next door in your head. The poor thing’s afraid of ghosts so turn the lights off and let those bad boys in.

It’s time.

Slide and slime under the floral scented sheets with your eyes closed. Open them at your will but remember what you’ll see can’t be unseen and forever burned into your succulent sweat soaked skin. Savor it in your whispered secret sweet dreams.

Wicked games played in necessary silence. Spread wide with an eager, greedy hunger inside your illicit sanctuary.

Go all the way in it. So far you can’t come back. Hide out in it. Seek shelter in it. Be your own witness protected in it. So deep in it you don’t even know who the hell you are in it.



Just pick you poison baby and let it go to work. You have a few to choose from so just point and shoot and see who bleeds.



Durable and hard as nails.

Only the strong will survive and that’s the only way you know how to do it.

So hold on, we’re almost there. The grand finale. The big bad finish. Bring in the heavy duty fantastic floating fantasy reinforcements. Pull out all the sloppy stops.





Let go.

Now breathe. Shiver and shake it out. Aftershocks slithering around you and up you and in you. Take it down. Swallow it. And remember how good it tastes so next time you won’t be afraid.

No backfires, just thunder. Appreciate it. Accept it and absolutely indulge in it.

All the way in it.


Time for a sweet treat.

Take a trip down fantasia lane for that riddled release you crave. No need to look back or take a rest, you can do that when you’re all done. Strap in or strap on just be sure to push down real hard on that safety bar so you don’t fall off or fall out.

Tick tock to the top, don’t stop.

Sing along with the siren song in your head and follow those bitches down, down, down. Keep going. All the way. Swirling saucers and sauces poured out from those deep dark alien inhabited caverns of your imagination. Finger licking good baby, that’s how we do it here in candy land.

Knock knock, who’s there?

Let them in, let them all in. And once they’re in, let them stay awhile. Get all homey and cozy and comfy and roomy with them. Get all oozy and woozy and tickled by them. It’s why you invited them, so you might as well be a good girl of a host, pull up your knee socks and cut the crusts off the sandwiches and take BIG ol’ bite and swallow it all down. Clink those tea cups. Jiggle that jello. Suck that sucker. Squeeze that marshmallow. Frost your lips with icing and smile big cause that’s what it’s all about. Turn that frown upside down while you lose yourself and find that sugar slice of nice and kitty cat lap it all up. Don’t you dare let it go to waste. Not one drip drop or sprinkle. It’s all yours for the taking so take it all. Take it all baby doll and if you’re good, you’ll get a treat.

So be good. Unless you’re bad, be good at that too because you can’t always be candy apple red sometimes you have go bat black licorice bad and bite that bad right in half. Show it who’s boss. Whip it. Lick it. Need it. Make it beg. Master it. That’s how it goes in the mind sometimes. The ol’ back and forth. Fuck the balance just pick a side daddio and see how goes.

Sunshine and rain, both taste good you just have to add some sugar.


I sent him a text that morning with specific instructions, one being, come dressed in suite and tie, the rest was a list of things to bring with him. One, the tie from the first night. Two, a camera. Three, a toy of his choice preferably something to inflict a little pain. Four, his hard cock and I gave him the address as to where I would be waiting for him and a time to show up. He better not be late.

I was lucky to be scouting out places for a clients event and as soon as I saw this place and knew it would be empty, I had to have him there. But this time, it was all for me. I was in charge. Of course I needed him. Of course I wanted him but this was different. He would be all mine tonight and I was coming with everything I had and planned to give him the most pleasurable night, ever. How could I not? He was excruciatingly beautiful and all I could do was think about the last time. His lips, his hands, his body all on me for me. Giving it to me in a way that made me crave him. I felt like a vampire out for blood. Thirsty for him. My body never being quenched. Never enough of him inside me to keep me hydrated. I had to have him at my will. It was necessary. I wanted to use him for me, for my pleasure and my fun. Tonight, I was the boss.

I got there early as to set up the scene. It was an old mansion with so many rooms but the one they hosted people in was this huge historically gorgeous ballroom with mirrors and French doors that opened to a terrace that lead to stunning landscaped gardens that fell out of a Victorian novel. The curtains that hung above the doors were heavy and blood red. I loved them. There was this long hallway with the same sexy curtains that made me want to play hide and seek in them but not tonight. Tonight I would put myself on display in that room with the mirrors and I would open the doors for the air too cool the chemical heat between us. I couldn’t wait to feel that breeze hit my naked skin as I would temp, tease and tantalize him.

I was dressed in over the knee black paten leather lace up boots, fishnets, black panties, a black corset and a long burgundy velvet coat. I looked like I meant business and I did. My breasts pushed up as far as they could go and my ass ready as soon as I took the coat off. My lips stained almost purple and my green eyes twinkled with my dark eyeshadow and lashes black as night. All perfect. All for him. There was one chair pulled to the center of the room from the surrounding areas set up for lounging guests during the parties they have there. Delectable velour sofas and a matching chaise was my targeted spot after my show. I wanted him in the chair first. I had plans for him in that chair.

He arrived on time. I told him to text me when he was here. My phone alert went off and I told him to walk down the hall to the left and find the ballroom. It was the big room with the lights on. I came out of the room and waited for him in the hallway. I saw him turn to the left and begin to walk towards me. My eyes darkened with want, my heartbeat picked up, my body warmed and my breathing increased. My mouth running dry as he came closer. My tongue moistened my lips and I sucked the bottom one in and bit it. My God, look at him. Such a stunning creature. Holy shit he was holding a riding crop. Yes, this was going to be fun. With each step he took I was calculating just what I wanted to do to him. My mind running wild with ideas. I just wanted him in that chair so I could have my way with him. He smiled as he was right in front of me then stopped and looked me over. “I brought the things you requested” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. “Good, now come with me” I said trying to be unaffected by his delicious lips. I could barely walk in those boots but I strut my way to the chair with him behind me and while I did I let the coat slide off holding it with one hand dragging it. I tossed it on one of the sofas and walked over to the sound system and turned on the playlist I had connected from my phone. As the music began I asked him to take out the camera and place it on the high top table and face it towards the chair. He did. I told him to press record and go sit in the chair and hold the crop in his hand. He placed the camera on the table and walked over to the chair. He held up the crop and looked at me and asked “What are you going to do with this my darling?” I told him to sit down and find out.

I took my time walking back to him. I wanted him to watch me walk. I asked him to hold it up. He did but not high enough. I said loudly “Higher” and grabbed his wrist. “Now don’t drop your arm while I do this” I told him. My eyes never leaning his and his never leaning mine. I let go of his wrist and ran my hands down the length of the crop gripping it and ending with my hands cupping his hand. I tipped his hand up and bent down and started at the base of the crop and licked it all the way up. I stopped at the leather flap and flicked it with my tongue and then sucked it. I could see him swallow as I did that and he moved to adjust his seat as I kept going. I took it out of his hand and ran it down his arm as I told him to get the tie out. He took it out of his jacket pocket and gave it to me. I leaned over and kissed him and told him to get up and take off his jacket, tie and shirt and sit back down. He did as I asked and while he did I walked around him smacking the crop on my thigh. God that sting felt good. He sat back down and I told him to remove his shoes and socks next. He did. So there he was just in his pants and as he watched me I took the tie and put it in between my teeth after I told him to put his arms behind him. He laughed and I smacked his arm with the crop and said “Now”. He put his arms behind him and as he did I pushed his legs apart with my foot and placed my boot right near his balls and pushed up a bit, took the tie out of my mouth and said “I’m going to bind your wrists, get a drink and then, I’m going to unzip your pants and pull your beautiful hard cock out and do whatever the fuck I want with it”. I walked around and tied him with the tie. Tight. He winced a bit when I tugged it. I took off my corset while I was behind him so when I walked around my breasts were on full display for him especially in the mirror lined wall behind us. I moved forward and pulled his head up towards me with both hands and kissed him. Hard. I stopped and walked over to a table and grabbed a bottle of bourbon and poured a glass for him. I walked it back over to him. I took a long sip of that strong amber liquid and then tipped his head back and pulled his chin down so his mouth was open and let it fall out of my mouth into his. It ran out of his mouth down his chin and onto his chest. I pushed his mouth closed and he swallowed. I let my hands run down his wet chest and I shoved one down his pants. He groaned as I grabbed him. My hand locked around him and he moved as I moved my hand. I knelt down and undid his pants after I pulled my hand out, freeing him from the fabric as I tugged them off. He had to lift his ass for me to get them all the way off. I stood up looking at him as he sat there tied and naked. I took another drink and gave him a sip from the glass and then let some of it drip onto him. He took in a breath as I followed it with my mouth. Licking it and him. Pushing my way between his legs and taking him in. All the way in. Our sounds pornographic and our desire just as x rated. I kept going as his body clinched and his words went from “Fuck” to “Jesus Christ untie me”. I said no with him still in my mouth and he flung his head back and forward and said “Please, I want to touch you”. I looked up at him and I could see the pleading in his eyes. I stood, walked around and undid the knot. He stayed seated and as I came around he grabbed me pulling me to him. It was like a nuclear explosion when our bodies touched. The torment worked. He had to have me and I was ready for him. I was straddling him on the chair and I looked over to the chaise and as soon as I did he was up with me carrying me to it.

He laid me down and went to work on the laces on my boots. His naked hard body glistening in the ballroom chandelier light. And those mirrors giving me a show while he tugged on the boots. Both boots off and then the panties I had over the fishnets. He looked down at the fragile tights and I said exactly what he was thinking “Rip them”. He looked at me and I said it again “Rip them, now”. He took ahold of them and tore them in half and as he did I moaned something like “Just take me, take me now”. He steadied himself between my legs and looked at me when he moved forward. It took nothing for him to slide into me. The moment I got the text he was here, I was wet. And all that playing, my God, I was soaked. His head down as he thrust forward and was all the way in. His scent plundering me as he kept moving. I wanted to he covered in him. His scent, his sweat, his desire. All of him. In and on me. I wanted to drown in him. My lust for him was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was animalistic. So primal and dark. He kept going and I held on telling him harder and he did. I was building. My muscles tightening. I was looking at the ceiling and then over at our reflection in the mirrored wall holding on and as soon as I arched, I shattered, calling out his name again and again. The rhythm slowed and our eyes met as I caught my breath. I pushed him off and quickly turned and got on all fours and told him to take me this way and he did. It was lewd and vicious. Like consensual carnal corporal punishment. Our moans and groans and growls towered above the music I had playing. Both of us demanding satisfaction. His pumping becoming beastly and brutal as we climbed together. My hands gripping the chaise, holding on for the ending that was so close, so close. And with one last hard, deep stroke, we were there. Antihalation. Ruined in rapture. My arms gave way as did my knees and we lay there, him on top of my back, breathless and weak. Decadently destroyed. Dissolved by desire. His kisses peppering my back as he moves and I roll over. “Thanks for bringing the tie” I say. He smiles and looks over at the high top table and says “I can’t wait to watch this with you”. There’s the camera pointed at the chair and the chaise that we’re laying on. I laughed as he says “You’re my first on camera”. I sit up and kiss him and say “Well, I’m honored to be your first”. He kisses me back as the night pours in those open doors and I can only imagine what’s next with this luscious and amazing man.


Well, it had been a long time since I had seen him. We had a beautiful and unforgettable night together. One that will live on in my sexual history forever. I thought of him often. Wondered how he was, what he ended up doing after he left. We kept in touch but his work took him to Europe and that was the end of it. I mean, we were young and excited by each other. We did see each other one time a couple years later but unfortunately nothing happened that night even though I know we both wanted it to. The chemistry was always there. A fire just below the surface always smoldering. I don’t think that will ever go away no matter how far he’s gone. I kind of hated that I never got to see him just once more. To kiss those lips again. To feel him against me again. His skin on my skin. His body on mine. I wanted more but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess.

I got the notice one morning that my company needed me to go to France for a convention. I was up for it and up for a promotion so I felt it was necessary for me to make this happen. I immediately got on my computer and looked him up. It had been quite some time that I allowed myself to do it but there he was plastered all over the internet for his success. Wow. He was still so beautiful too. I got warm just looking at his pictures. My body responded like a teenager. I could remember him under me as I writhed in pleasure on top of him. I am positive I made an audible sound as I scrolled through those pictures and saw him smiling in one of them. I could hear the groans in my ear just like it was yesterday. I needed to get up and lock my door and take care of this. Fuck. Why? How? He made me melt and drool and cum like I have never cum before in my life. I needed to send him a message or an email or something. His contact information was available. And I knew my boss had it too. I could. I could just send him a note that I was coming to France and I knew he was in Paris so I could see him. We could see each other. Again. But what if he didn’t want to? What if he didn’t want to see me again? Damn, I hate my brain.

I waited until the day I was leaving to send the email. I was terrified of his response. It had been so long. I wrote it out and hit send and called for my Uber to go to airport. But one thing I didn’t forget was the gloves. I had kept them all this time and just because and just in case I wanted them with me. I wanted to wear them again for him.

I got in late after a very long flight and all I wanted to do was sleep when I got to my hotel. It was such a gorgeous hotel too. My God, I was in Paris. Holy shit!!! I crashed for a few hours. I knew the time difference and jet lag would get me. I rolled over in my amazing bed with way too many pillows and crisp white linens and grabbed my phone fully charged. I sent my texts to those that gave a shit that I made it there and there it was, an email notification. I clicked it. It was him. I took in a deep breath and read it. I heard it in his voice. Every word I read over and over again. I got teary and excited. He wanted to see me. I read that part like three times. I had told him where I was staying and suggested a meeting in the bar or restaurant as to make it more comfortable for me if I needed a retreat or if we needed a bed to get to. It was a duel situation in my head. Hoping that we would end up in bed for sure. I got up and walked around the room. Peeked out my window at the view and jumped up and down because I was in Paris and he wanted to see me. I sure as hell didn’t come all this way and pack those gloves to not see him. He left his number on the bottom of the email. I took the plunge and dialed. It rang for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t even swallow. All my saliva dried up while I hit the numbers on the phone. He answered. His voice cut threw me like sexual razor blade. We talked for awhile catching up and decided to make plans for tomorrow after my meeting. He would come to the hotel for dinner with me. I was set on fire when he said he missed me. That he thought of me often. That he was sorry that things just stopped. That he still had the tie from his suite he wore that night. That he wondered about me. That he never stopped thinking of that night. I laid on the bed as we talked. I was physically warm and my body just moved when he spoke. My mind tight with thoughts and I could barely contain myself. I wasn’t sure how I would handle seeing him for the first time in so long but it was happening and I was ecstatic.

The day drug on and on with the meeting. I was so tired and hoped for a nap before my dinner and a nice long bath in the amazing tub in my hotel room. My phone buzzed at one point and it was just a picture from him of the tie. My smile was enormous and I had to bite my lip at the memory. As soon as I got back to my room, I took the gloves out and took a picture of them on my bed and sent it to him. I got back a wink emoji. Yeah, this dinner was going to be interesting for sure.

The bath was divine and I needed it to calm myself some before the dinner. I slid on a deep burgundy dress over black lace panties and a black bra with fishnets and black heels to go with the gloves. It was Paris after all, gloves would be completely acceptable for dinner in such a fancy hotel restaurant. Makeup and hair done perfectly and my body lotioned and spritzed with lavender. I was ready. Seduction time.

We agreed to meet in the lobby and walk in together. I stepped out of the elevator and scanned the room for him. I walked around searching for him. The night air chilling my skin as the revolving doors spun around. Just then I felt a hand on my back. I turned around to see him. I wasn’t expecting such a surging reaction. My body tingled immediately with want. He was smiling and saying something but I couldn’t hear him. I just reached for him and hugged him. Oh my. He felt so good. So good. I was melting into him and into the floor as he pulled away and looked at me. I wanted to kiss him. Right there, right then I wanted his lips on mine but I refrained. God, he looked as beautiful now as he did when I first met him. He took my hand and placed it on his arm and walked me into the restaurant. I was shaking. He patted my hand with his and said “You look amazing and I am so happy to see you tonight”. I took a breath in and sighed out and replied with “Thank you”. Its all I could get out. They sat us at a nice corner table for two with candle light to shine on us. I wasn’t sure I could even eat but we ordered anyway. Wine and food came out along with abundant conversation. He kept looking at my hands. I finally asked why and he said “It’s the gloves”. I knew it. I knew they would work. I smiled and leaned in touching his hand that was on the table and asked in a sultry voice “What about them?” He moved in his chair and also leaned forward and said “You left them on that night”. His eyes darkened when he said that. I took a sip of my wine and swallowed it, my eyes never leaving his. He leaned back adjusting himself in his chair again. I took that as a sign and dove right in with my plan and asked “Are you as hard now as you were when you took me to that room?” He looked at me, his eyes dancing up and down from my chest to my mouth to my eyes and said “Harder”. Now I had to adjust my seat. He asked for the check and as he signed he was looking at me. He stood and walked over and pulled my chair out for me and as he did his hands touched my shoulders. I tried not to make a sound as the moan was there and my eyes closed. We walked out of the restaurant together. We stopped in the lobby. I gently leaned over to him and asked him to come up with me and he nodded and put his hand in mine. His thumb running over the velvet as I was dying for him inside because I wanted him inside me.

We got in the elevator, I hit the number and as soon as I did he grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. I was pinned up against it as his lips slammed into mine. Words and my name falling from his mouth as his hands ran all over my body. The doors opened to my floor and we flung ourselves out. I tugged him to the door of my room, fumbling for my key and him kissing my neck and my back as he moved his hands along my hips from behind me. The door open and we nearly fell in. As soon as we were inside and the door shut he turned me around and had me against it. His hands quickly looking for the zipper on the back. Soon the dress was at my feet. My hands shoving his suit jacket off and working on the buttons on his shirt. There we were, me in my bra, panties, fishnets and heels with my gloves still on and him in just his pants. I moved him towards the bed stepping out of the heels as I did and he using his feet to take his shoes off. He came at me to kiss me and I put my gloved finger up to stop him. He looked at me puzzled. I sat him down on the bed. Turned on the lamp, shut the curtains and came back to him but not standing. I didn’t walk to him. I crawled. He watched me so intently. I crawled to him and as I got to him I spread his legs and ran my hands up to the button on his pants. Undid them and pulled them down. My hands running over his chiseled stomach and chest. My mouth watering for him as he stood so I could pull his pants off. I sat back on my knees and ran my hands along my body as to show him what he was going to get. My head back while my velvet covered hands touched myself. Sliding around while he watched me. Then leaning forward and grabbing for him. Asking him to sit again for me. He was naked and I was ready to please him. His head back and his hands gripping the duvet as I did. I bet the velvet felt so good on his length as I stroked him and put my mouth on him. Soon, he stopped me and pulled me up to kiss him. His hands making way with my bra and diving to kiss and suckle my breasts. Pulling me on his lap as his hands smoothed over my ass. Yeah this is exactly what I wanted. Him under me, again. But not for long as he tossed me over onto the bed. Standing he pulled the fishnets and my panties off at the same time. I asked if I should keep the gloves on and he smiled as he pushed between my thighs and said “Fuck yes”.

Our bodies gelled together just like before. Moving like we knew each other. Him thrusting and pumping as I climbed. Getting there, again. Years in the making. Again. I could feel him tightening up, going faster and harder. Yes. Don’t stop. Here in Paris he was why I came. Not work, not my promotion, him. I needed him and he needed me. I knew it. I know it. And at that moment he finished with my gloved hands racking down his back trying to contain my screams but out they came. He collapsed on top of me. Both of us trying to catch our breath. He kissed me so tenderly and with such delicious passion that I knew at that moment I was doomed. This wouldn’t be enough. This wasn’t just one more. This wasn’t just an encore. This was craving. A fire that would never be put out and I was ready to burn for my sins. Over and over again.


The night of the party had arrived. We had been preparing for what seemed like months now. Everything was planned out and executed perfectly. I was all business and that’s what got the job done. Nothing ever altered me. Ever. I was on point and I never fell off. I kept my employees on a short leash and I had a team that I trusted and it paid off with every event. They only got bigger and the clients too. The bigger the better I say. Give me a challenge, I can handle it.

The guests were pouring in and everything was going smoothly. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how everything was playing out. The décor, the food, the music, the location…..everything was stunning. And I was dressed to fit the theme. Black tie for the men and full gowns for the ladies. I was in a navy blue floor length silk gown with a zipper up the back. Black velvet gloves and black heels with black fishnets hiding underneath. Scarlet red lips matching the ruby studs in my ears and my dark hair slicked back. And just enough cleavage. Heavy mascara and smoky eyes to wink at my team as they needed me to keep it cool while they worked the room and I kept everything under control. Under my control. That’s how I liked it. In control. Unfortunately that didn’t leave room for much more in my life and I was desperately craving something unrealistic, something new and exotic that would pull me out of my controlled existence. A fantasy that didn’t fit into my working hours which seemed to be all of my hours these days. I needed to be set free. I needed to be moved. My soul shaken. I thought about it in the quiet of a corner just off the kitchen in the hotel where the event was being held. I leaned against the wall, closed my eyes and imagined that rush, that something hot. I sighed in the moment. I let my head tip back and for a just a second I felt it. The warmth of a touch. The sting of bite on my neck. I swallowed with the thought of it all. An escape. I took a breath in and before I could exhale I heard someone clear their throat as if to let me know I wasn’t alone. I flung my head up and looked around.

Oh. My. Fuck.

There he was standing there on the other side of the corner. My corner where I was hiding. He was devastatingly handsome especially in a tux. Remarkable actually. His eyes dark and his hair perfectly styled and his lips, oh my, his lips were sensationally delicious looking. So plump and moist even in the dimly lit hallway. He smile and said he was sorry for startling me. I shook my head “There’s no need to apologize, I was just taking a moment”. He took a step closer. I could smell him. He smelled heavenly. I inhaled and he noticed watching my body move. We engaged in small talk and soon I realized he wasn’t just a guest at the party, he was an owner of the hotel. I knew he looked familiar. He teased me about hiding and said he had a better place to hide if I wanted to follow him. Unable to resist, he put out his hand and I took it. His nails manicured and his grip firm and steady. We walked through the kitchen and I told one of the staff members to keep things going and that I would be back. We went to the elevators, stepped inside and as the mirrored doors shut, my mind began to race. What the hell was I doing?

He told me I looked ravishing and I know I blushed. He said he had wanted to talk to me at the last meeting but that he had to leave before it began. He had other obligations at another property. I remembered him. He was dressed more casually but he was still beautiful. I smiled as he talked and watched his mouth. His words were getting lost in my imagination and as the doors opened to the floor he had chosen a gust of air pushed his scent at me again and I had to steady myself as we walked. I had no idea where we were going. Down a hallway to a room. He pulled out a key and opened the double doors. I smiled a little unsure but walked in. Wow. It was indeed much more luxurious than the corner in the hallway. It was a penthouse suite. He told me he brought me up here to see the view and reassured me that was his intention, just the view. I laughed and said “Maybe that’s not mine?” and as I said that he took my gloved hand and pulled me closer to him. He was beautiful. Arrestingly beautiful. My body was reacting to his closeness and I was immediately warm all over. I was trying to breathe and stay in my body. I felt like I was floating almost. There was something happening. A chemical reaction. This was completely out of my control. He put his hand up to my cheek, I leaned into it. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip as I opened my mouth slightly. I could barely breathe at this point and he knew it. The lights from the city pouring though the giant windows was the only way I could see him but oh could I feel him. He was radiating in front of me. The heat between us was thrilling and fully charged. Magnetic even.

He turned me around and his hands went around my waist pulling me to him. I leaned my head back against him and as I did that he dipped down to my neck. Those delicious lips were on my skin prickling it with fever. My hands went up and back over my head to touch him. I wanted him. I wanted him to be my incandescent fantasy. I was going to turn to kiss him but he stopped me. “Not yet.” he said and held me firmly against him and by firmly I mean he was too. I could feel all of him and as I did that I began to move against him. He groaned as I did. My blue silk against his black filled out trousers. His mouth on my neck again and then to my back. Soon enough he was at the zipper. He stopped, pulled his hands off the front of me and down it went. My dress lay at my feet as I stepped out of it I turned around to see him and to let him see me. I was in a black lace bra that held me up quite nicely with matching lace panties and my fishnets over them. The gloves still on. I went to take them off and he said “Oh please, leave them on”. So I did. With one step I lunged at him and he at me. We were kissing like ravenous depraved sweltering animals. I couldn’t get enough. My hands going for his jacket and then his shirt. The buttons were a little difficult with velvet gloves on but soon enough his shirt was off and tossed to the floor. His chest on full display. Perfectly chiseled. Every muscle rippling as he moved. His skin so delectable in the city light glimmer. He moved to sit on one of the couches and as he did I stepped out of the heels and stood in front of him. He pulled down my tights and as he did his face moved forward. His breath against my skin now almost bare. I let out a sigh as he moved his fingers along the elastic of my panties between my thighs. He was looking up at me, my hands cupping his head. “Take off your bra” he said. So I did. He kept up with his fingers moving them over the fabric feeling how wet I was. In one quick movement he slid one into me. I gasped. Then out and in again. Jesus. My head back as he did it again and again. He felt so good. Then he took it out and pulled me on to him. His hands on my breasts. Kissing and sucking on them as I moved over him. Straddling him. Rocking back and fourth on him. Needing my release. My hands wrapped around him violently kissing him and just like that he tossed me over on the couch. Leaning down over me he pulled my panties all the way off and then stood to undo his pants and shoved them down along with his boxers. There he was standing naked and me laying there in just my gloves and smeared red lipstick. He lowered himself back over me. Kissing me softly this time. Tenderly and with passion and eagerness and with one fiery thrust, he was in.

My gloved hands gipping his exquisite body as he moved and my body matched his movement. Finding the rhythm and the hot spots as he rocked into me. My hips and back arching to meet him. Craving more of him inside me. Wanting it deeper and harder. I couldn’t get enough of him. His scent blanketed me as he moved. Our sounds urgent. Needing to get there and him getting me there. My body tensing and climbing. The fire in my belly was crawling up my skin. I was close and I told him so. He kept going. My legs wider now to get more of him. I needed all of him, absolutely all of him and with that I came apart. Exploding with ecstasy into a delirium. A trance like state as he kept up the ravishment now seeking his own reward. Harder, faster, louder. More, and more and more of him. And that last gratifying thrust was his and I took it. All of it. A furious milking frenzy for the finish. The two of us laid there, him still on me, me holding him, shaking and unable to make any words come out of my mouth only audible sighs and moans. Our bodies sedated and satisfied. A fantasy come to life. A hallucination almost. A lunacy of lust given to me by one alluringly beautiful man. It was exactly what I needed and now, I was hooked.


Life and it’s ways. The ways that crawl in. Most are invited. Some forced in. And you can’t always choose which ones stay.

Messaged and received.

Wanted. Maybe even needed.

Craved in the shadows. Hidden but found.

Unnecessary became necessary. Unplanned. Never thought of. Spur of the moment can’t happen though. Not in this crazy.

Holding on but for what? For why? For the attention? What’s so fucking special about it? The questions could eat you alive, but that’s exactly what you want. To be eaten.

Stay away but you can’t. Hold your breath but you still breathe even under water. It’s a scare tactic right? Or is it just part of your survival mode. Another creation of your mind. Your heart can’t take it so your mind does the bidding for you and your body follows. It’s not your fault. You’re just that type of girl.

Burdened with imagination and desire that followed you home one dark and stormy fairy tailed night.

Lethal lust and day dream delights.

Moon light and star shine became your companions and the rhythm of the night is your song.

Cursed and blessed. Played with. Tortured. Appreciated.

Left behind to be a good kitty and lap up the milk that was so graciously spilled at your knees.

Do you like it like this? Or maybe how it was before? Or just the way it is in your head. It’s safer there. Room for more and never less. Always turned on and the lights are dim as to not aggravate the pain.

Hazy. Bored. Delicious. Homebound. Sexy. Reality. Lost. Wanted. Fantastic. Sad. Worn. Devoted. And……..Crazy.

See, there’s lots of stuff here. And like that shinny that left, we’re all mad here.


My God. What happened last night? My head was aching and my body was sore. My eyes matted from the left over mascara that wasn’t washed off. I rolled over and looked at the clock. Shit. I never go out on week nights. Nor do I make it habit to drink so much and then stay at a friends apartment but our company had some at home work day planned and we decided we could play hooky if we wanted to. Last night was a blast though. Bits and pieces were compiling like a movie in my mind as I peeled the sheets off my body. What the hell was I wearing? Looked like a t-shirt from a university. It’s definitely not mine. Water. I need water. And coffee. A lot of coffee. I tiptoed down the hallway to the bathroom and took a glance in the mirror as I grabbed for make up remover to use after a splash of cold water to my face. Thankfully I know my way around her place! I hear her asking me if I was up. I answer back as I peeked up from behind the fluff of the hand towel. God, she looked awful. We both kinda did. We laughed and chatted about everything that transpired. Shots and cocktails and dancing with Italian men from out of town that wanted to take us home. Running out and grabbing an Uber and going to the next bar for more fun. Wild girls we were. She flopped back on her bed and grabbed her phone scrolling through her contacts cackling as she got one of their numbers and he was texting her now asking for his jacket back. The jacket was on the floor by her closet. We laughed and walked to the kitchen.

Um. Who in the deliciousness was that? My God, look at him. His eyes made me nervous like a teenager and his hand gripping his cup made my mind sin and my body want to. Those lips and that beautiful black hair. Oh my.

He looks up from his cup of coffee and smiles. “You ladies got in quite late last night” he says after a sip. I look at Jess and she laughs and says “Come on bro, like you didn’t do shit like this too, probably still do” and she throws a kitchen towel off the stove at him. He dodges it and looks at me. I mean really looks at me. From the top of my messy hair all the way to my pedicured feet. He takes a slow sip and doesn’t stop staring. I tipped my head and bit my lip a little wondering just what that look meant. He looked, hungry, like he might tear me apart and I think I would gladly let him. “You’re wearing my shirt” he says with an eyebrow raised. “Oh, would you like it back?” I ask teasingly. He keeps his smile and remains silent but still looking. We were locked in a stare. Jess shoves me and says something about her dumb ass big brother staying with her for a couple nights while his place gets painted. He nods to the seats at the table and the box of donuts and the other two coffees in the carrier. We were very thankful for them.

I decided I needed a shower before heading home and Jess insisted she go to the gym. She was nuts. I was not ready to sweat out all the vodka I consumed last night. She tells me to be good as she grabs her keys and heads towards the door. “Wait, you’re going to just leave me here with your bother?” I say blushing. “Yes, yes I am” she says tauntingly. She leans in and whispers too loudly before she heads out “You might just have some fun, you could use it, or at least your puss….” I slammed my hand over her mouth before she finished saying it. She wasn’t lying. It had been awhile. Too long. And he was hot. Like old Hollywood hot. That, gentlemen wants to spank me after he kisses me hot. That, would lick my lips to moisten them for me hot. That, I would do things to him in the back of a limo hot. And he was just sitting there in that button up white shirt and jeans. And I was in his t-shirt. Fuck. Was I bold enough to take it off and throw it at him and ask him to join me in the shower? Ha, no I wasn’t. So I just simply said, as I rounded the corner towards the bathroom, that I was going to shower and I would give him his shirt back after. Next thing I know he was standing in the door way of the room I slept in looking at me. His feet were bare and his arms crossed and he was leaning against the door frame. I swear I could smell him. His scent like washed linens and sandalwood straight from the hippie shops downtown. I took a deep breath of him. He smiled and asked “So, you gonna give me my shirt back after your shower then?” I stood still but my mind ran to him and kissed him. Grabbing his face and pulling him to the unmade bed behind me. It was like he was reading my thoughts and he took a step into the room. I breathed harder and he responded by licking those luscious full lips while his eyes traveled up and down my skin. I was damn near naked in just that t-shirt and panties from last night. My glitter nails were about the only other thing I had on besides my diamond studs and the look of lust on my face. He asked me about the shirt again as he took another couple steps and was right in front of me. Yeah, that scent was smashing into me now. I took another deep breath of him and I swallowed him in. My lips open and my body responding to his closeness. I was getting warm and flushed. I could feel the blood pounding in my veins and my skin was throbbing. He moved a bit closer and I took a step back and my legs hit the bed. I couldn’t go any further unless it was on the bed. Fuck. That’s what I wanted too. I did. And I think he did too.

“So, my shirt, I get it back after your shower then?” he questioned quietly and directly. Now was the time. I could take it off and give it to him. Or tell him he could have it now. God. Just say something! “Yeah, unless you just want me to give it back right now?” I say coyly and tempting him. My eyes never leaving his but my hands making the motion to take it off. He smiles and responds with “But then you’d be naked”. “No, I have panties on” I say. He moves just a bit closer and leans in and says “Well then, you wouldn’t be naked now would you?” I giggled and moved towards the buttons on his shirt and say “Maybe if you take yours off too, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable” He drew in a breath as I unbuttoned the first button, then the second. His chest hair exposed. I wanted to touch it. He said as I kept going “Well, it is only fair if I’m just in my boxers then too”. I laughed as he said that knowing the pants were next. I got to the last button and slid the shirt off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. His skin smooth under my hands. He looked at the hem of his shirt on me and his hands went for it and I let him. He pulled it up over my head and tossed it over by the doorway. I stood there in front him my skin prickling from the electricity between us. My breasts on full view and his hands sliding up my back pulling me to him. “Wait” I quickly say just before our mouths met “Your pants?” He grinned and immediately took them off and went right back to pulling me to him and just like that our lips collided. Full body contact. My mouth opened and his tongue plunged in. He tasted like sunshine in the morning and I wanted all of him right now. The kissing was urgent. I couldn’t contain myself. And I didn’t want to. That look in the kitchen made me ache for him between my thighs and instantly hot.

I sat down on the foot of the bed and he stood in front of me. I kissed and licked his stomach and worked my way back up his chest, my hands gripping his back. His moans were demanding as I went lower again, looking up at him. My freshly washed face from the bathroom sink smiling as my hands slid the fabric of his boxers down and I dropped my head. His hands in my hair and the sound that came out of him when I took him in was of pure marveling revelry. He watched me with precision and delight. Hissing and and saying “Oh fuck” as I kept going, using my mouth for his pleasure. After a few minutes he pulled away and as I looked up with suck swollen red lips he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back on the bed and told me to slide back and as I did my panties came off by his hands. His black hair was all I could see from my angle laying down as it was between my legs. Biting and nipping my thighs and trailing kisses closer to my heat slicked and ready. I was ready the moment he took that long sip of coffee in the kitchen and raised that eyebrow at me. Like thunder in my belly a storm began to brew. I was climbing as my body moved under his tongue. I grabbed handfuls of the slept on sheets and cried out with one last taste. He held on to my hips as the waves crashed through my body and vibrated with satisfaction. He stilled himself and stopped as I was whimpering and trying to catch my breath. My hands let go of the fistfuls of fabric and went to his face and I pulled him up to me kissing him deeply and ravenously. We weren’t done yet. My legs still shaking as he steadied himself before he entered me. Damn. One thrust and he was in as my head went back and the weight of him on me changed as my body arched to meet his. No need to ease it in. Just like velvet motion we moved. Moving in glutinous indulgence. A locomotion of lust. Him taking and me giving. The dessert that once was in me was no longer. Soaked and sopping. Drenched and dripping from him and by him. Pushing through all the way to the end, wringing wet. Two bodies left smashed, sloppy and fully satisfied. I don’t think I can tame this monster now that I let it out. And why would I want to? No doctor could cure this one. No way.

Thank God I put on that t-shirt last night.



Plans for the weekend were in place and it seems like forever since I had been out of my house.  I wasn’t sure what to wear but the girls said it was casual but for some reason I felt fishnets were in order.  Slid them on as I turned up my music and danced around my bathroom while putting on my makeup. Red lips are always necessary.  Grabbed my ripped jeans and put them on over the tights and threw on a light heather blue  t-shirt.  Ran some product through my hair and spritzed some perfume on my wrists and neck and I was ready.  Tied my miss matched Converse and took one last look before my girlfriends rang the bell.  Purse and jacket in hand as I opened the door and shooed them all back to the car.  

We all decided right off we were going to just have fun.  It was a party at one of our co-workers places downtown.  He owned several properties and this one was a warehouse turned into a loft.  There was a DJ and the music was blasting and the crowd was wild with dancing and booze. It might as well have been a club. I teased them that I felt too old for this shit but they weren’t having it and pulled me to the middle of the dance floor area.  I must say, it was fun.  I was desperate for some water after about 5 songs and we found our way to the bar area.  There were several places to sit and there was food available too.  Waiters and waitresses swiveling with trays around the room.  I slammed my water and we decided to take a cruise around the place.  A few others from our work were there and they showed us around.  We ended up heading upstairs and when we got up there I needed to use the restroom. Our co-worker that owned the place showed me down the hall 5th door on the right. 

I roamed down the dark hall lit by a few sconces on the walls and found the restroom door and opened it.  I was so embarrassed to find someone in there. It was a guy. I immediately said I was sorry and started to turn and shut the door but he said wait, he was done. I stopped, turned back around and looked at him.  He had a cigarette lit in one hand and was grabbing for the pack with other.  His eyes dark in the dim light.  They hit me like a car crash.  His lips formed into a grin and I was stuck.  They looked like they were chiseled from stone.  A statue from Babylon standing in front of me.  His hair messy and begging to be touched.  His arms firm and vascular from under his button up straight out of the 50’s jean t-shirt. He tilted his head as to offer me to come in but I was glued to the fucking door handle.  I just stood there smiling and finally he said “Do you need anything, like can I get you something?”  I shook my head and said “No, no, I’m fine” and I nervously laughed and walked around him as we switched places.  Walking those few steps past him I could smell him.  He reeked of man, fresh but smoky and hints of liquor and the woods after it rains.  It was intoxicating.  I had to hold onto the sink.  Goddamn he was beautiful.  He turned back around and said as he took a drag from his cigarette and was shutting the door for me “If you do need anything, come find me.”  And I almost fainted. He shut the door and I locked it and made a decision right that I would definitely find him for something. Yes, yes I would.  

I quickly found my girls when I was done and they were still with our co-worker thankfully so I could ask who he was. He laughed and said he wasn’t surprised I would like him.  Like him, no, want him, Yes!  Teasing me and joking he walked me over to the railing looking down onto the party goers and we scoured the crowd looking for him.  I didn’t see him.  Moments later  I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around expecting it to be one of the girls and like a bullet to the groin it was him.  He smiled saying “So, do you need anything yet?” Everyone waited for my answer especially him. I said “Yes, yes I do” The girls swooned as he took my hand and lead me away.  I looked over my shoulder at them and they were damn near cheering for me.  I closed my eyes and turned back around. He took me to the middle of the crowd and as the song changed he pulled me to him.  Our bodies touching through the fabric.  My mouth drying up as his hands went around my waist and we started to move.  It was a bluesy song and we were swaying to the beat. He ended up turning me around so I was facing away from him.  His hands on my hips and as I leaned into him he asked into my ear “What do you need?” and I answered back “I think this is good”.  His grip tightened on my hips and he asked with his lips on my ear “Are you sure?” I took a deep breath and as the air exited my lungs I said “No”. He turned me around and looked me in the eye and then let his gaze sink to my mouth and he leaned down and kissed me.  The world around us melted away instantly.  I opened my lips to let his tongue in and in it came, touching mine.  His hands tighter around me.  Mine grabbing the denim shirt.  He stopped and said “Come with me” and I said “Yes”. 

He took me by the hand and we returned to the stairway headed up to the loft.  Passing people and hearing the chatter and laughter as we did.  The music grew softer as we went down the hall.  Back to the restroom where we were.  He opened the door and gently pushed me inside and shut the door and locked it.  It wasn’t romantic.  It wasn’t meant to be.  He came towards me and turned me to the sink picking me up a little so my ass was on it along with his hands.  He was between my legs coming in as close as he could kissing me hard.  Groaning with his lips forcing me to moan back.  My hands making way with the buttons on his shirt touching his bare skin underneath.  He smiled as I ran my hands along his chest and pushed the shirt off.  Then quickly he tugged mine up over my head and tossed it on the floor.  His bare chest was too tempting not to kiss, so I did.  Trailing along his collar bone and down to the middle of his chest then down his stomach.  I looked up and he was watching me.  He pulled me up by my chin with his hand.  Kissing me again.  He stopped pulled back and looked at me. Admiring me.  His eyes focused on my ample bosom held up by a red bra.  He took a step forward and placed his hands on me as he did.  I tipped my head back and leaned against the mirror as his mouth was on me. Freeing me from the fabric he generously paid attention to each of them.  

I wanted to switch places.  I pulled him up and turned him around.  He was leaning on the sink now.  My hands sliding down the front of him between his legs.  He hissed as I did it and I smiled as I felt him. All of him.  As my mouth watered for him I undid his pants and as I took them down I went with them.  Looking up with appreciation I took him in.  Slowly and purposely.  His head went back as I did and his hands gripped the sink.  The sound that came out of his mouth was like a whimper carried by the word “Yes”. I wanted to worship him like this.  Such a spectacle of a man.  The most powerful position for a woman.  He moved with me biting his lower lip and grunting the word “Fuck”. He placed his hand on my head.  My eyes closed and then looked up at him.  He was watching.  Enjoying.  I kept going, reveling in him and in this. So delicious. I pulled away and he pulled me up.  He kissed me and turned me around.  He undid my jeans and stepped out of his. He looked at the fishnets and looked up at me with a smirk as he told me to put my hands on the sink. I turned around and did it watching him in the mirror.  With both hands on my ass he took a hold of the tights and ripped them. I shuttered when he did it.  He leaned in from behind me and kissed my neck and my back. The kisses and his tongue were sliding down my skin.  God he felt so good.  His hands still on me as he pulled the ripped the tights harder while his mouth was down there.  I couldn’t steady myself  nor could I stay still.  I was grinding on him as my hands slammed onto the mirror jiggling it on the wall.  He didn’t stop.  He kept going until I was ready to scream and as soon as I fell over the edge he came back up and pushed himself in.  Rocking into me.  His arms wrapped around me holding onto me as he moved, as we moved.  My head back on him as I staggered and vibrated from his thrusts.  I was climbing.  He could feel it.  And just before I got there he said “Is this what you needed?” and right then I cried out “Yes!”  Riding the shock waves he turned me around and sat me on the sink still trembling holding onto him he plunged into me.  He didn’t stop.  He didn’t slow down.  He was climbing now and I was holding on ready for another one. Our bodies pushing and pulling.  My hands tugging and clawing him.  Our sounds like animals.  Primal.  Needing it. Driving for the finish.  And with one last push it sent him over and I went with him.  He caved into me, slumped over with ecstasy.  Breathing heavily he moved  his head up and kissed me. A gentle soft and deliberate kiss. I smiled into the kiss. He moved and I stood as he did. Sore from the faucet in my back I looked in the mirror trying to see if there was a mark left. He politely handed me my clothes as I pulled what was left of my tights off and stuffed them in my purse. He laughed while buttoning up his shirt and asked “A keep sake?” as he looked towards my purse and I simply responded as I leaned in fully naked holding my clothes and said “Yes”. 



When the flesh and bone of reality just doesn’t cut it anymore, you need an escape. You need the appetizing side of your mind to pick up the slack.  You need it more than you can even comprehend.  The delectable darling needs to step it up.  She needs those demons she’s made friends with to pop over to the light and bring some of that delightful dark with them.  Fall into the the pit of that nectarous night time fantasy during the day.

Do it.

No one’s around.  No one will know.  Shove that savory temptation all the way in and let it happen.  Don’t be afraid to let it take shape.  It’s time.  It’s been long enough.  That lion’s been asleep in the back of your mouthwatering mind for too long.  Wake it up.  Splash him, soak him, devour him and let him lay to waste while you go at it again and again.

Forget you pain.  Forget your past.  And forget your future.  Just feel.

I can’t help it my imagination is built this way.  It’s rare and rich to possess something so tantalizing, luscious, sensual and yummy.  It’s a shame it can’t be on devious display all the time.  Instead it’s tucked away for those special times and lured out by the siren song of depravity that palpitates and suffers in succulent silence.  It’s not to be forced or pushed but it is to be played with. That much is allowed. Then lick it clean from the dripping sugar coated day dreams that run on repeat during the scrumptious peep shows behind the doors in my mind.

Every inviting morsel sweetened and sucked in just as a fantasy appetizer.  By the time the main course has come, you’re so stuffed, you don’t know if you can go anymore.  But you do.  You have to.  You have to finish it all.  The glutinous greed is taking over. Let it. Keep going, don’t stop.  This is a flight of fancy mind fuck fit for a king so give him all you got now.  A tantalizing illusion of the most gratifying nature.  Objectifying yourself, for yourself.  What’s the harm in that?

Heavenly, palatable, enticing, divine, pleasurable, satisfying, delicious.

It all tastes so good when it’s bad. Right?