My mind was a frenzy of thoughts and memories from that night.  Holy shit, that happened.  We left that art show hand in hand out the back door to an alley and then, oh my God, on the stairs in the rain.  Our wet bodies pinned against that brick wall as the water washed over our bare skin down to the bottom step into a puddle of sin.

I couldn’t concentrate at all during the week.  Especially considering I would see him at the job site.  He ended up coming home with me that night. My makeup smeared and smudged wiped off with a damp cloth in my bathroom while he undressed and kissed my bare shoulder hanging out of a warm sweatshirt.  I never thought twice about it as we slipped under the covers, our hair still wet from the rain.  He smiled and got closer.  God, how can I deny that grin.  It sent me into a giddy teenage state of horniness that I couldn’t control and I didn’t want to.  I was such a play by the rules girl.  Always doing the “right” thing.  Never really letting my freak flag fly but with him, I didn’t hold back, not one bit and he liked it.  I don’t know if was his youth, my experience or the volcanic combination but it worked.  It worked so good.  Soon enough it was morning and as he laid sleeping I looked at him.  I admired him.  His pale skin.  His perfectly pink plump lips that looked almost swollen from over use. His hair against the white pillow and I couldn’t help but touch him.  I traced his tattoos with my fingers and he moved slightly.  I followed the wings of the butterfly in his stomach as he turned towards me. His eyes opening and looking at me.  I felt so vulnerable and open and he knew it. He took my face in his hands and kissed me softly and then kissed my forehead and said “go back to sleep, you need it” and he rolled over and took my hand so I was spooned up against him.  I couldn’t fall back asleep though. He was so beautiful and so young and so delicious.  I kissed his back and the nape of his neck.  He responded immediately. Turning right back over and slamming into me with a kiss so hard that it forced me into the bed.  There was no more sleeping.

Monday came around and I was up and about ready for work and my phone dinged with a text.  It was him.  It read “See you later today.  I’ll be the one with the giant I got laid smile on”.  I laughed out loud and said “Hahaha, me too, and maybe no panties”.  I got a few select emojis back and I left for the office.

I arrived at the job site later that afternoon. The sun was shining in the autumn sky as I zipped up my jacket and walked around the outside of the building.  As I came around the corner he was standing there with buckets of paint and water and brushes around.  He turned as he leaned to rinse one.  I could see his face in the sunlight.  It was as if the God’s shown on him right at that moment and the angels fucking sung as he took his wet hand and shoved it in his hair, damp locks falling over his eyes as he looked up at me.  I stood still like a stone statue watching him.  I gripped my leather covered notepad so hard I left marks on it.  I swallowed even harder as the memories of him flooded my mind, like waves of lust rushing over me. I couldn’t breathe.  He was stunning in that light.  He looked around and nodded. I dropped my stuff, he dropped his brushes and we collided.  I couldn’t touch him enough and his hands couldn’t grasp me hard enough. Our kiss was absolutely electric with enough voltage to light up a city.  He took a few steps back and was against the building. I was devouring him with my mouth.  Eating him alive. Literally biting and nipping at him and clawing at him.  I was out of control with him.  I took a step back realizing where we were and we both took a deep breath. My hair a mess and his as well as our hands were all over each other.  My jacket unzipped and his shirt shoved up in the back. We were crazy.  My phone dinged with a text and it was the supervisor apologizing for being late but that he was across town stuck in a meeting and wouldn’t be there for about another half hour or so.  I quickly replied saying it was fine and that I would be at the building and to text when he was close. As soon as I knew we had time, I pulled him inside by handfuls of that white t-shirt and the passion continued.

Neither one of us cared about the surroundings at all.  Paint cloths scattered about over the floor and as I knelt down I could feel the concrete under my knees. The pain only added to it all.  I wanted the bruises as a marker of this day. My hands reaching up over his denim covered thighs searching for the button and zipper while my eyes were locked on his. Oh those eyes too. My God. They penetrated me in a way that was much like the mole borrowing into the earth, his gaze dug deep into me. Soon enough he was kneeling down with me and sliding my jacket off.  Then button by button my white shirt was tossed over with his white shirt.  There we were on the paint splattered canvas covered floor.  His kiss laid me down and he came with me.  His body hovering over me while his damp hair dangled he looked at me and ducked down to press his lips on my neck and chest and stomach.  His hands gripping my hips as he traveled my body with his mouth and back up to my lips. I was fully under his spell. I could only move in reaction to his actions. It was like I was his voodoo doll. I could only respond to him as he worked me over.  My body was his. I was giving it all to him.  We were letting our wickedness rule us.  Letting go. Letting it all go, over and over and over again as I absorbed his movements and drank in all his sounds. Swallowing his moans and slurping his growls and grunts with my kisses. Tasting him.  Feeling him.  Drinking him in as our bodies feasted on one another.  Feeling that cloth underneath me as it rubbed against my skin chaffing it. I rather liked the pain of it. The scratching and grappling of it all.  Grabbing and pulling and grasping and taking in all of him.   The way we were handling one another was like a sonic impact. Percussion by passion. Explosion by ecstasy.  A consummated combustion.  But there was no inexperience here, none at all, only roaring beauty ignited by a look and a want and a desire between youth and maturity met with damnable innocence hidden behind the deprived and brought out by the shameless and sensual wolf in them both.  He took me down and I let him because I needed it.  I needed him.  I wanted him. Lust driven need.  Oh my, what a ride.




I had been busy on an architectural project at work and needed to get to the job site to check the progress.  I arrived first thing in the morning, my coffee hadn’t even kicked in yet but I needed to check on things especially the painting.  The colors had to be just right for the theme to work.  I parked my car next to trucks and jeeps and stepped out onto the dirt in my Converse and headed in.  It was coming along nicely and I was excited to see everything almost done. I walked into the large meeting area after saying hello to some of the guys and took a look around at the walls and was thrilled.  The soft tones and warm colors I chose were perfect.  They brought out all the sensuality in the wood and gave it such a sexy vibe.  I was definitely feeling it.  I took a sip of my latte as the foreman came in and we chatted a bit and as we were walking out a young man caught my eye.  He was prepping the paint to start another room and I found myself staring.  He was bent down, his hair shaggy and falling in his face until he shoved it back with his hand and as he did he looked up at me.  His eyes met mine and didn’t leave me as I walked around the room discussing things with the foreman.  I kept looking back and he was always there to met my gaze.  He smiled and I swear when he moved his arms and his muscles flexed I lost my breath and my train of thought.  He laughed as I got flustered.  He finally came over and introduced himself and I am positive I was blushing.  The foreman told me he was running the job for his boss as he was the best painter around.  I joked and asked “How good can you be at your age?” and he took a step closer and said “well, I don’t think being 23 has much to do with it when you’re really good at it.”  I almost tripped when he said the words “good at it”.  He smiled and it was the biggest most beautiful thing I had seen in years and by the look of things that wasn’t all he had to offer in that area.  The foreman got a call and had to take it and he told him to walk me around and finish showing me the other rooms.  He graciously obliged.  We walked slowly and time slipped into slow motion.  I felt like I had known him in a pervious life or something.  He was so soft spoken and kind but those eyes were a window to a side of him that I know I could easily lure out.  There was a deviant in there, I could sense it. He wasn’t exactly hiding it with his tattoos and rings and unkept hair, hair I bet he cut himself to show more of his identity.  His rolled up sleeves on his white t-shirt showed his lean fit body and those long decadent ringed fingers were teasing me every time they ran through his hair.  And that smile, it called to me in a way the made my skin crackle.  His lips looked drawn on his face and he would occasionally lick them and I watched that tongue wet them so precisely that the sun would catch them a bit and they would glimmer as we crossed the empty freshly painted room.  I learned about his job, his not wanting to finish school, his art that he did for fun and he asked me some about my job and where I was from and the chit chat got cut short when the foreman came back and said he needed to go to another job site. I said I would walk with him to his car and head back to the office myself.  I could have stayed there all day and got lost with that young man but I had work to do.  We said our goodbyes and as I was leaving he called for me and I walked back up to the building.  He told me he was going to a club of a friends that was closed for an art exhibit and he’d love for me to come since I was interested in finding special pieces for the walls.  I agreed and he asked for my phone and put in his number and said he would text me the address and to meet him there.  He smiled again as I left, my hair blowing in the breeze and I tucked it behind my ears and when I did he said “you’d look so good in a red dress with your hair slicked back away from your beautiful face”.  I looked down to the ground and back up and said “thank you” and decided I needed to go shopping that night!

The rest of the work week was a blur.  I was texting him often and we were connecting on this other worldly level.  It was so odd because of our age difference but yet we really seemed to gel.  We just identified with one another.  He even called me late one night. I wasn’t sure if he was under the influence of something or what but he was very direct, to the point and explicit.  I didn’t mind it.  I kind of liked it. I appreciate that.  Why mince words when you know what you want? And he did. What’s the worst that could happen?  I played along and soon enough he was asking me what I was wearing in a low hungry voice and when he did, I sat up and looked around.  Of course I was alone but I still had to make sure because I knew where this conversation was going and I was very willing.  I took a breath and answered as sultry as I could with “oh just a t-shirt and panties, want to see?”  He answered with a yes and the next thing I know it was the wee hours of the morning and I was in need of a cold shower and some muscle soothing oil for my wrist!

The eve of the party had arrived. I was beyond ready decked out in that red dress he suggested and my hair professionally done in a pompadour style all pushed back away  from my face and my lips blood red to match my dress and my heels.  I felt the urge to really pull it together with black fishnet thigh highs underneath and a black garter belt with black silk panties and a black bra that held me up very nicely.  The dress was snug and zipped up the back with a gold zipper so my accessories were gold as well including a gold bangle on each wrist over red leather gloves that held onto a red paten leather clutch.  This young man had better be ready!  And no sooner did I think that as I stepped into the room I saw him.  I mean Jesus Christ.  He was seated on a brown leather chair legs spread open in a pinstriped suit giving me one hell of a view. The vest and jacket left unbuttoned, open with no shirt under, just his bare tattooed skin showing.  He was leaned back a bit with his ringed fingered hands resting on his thighs.  It was like he was waiting for me to come and sit on his lap.  Every fiber of my being wanted nothing more than to do just that. If I had to get on my hands and knees and ruin these fishnets doing it to get to that lap, I would. He was absolutely irresistible sitting like that.  My body was aching for him.  My mind swimming with filthy thoughts of what I wanted to do to him and better yet, what I wanted him to do to me.  He stood to greet me and there was that smile and I know mine was just as big as we both were probably remembering our most recent conversation and it’s spectacular ending.  He took me by the hand and turned me around and said “yes, definitely yes” as he approved my outfit.  I was happy he liked it.

We ended up walking around and looking at the art.  Our hands touching every so often and his arm draped around me occasionally. It was subtle yet intentional.  The tension began to build. The heat from a smolder to a volcano with just the words “should we get out of here?” from his mouth.  Oh that delicious mouth.  I agreed and we headed towards the door.  The club was in an alley off of an alley by some old abandoned restaurant with a basement entrance.  As we were walking down the maze of allies he told me how he’d wanted to talk to me.  How he’d seen me on the job site many times but didn’t know how to approach me and finally he just said he’d do it and he did.  He knew he just had to run with the opportunity and ask me out after we were left alone to talk.  I was so glad he had.  And just like that it began to rain.  There was no where to go either.  It was coming down and we both just laughed.  There went my hair and makeup.  He grabbed me and took me over to that stair well.  It went down to the old restaurant and there was an over hang.  The water was coming down the stairs and I took my heels off and we as we got down about halfway he tugged my hand towards him.  His rain soaked face was right in front of mine.  I could feel his wet skin against mine from his chest touching mine.  Our breathing heavy and deliberate.  I was practically panting with need.  He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek and then to the back of my neck after he pushed my black hair away. His lips soon on my skin.  Licking the water from it and then up to my mouth.  I moaned as he kissed me.  My body shivering from the cool rain and the desire that ran like a current through my entire body. His back was against the brick wall and I was shoving him into it.  Running my hands all over his body as I stripped off his drenched jacket and vest dropping them to the stairs.  I ran laps with my tongue over his wet skin.  The sounds of appreciation escaped his mouth as I met them with my lips.  I devoured the sounds and him.  Soon he moved me around and turned me to face the wall and as he did he looked around and then undid the zipper setting free the black lace underneath.  He turned me back around and dove down to meet the fabric, freeing me with his hands and using his lips.  The rain so cold on my bare skin but his mouth was so warm. My head tipped back as his hands shoved up the bottom of the dress quickly making his way up my thighs.  He smiled at the garter belt and pushed my fishnet covered foot with his foot as to give himself some more room. His hands paying attention to everything under my dress as well as his lips.  He was knelt down looking up at me his hair stuck to his face as I ran my fingers over it and moved it away as mine dripped down upon him. The lights flickering above as I watched him until I wasn’t able to contain my pleasure any longer and just as soon as I let go the thunder crashed and the rumble covered my excitement.  The water was rushing down the stairs as he stood and kissed me. My legs and body weak from his pleasuring torture.  He took hold of me and picked me up.  Holding me up by my backside now bare as the dress was all bustled up around my waist I could feel the brick as he pressed me against it harder with each movement. Our motions matched the storm and the water only got wetter as we continued and our sweat mixed with the rain and my melted makeup and our spit from ferocious kisses and the physical primal fire that was created with our bodies was extinguished right there on the concrete stairs by him with a gushing ravenous howling cessation.  That brick wall holding us both up afterwards left no comfort for a scratched and bruised back.  I would be proud of those markings later I’m sure but right now as he let me down gently and kissed me with those appetizing lips and all I wanted was more as he said “you look so good like this, a beautiful mess.” while he wiped the mascara from under my eyes with his thumb. My red lipstick stained the delicate skin around his mouth and we looked like we both had just been in some type of sexual accident.  A carnivorous collision and neither one of us cared.  The rain only made it hotter and as we collected our things and walked up those stairs with our hands holding onto one another I wondered what he’s like all dried off?  I guess I’ll just have to get him a towel and find out. Opportunity knocking for round two!



He had been back home in England for work for some time and I missed him.  Our conversations were many and often ended dirty and with me changing my panties.  He definitely had a way with words.  His voice was haunting. It left me with eyes closed and swallowing hard after I would hang up with him.  And FaceTime with him, well, I should pay for that kind of view and attention but it was mine to look at and admire.  All of him.  From his bare feet sitting on the edge of the pool in one of photoshoots to the tips of his fingers that he would so graciously swipe across his lips and kiss them and place them on the camera for me to kiss back.  Those fingers were magical to say the least and those lips were divine yet so sinfully delicious that I craved them like candy.  They tasted like spun honey left to drip in the dark when we would kiss.  I needed him.  I wanted him.  Our encounter last time he was home was one for the record books.  It was a full  on marathon. We couldn’t get enough of each other.  But alas, it ended with him leaving for London, hopefully coming back soon to see his Grandmother and possibly for work.  I on the other hand was left hungry and sedated by him.  I couldn’t think a thought with out him creeping in.  He was always on my mind and his touch left on my body.  Tiny bite marks and bruises healing.  I would run my wet hands over them as I laid in the tub filled bubbles and my head full with him.  Sliding around in the water all by myself to try to ease the burning left by him.  Getting out and slipping on his t-shirt that I vowed to never wash because it smelled like him.  I wore it as often as I could without seeming like a freak.  But I was a freak.  His freak.  And whatever he asked, I would do. So when he asked me to come to see him, I did.

He booked me a flight and in a matter of hours, several hours, I would see him.  I would be able to touch him, kiss him, feel him against me again.  The ache was real and hard and it was all the fuel I needed to pack and get me on that plane.

I got there, walked off the plane and saw him. I saw him standing there in all his wicked beauty. I had been deprived of him for days and I could barely control myself when our eyes met.  I took a deep breath and quickly got to him.  He never moved letting me come to him.  My hands wrapped around him as I dropped my bag next to us. My body slamming into his. He responded with his arms around me and within seconds my lips found his and time stopped.  Everything was in slow motion.  I felt his lips against mine, wet and warm as he opened his mouth slightly and mine opened too.  His tongue finding it’s way in and my entire body was awake from his kiss. I pulled away and looked at him and he at me and his smile sent white hot shocks down my body that landed right between my thighs.  He kissed my forehead and picked up my bag, took my hand in his and said “Let’s go darling, we have some serious catching up to do”.  I was on fire.

He had a car waiting for us after we got my bags and we slid into the back seat. We got very cozy next to one another.  Simple chatting about the flight and where his flat was and all of a sudden his hand was on my thigh sliding up closer and my breathing hitched.  He smiled with my reaction and kept going.  I put my hand on his and he looked at me like I was his last meal and he was going to eat me alive.  I had to adjust myself in my seat.  I bit my lip as his hand moved further up.  I was nervous, eager and feverish with want. I was so charged up that I know if he kept going and touched me further, I would come undone immediately.  He knew it too.  He got closer to me and leaned over and kissed my neck and ran his tongue up my skin it absolutely lit me ablaze.  My breathing was rapid as he moved up to my ear and whispered in his delicious accent “oh baby, soon, so soon” and swiped his hand right up over the middle of my pants and around to my waist and up my stomach and chest to my neck and cheek.  His tattooed hand rested on my face and turned me towards him and he kissed me.  It was explosive.  I moaned into his mouth and let him suck the sheer life right out of me with that kiss. I melted in his hands and as soon as we arrived at his place I was in a puddle of roused lust. I could barely get out of the car but with his help I made it inside.  I felt like I would fall if I didn’t hold onto him.  I was wired and my head was spinning.  I could still taste that kiss as we walked into his apartment.  The man who drove the car was with us carrying my bags and we entered his place and with a flash of cash and a handshake, he was gone.  We were alone.

He took off his jacket, tossed it on a chair and slid off his pants and pulled on a pair of shorts that were on the back of the same chair.  He was asking if I wanted to get more comfortable or take a nap after the flight and as he did he hopped up on his kitchen counter on the other side of the island. The white cotton against his sun kissed skin and black tattoos looked angelic almost.  He was definitely a pure work of art not just decorated with it.  His body was formed from some kind of sexual clay by the goddess herself for the pure use of pleasure. He was undeniably attractive.  I stood there looking at him and couldn’t think of anything else to do but to show him my appreciation so I started to take my clothes off, all of them.  I wasn’t in the mood for sleep, food, drink or anything but him.

My skin felt hyperactive as I was pulling my shirt off over my head.  His grin showed me he liked what I was doing.  His tongue ran along his upper lip as he sucked in the lower one and bit it.  I slowly slid my pants down and let him look a little more at the lace fabric covering me.  I bought them just for him.  He was now standing and at full attention from what I could see.  I ran my hands over my breasts and up and under the straps and unclasped it and let it fall to the floor.  He took a deep breath and made a sound as I pulled down the panties.  I stood there and let him see me.  All of me.  Naked right in front of him. Naked for him, waiting and wanting him.  My mouth dry and my hands shaking for his body against mine.  I raised them and waved him to me and with only a few steps and his shirt practically ripped off over his head, he was grabbing me, pulling me to him.  My skin smacked against his as we met with such a vicious force.  Oceans of waiting and wanting to cross created a percussion of passion.  It was like thunder or dynamite.  A frenzied barrage of desire that detonated on impact.

He moved me backwards.  Each step got wilder and our movements were jagged and pleading.  My feet felt softness and I opened my eyes and were in the living room.  I was standing on a rug. He pulled me down and laid me onto the rug.  It was shaggy and delicate under me but there was nothing delicate about him.  He was rugged and firm and his body was an object of desire.  He was a model.  Women and men all over the world wanted him.  They could look upon his image anytime they wanted and fantasize about him and here I was about to devour him whole with my own mouth.  He was mine to feast upon tonight, tomorrow and the next day.

Our lips and tongues and mouths had done their devious deeds long enough taking turns on one another. Now he crawled up me and my voluptuous body was inviting him for precious pleasing as I lay under him on that velvety rug.  He positioned himself perfectly above me and said “you are beautiful like this” and with a kiss he was in and I fell over the edge just like that.  Tumbling over and over feeling dizzy and my lungs getting tired from all the sounds coming out of me at a range I couldn’t contain.  He was ravenous and I accepted it and took it, all of it.  My body paying the price and at that moment I would have signed a note to the devil himself for a loan to keep going.  Two soaked and sated bodies wasted on that rug in England. Sensationally sexually satisfied, again, finally.


256717_43 001

Daniel woke me early with a kiss on the forehead. My body felt heavy and tired. I was exhausted but exhilarated at the same time. I rolled over pulling the sheet up over my naked body. He smiled in delight as his eyes traveled the length of my body and his hand traced my outline under the sheet. He took in a deep breath as to restrain himself with me. I rolled back over and leaned my head on his lap. He appreciated this and rubbed my head and told me he was leaving. I sat up quickly in shock. “What?” I said too loudly. “Listen, I have business in the city and I can’t do it from here. Don’t be upset with me. I will be back tomorrow evening and until then, just make sure you take a shower and then a walk outside, you’ll be happy.” He smiled and stood up and actually giggled as he walked away. “Are you serious right now? You’re just going to go and leave me here alone?” I pleaded. “You’re not alone darlin’, trust me, just get cleaned up like a good girl and go take a look outside. You’ll be fine.”
I wrapped the blanket from the end of the bed around me and followed him out of the room and as I did I peered out the windows. I didn’t see anything and I asked him again what he was talking about and he repeated that I would be fine, more than fine, he said. He kissed me long and hard. He was just as hard as the kiss and with a grunt and his hands clamped around my face, he bit my lip and pulled on it with his teeth and said “Don’t have too much fun”. And he left.
I walked around the place for a bit in my blanket. Investigating and looking through things. Then I did as he said and got in the shower. I cleansed my body with the thought of his hands all over me. His cold hands getting my skin warm with each hit to my backside while his palm got as red as my skin. I could feel it as I ran the wash cloth over me. I quivered in remembrance. I smiled and continued with my memories as the soap ran down my body to the drain and I watched it swirl around. I finished up and got out and rumbled through the suitcase for clothes and decided to take my tea outside after I made some in the gourmet kitchen. I walked out to the patio area and in the distance I saw someone. I got nervous until he turned around. It was Gabriel. I almost dropped my cup. I swallowed hard and tried not to run to him. His youth was shining in the sun as it shone through the trees and brush around him. He looked almost angelic but I knew better.  Not even on day I met him did I think he was innocent.  He might look it but he was trained in the art of everything pleasurable and he was there for me.

I was thrilled to see him again. And now it all clicked. The fun I wasn’t supposed to have too much of was with him. But since Daniel left me here I wasn’t in the mood for fun. I wasn’t in the mood to be told what to do or how to do it. I just wanted him. My entire body was gravitating towards him. We both took steps closer to one another. His lips curling into a grin the closer we got to each other. I’m sure I wasn’t hiding my smile either. Both of us remembering our last encounter.  Remembering the night we had, the three of us.  So much willing indulgence, so much deviant passion.  An explosion of consensual lust between us.
We reached one another and stood there for a moment. I didn’t understand the sharing of me quite yet but I knew it was ok and that he was there for me, for me to use while Daniel was gone. This was an odd arrangement for sure and one I wasn’t expecting but I wanted it and I wanted him and he wanted me. He was very quiet, almost shy but aggressive when he needed to be. His hand reached for mine as he said hello and I went further and hugged him. His arms wrapped around me as his breath was on my bare neck as his lips grazed my skin. He smelled so good. So light and fresh. Like clean linens and herbal soap. I breathed him in and then out and as my breath left my lungs I moved my head around and our lips met. The earth stood still for that moment and I felt the dirt beneath my feet warm from the heat between us. I could feel the energy surging between us. Our hands moving all over one another. His landing in my freshly showered hair still wet and tangled and mine in his long boyish locks. I pulled a little and he made a delicious sound when I did so I pulled harder and dove down to his neck and kissed him and he shivered in my grasp. He was mine and I was going to take that boy for my pleasure and mine alone.
“Take me inside” he said as I kissed his neck, and jaw and cheeks and back to his lips. I grabbed him by the sleeve of his jacket and pulled him up the steps in through the doors and told him to stand there. Right there in the living room full of leather couches and specially designed chairs with matching end tables and lamps lit on each one. The trinkets and nic nacs placed so perfectly around the room made me a bit crazy. He stood there smiling at me and took off his jacket. His thin, toned body showing through his white tank top underneath just waiting for me to explore. The last time I was with him, I was with Daniel too so I didn’t get the full on experience of Gabriel but I am very aware of what he can do with that beautiful body of his. I can see he’s ready too. I was dressed in a button up white shirt and jeans with no socks or shoes on. I walked around him in circles as I touched him. Teasing him and taunting him with my words and my wants and then my demands. I told him to take off his pants and undershirt. He did. He stood in his boxer briefs as I watched him. I told him to unbutton my shirt slowly and admire me. He did. He was breathing deeply as he slid the cotton off of my shoulders and he saw my black lace bra holding me up nicely. He licked his lips as I told him to touch me. He obliged and quickly his hands were on me. Soon enough I was bare and his mouth was tantalizing me as I held him against me tightly. Pulling and tugging on his hair which he seemed to enjoy. I told him to lay me down on the couch and continue his debauchery with his mouth on me. He turned me and in a few steps he laid me down and was on top of me. His body hovering over mine poised, ready and available. He was waiting for direction from me. I wasn’t used to this but I liked it. I was in charge. He was mine. He was there for me to utalize and I was ready to shove him down and make him earn it. And he couldn’t have been more sufficient for the sheer purpose of my pleasure.  He plunged as soon as I told him where to go.

I rewarded him when he did right by giving him more of me as he did what I said. He was so willing and I was so composed with my desires. He didn’t leave one inch of skin on my electrified body untouched by his hands, his lips and his tongue. I was on fire. Release was necessary and near. The power and the discipline was intoxicating. Supremacy by sex was something all new to me but showed no limitations with him.
Yesterday I was the submissive muse and today I am the awoken master. No strings or force just gluttonous guidance from me to him. Telling him what I want and how I want it. A greedy governess is what I was with him. I told him and he did it. And if he was hesitant I made him. He loved it. He devoured me whole because I told him to and when he was finished and I wanted more, he did it again. No waiting, no letting up, he just kept going. I gave him justified jurisdiction of my body over and over again. There was no restraint, no fear just the two of us handling our primal needs, one at a time and mine were first.  His needs came after mine and in that order.  I was dictating this round and even when his belt was wrapped and fastened around his wrists and he was sat on a chair for me to admire and inflict with pleasure, he was smiling.  So coy and sheepish but not even on day one did I see anything other than a wolf and today he was mine to tame.





We had heard about the party from friends and I planned to spend the night at my best friends house so I could go with her.  She was the type of girl that gathered attention where ever she went.  She dressed for it and looked for it where I was just the type of girl that kept that side to myself then.  I wasn’t shy but I wasn’t slutty either, not to say my best friend was but she wasn’t afraid to show it off that’s for sure.

I drove and we ended up having to park in a lawn down the street because there were so many cars.  I was nervous because I didn’t want to get busted.  We were only teenagers.  I was just 18 then.  I had on a tie dye and jeans, my typical outfit of choice.  She was in a jeans, and black very low cut tank top and had a black corduroy shirt over it unbuttoned.  It was the 90’s and we both fit the look. My hair was shorter but growing out and probably wavy and tucked behind my ears.  I wore a little make up just mascara and powder but I usually had some color on my lips.  Something bold to set them apart from the rest of me.

There were so many kids there.  Some I knew, some I didn’t.  It was bound to get busted but luckily the boy’s father was a member of the local law enforcement so I guess it was safe.  There was loads of alcohol and a lot of pot smoking going on that night.  Girls in the hot tub with boys and people sneaking off to bedrooms.  There were people in every single available spot of that property.  It was a mega house party.  It was fun.  We grabbed a cup and hit up the keg.  We walked around a few times talking and watching the debauchery happening.  I ended up running into a group of guys that I had knows for years, one being the host of this party.  Hugs all around and a little catching up.  But there was one that kept my eye, that always made me wonder, that didn’t look away from me at all.  His smile was electric and his eyes curious.  We had known each other since we were kids at church together and then in junior high we sat together on the bus and hung out as friends.  I loved his curls and his freckles.  He was always so nice to me and funny.  He made me laugh.  He liked my shirt as we shared the same taste in music.  We always had.  Going back as far as sharing my discman on the bus listening to the latest CD I had gotten.  And here we were older and more attentive to one another.  I wanted to sit with him but my friend wanted to keep walking around.  His eyes kept mine even as we walked away and I turned back to look at him.  He was still looking and smiling.  I tried to let go of my friends hand to go back to him but she wouldn’t let me go.  The night went on and I saw him a couple of times and I had a bit more liquid courage and found him again sitting down in a group of people.  I wanted to tell him we were leaving as my friend found a guy she wanted to leave with and I didn’t want her to go alone.  He joked with me and said very coy “I could keep you hostage” with a huge smile on his face.  I’m sure my smile matched his what with the buzz I had and not just from the beer but from him too.  He was sitting there in baggy light blue jeans and white t-shirt with a band on it. He reached for my hand and held it while I responded and said back to him closely as the music was loud “I wouldn’t be a hostage if I wanted to stay right?” and as I looked back at him for an answer and he said “No, you wouldn’t, not if you’re willing”  and I kept looking at him as the air got heavy right at that moment and everything and everyone seemed to disappear.  I wanted to stay with him.  I wanted him to take me down by the river away from all the people and do with me as he wished.  I wanted that hand that was holding mine to be cupping my cheek as he kissed me and then slid it down over that t-shirt to feel me.  I wanted to take him down right there on the grass and give him a night he’d never ever forget.  But, I’m pretty sure his girlfriend at the time would not have agreed with all of that and I was leaving.  I hated to leave because I know for a fact if I would have stayed, something would have happened and I wouldn’t be the curious little kitten that I am now.

We kept in touch over the next year or so and even met up through our local college classes but soon he moved far away and I never saw him again.  Then when social media took over the lives of every bored human across the globe we connected again.  It was nothing at first.  Just idle chit chat here and there and likes on each other’s posts and comments back and forth sometimes.  It wasn’t until recently that it ramped up big time.  I’m not even sure how it happened but it did.  I think the curious nature that we both possessed got the better of us and we let it.  I mean why not?  There’s no harm in some fun talking.  Sensual conversation between two consenting adults doesn’t seem like it’s a sin.  No homes to wreck or any other’s to worry about.  Just us on the screen letting our thumbs do the work with words and our imaginations spilling out letter by letter.  Sometimes it would get so hot that my brain would be too fast for my keyboard and the spelling became terrible and the heat became alive.  It was like another being in the room with me and with him.  A lust filled demon.  A sexual savage through technology.  One that I had no idea lived within him but I was very familiar with the one that lived in me.  He drew it out immediately.  That good girl gone bad deviant that wanted nothing more than to please him verbally typed back as fast as she could with every ping of her phone.  The nights and days were filled with declarations and disclosings of fantasies and realities and served as the release we required from our suppressions.  So many years had past and now there was this connection that may or may not have always been there but it was ignited, unearthed through correspondence.  A tantalizing transmission across country.  He put thoughts in my head that I had never dreamed of and if I did, I used it for my own personal time and publication.  I never knew a man could talk like he did and does.  He was like my male equivalent.  Lord help us because what we were about to do could be volcanic and the eruption could melt us both.

He had to fly out my way for business and I agreed to meet him.  God, in real time I was going to see him.  I could touch him if I wanted to.  He could touch me like I know he wants to.  We could do all of those things we wrote back and forth about in real life, finally.  I’m not sure I could handle it but I had to try.  If it’s as hot as it is via the internet then there had better be paramedics available and lots of Gatorade and cold cloths to soothe and ice to relieve anything swollen.  I have no idea if we will even be able to come up for air once we actually get in a room alone together.  The electricity between us miles apart is so fully charged and rousing that it will be dynamite explosive to say the least.

His flight arrived and he took a car to the hotel I agreed to meet him at in the city.  I was instantly tingling when I got his text.  I prepared the room and made sure I was ready myself.  My phone pinged and it was him.  He was here.  I made my way down to the lobby and got off the elevator in such a lather of excitement that I could have knocked people down to get to him.

I searched the room and there he was.  Our eyes locked and his mouth turned to smile.  I could see his eyes sparkling from across the room.  I tried not to run to him but a brisk walk got me to him quickly.  I stopped just in front of him.  He looked me over as I did him.  I couldn’t believe it.  We were finally in each others real life presence.  I took a huge breath into my lungs and lunged at him for a hug.  His arms wrapped around me so tight as mine did him.  I pulled back and just looked at him.  Our eyes saying everything and our mouths not moving at all.  I needed to save my energy for him.  I ran my hands up his chest, to his face and just held them there for a moment.  He took one in his hand and said “where’s the room?” and I turned still holding his hand and guided him to the elevators.

We stepped inside and the doors shut.  He looked at the button I pushed and said “Oh, 27, nice, that gives a me a moment”  “For what?” I asked and as I turned he had me up against the mirrored elevator walls and his mouth was on mine without warning.  That kiss had been years in the making.  It was so deep and so hard coming from two people that were so hungry for one another that it was blistering in that elevator.  It stopped at our floor and the doors opened and we walked out.  I took his hand again and lead him to the room.  I swiped the key and opened the door and we walked in.  As the door shut I closed my eyes and knew that he was right behind me.  I could feel his breath on the skin of my neck.  His long, tall and lean body pressing against me.  He was kissing and licking my neck.  Tracing my jaw line with his lips and tongue as I tipped my head back for him.  His hands roaming the front of my body as mine searched behind me for more of him to touch.  Moans and whimpers coming from my mouth as he snarled and growled like the big bad wolf he said he is.  I bit my lip with delight and excitement. I bit it so hard it hurt and he told me to.  He said “bite it so hard that it hurt. It will distract you from the greed you have for me”.  I turned around and said “I don’t have to do that tonight because you are here and you are mine for the taking” and he grabbed me as his hands squeezed me close to my hips and he gently shoved me on the bed and replied with “not before I take you first” and in a moment he was over me whispering and telling me what he was going to do to me as I squirmed and quivered and licked my lips with anticipation and want.  My clothes were coming off as he undressed me and undressed himself and soon enough I was at his mercy.  A full on torturous assault of his doing to me.  Over and over until he was satisfied with himself and I was left a mess on top of the pure white comforter that was still gripped tightly in my hands as I couldn’t let go.  I was left in a ravaged rigamortis state and he was so pleased with his performance that I feel like his smile would be tattooed on his face.  It was primal.  It was supreme seduction that was driven by days, weeks turned to months of controlled and ruling sexual verbage brought to life and damn near death right there on that bed in that hotel room in the city.  But what a way to die.  Death by a day dream turned reality.  Bound, gagged and buried all by my teenage crush. Who knew we we’d be so sinfully delicious together?  Now we do.  Dessert anyone?

One on One


It had been a couple of days since the party, since the hotel room, since both of them.  Oh, both of them together.  It was hedonistic and amazing and beautiful to let myself be taken by them.  The duel touching, their lips on mine and their skin warm against my body on the bed.  It was unlike anything I have ever felt before.  So natural, just like breathing or the heart beating.  We were meant to be together like that.  Each of them with their own unique talents specializing in specific areas and pleasures.  It left me weak, sore, drained physically and emotionally.  Who knew letting yourself be dominated by two men would be so divine and leave you worthy of a life you never knew you wanted?  I craved it now.  I wanted it all the time.  I wanted them.  I wanted more and Daniel, well, he was the boss he was the Daddy and that left me woozy with thoughts that dripped from my mind to my skin.  He was in charge and I appreciated that about him.  I didn’t have to think or do anything because he thought for me and told me what to do when I was questioning myself.  He was everything and more and he knew it.  He was more alive and confident than any person I knew.  He was so in touch with himself and so authentic that his realness was scary but I liked it.  I liked it so much and I was his.  I was his from the moment he walked to me in that room after he took off his jacket and lead me to the bedroom with Gabriel already waiting for us.  His hand holding mine made me feel at ease and in another world.  A world so foreign to me but I wanted to be there.  I chose to be there just like he chose me to be the one in that room.  I was worthy and I submitted to him, to them.

He called me and invited me to his cabin for the weekend and I accepted immediately.  I was packed and ready per his requests and he arrived right on time.  I was giddy when I opened the door and saw him standing there.  He smiled and I tried to contain myself until he stepped into my place and I shut the door.  He looked around and then at me.  “You look beautiful as always” he said as he walked closer to me.  I thanked him shyly and he pulled my hand up to his mouth.  He kissed the top of it, then turned it and kissed the palm of my hand and then he took my fingers and rubbed them along his lips.  I swallowed hard and my breath escaped my mouth in a low whimper.  He kissed each finger and let one go into his mouth.  I felt his tongue and then his teeth as he bit it.  His eyes focused on mine with wicked intent.  He pulled me closer to him and kissed me softly and slowly and whispered “are you ready to go, to be with me for the weekend?”  “Yes, yes I am” I replied.  “Yes, yes you are” he said low and quiet with a smirk as his hands brushed down to my backside and he turned me around quickly and tugged at my hair and kissed my neck and released me and walked to the door picking up my bag and headed down the steps of my brownstone to the car waiting with the driver inside.  How can he just do that?  Get me so riled up and just walk away.  I shook my head and followed him as he turned around in the city sunshine and said “let’s go” and laughed.

The cabin wasn’t just a cabin in the woods.  It was a 5 bedroom 5 bathroom fully functioning home with rustic yet modern charm.  A pool, hot tub, sauna and a kitchen that had a staff when he required them and of course a stable and trails that were private to a pond which was more like a lake that was also his.  I felt like a child when we arrived and rolled down the window gazing at the lush landscape and the beauty of this place that he brought me too.  Evergreens and trees everywhere with the floor to ceiling windows open to greet us as we walked up to the door.  His driver carried the bags in and he told him to put them in the master suite and he began to give me the tour.  It was a totally him.  From the top to the bottom it reeked of power and presence.  Art pieces and rugs placed perfectly and each room different with class and purpose.  His office especially.  He can’t ever separate from work for too long, at least not that I had ever seen.  I looked around his office peering at all the books and trinkets that lined the shelves and as I did he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and said “lets take a walk outside so I can show you some of the property”.  His words were so heavy on my skin as he spoke them into my ear.  I felt him pressing against me and I wanted to touch him.  I slid my hands behind me in between us and he pushed into me as to approve of my hand placement.  I kept doing it and pushed myself against him.  He took my hands and moved them along himself and then grabbed my by the wrists and held me tight.  “Not yet but soon” he said as he turned me and let them go but held onto one of my hands as to take me to the other room.  We walked through the rest of the house and out to the patio area that over looked the pool and the rest of the grounds. It was gorgeous.  I took a deep breath in and tried to forever remember this moment with him.  The sun was out and it shone down onto the wild woods and brush in such a way that made it majestic.  He smiled in my delight.

We walked along a path and ended at a clearing with a fence line and as he leaned up against the pipe fencing I knew that the later was now.  The way he looked at me was one of want and need.  I started to walk towards him and he told me to stop.  “I just want to look at you.” “I want to see you in this light right here, naked”. I stopped and looked around.  I’m sure we were alone out here but for some reason I wasn’t sure and he told me it was ok and nodded and said “we’re all alone Lilly, it’s okay, take em’ off”.  I stood there fully clothed in the sun warmed air and began to undress for him.  Piece by piece I took my clothes off.  My jacket first then my shoes and socks and as I stepped out of them I could feel the cool earth underneath me and I shivered a bit from that and from the excitement of doing this for him.  I kept going by tossing my t-shirt off next and then sliding my jeans off and standing there in my bra and panties biting my lip and trying not to feel uncomfortable.  He looked at me as his eyes were darkening and dancing up and down my almost naked body.  My hair blowing across my face in the breeze and he said “you’re not done” as he smiles and raises his eye brows.  I take a deep breath and reach for the clasp of my bra and undo it.  I toss it at him and slip out of my panties and do the same.  He laughs and takes a step away from the fence.  I stay still.  He is looking me over as he gets closer.  I am shaking from the cool air and from the sheer want that is racing through me.  I am an object of desire, of his desire and I have no idea what he’s going to do with me.  I can’t wait.  I want him to touch me, to kiss me, to take me but he’s being so coy, so stealth about it.  He walks around me and growls and groans in appreciation of my naked body.  He hasn’t touched me yet and he’s circled me like 4 times.  I can’t take much more of this waiting for him.  He stops in front of me and takes his jacket and scarf off and then he takes the scarf and walks behind me and takes my hands and tells me to put them together and as I do he begins to bind them with the scarf.  I can’t help it but when he does this I make a sound and he leans in and kisses the back of my neck and says “now, now you’re ready” and smacks my ass hard and he grabs me around the waist and pulls me hard against him and the kisses get harder and wilder as he turns me around. He pulls his shirt off and tosses to the ground.  His pants are coming on done moments after and as he shoves them down I follow and I’m on the ground for him.  The hard earth under my knees hurts but I don’t care.  I am there for him.  I am there to please him and to be pleased by him.  He lets out a deep moan and I continue. It was like torture to wait for him.  For him to admire me and not let me do anything and now I’m bound and restricted but not unable.  I know what to do.  I know what he likes from last time and if not he will tell me and I will listen.  Because that is my role and I know my role with him and my place with him and soon my place will be under him. I will be looking up at him in ecstasy while we become rooted together in the wilderness of our desires and our lust for one another.  Our bodies lost and found in the forest of our fantasies brought to life by the master of my body for I am his now and his alone for this weekend.  The motive is need.  Pure need to please and to soothe his appetite for passion and control and that he shall receive and demand from me.  And here, tied in the ticket in the privacy of his backwoods I have submitted to him yet again. One on one attention served to him by me through physical worship and devotional rapture. Sovereign submissive satisfaction guaranteed.  Yes Daddy.



Ah, New York, back again in the big apple to visit my friend and former co-worker turned fashion photographer.  She had been begging me to come and see her for weeks so I finally took the time off work and switched one cold city for another.  I got there on a Wednesday as it was cheaper to fly on a weekday and planned on spending a couple days with her at work as she had some fun shoots lined up and said I really needed to be there and that her company wouldn’t mind at all if I tagged along.  I told her I would spring for coffee if the models got cold and she said “I think you’ll want to bring them more than coffee!”.  I had no idea what that meant other than she said they were young and super sexy.  That definitely helped make my decision to fly in to see her!

I checked into the hotel with a message from her at the front desk telling me her location for the shoot.  I dropped my stuff in my room and grabbed a quick snack and a change of clothes.  No one likes to go out in what they fly in.  I send for an Uber and I am out the door and on my way to some address in trendy SoHo.  This should be fun.

I get there and enter the building and I am greeted by a few people and they tell me where to go. I walked down a hall and into and open warehouse type area.  There’s lots of women and men flitting about with scarves and shirts flowing in the wake of their fast walking and accessories on their arms. Lights are flashing ahead while music is playing and I know where she’s at.  I don’t want to interrupt here so I watch from the side.  A sweet girl shows me where I can sit after she asked if I was her friend.  I thank her and say I’m good standing for now.  The model she was working with was a young woman and there were a couple of them as well as a few men lined up along the sides waiting their turn.  One in particular caught my eye.

He was very tall and lean.  His body looked celestial in the light as he took his place in front of the camera.  He slowly removed his shirt and stood in just jeans.  I had to adjust my stance as he did that.  His fingers carefully undoing the buttons with such precision that I couldn’t help but imagine them undressing me in the same manor.  His appearance was so wholesome and beautiful that it captivated me immediately.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  His hair styled perfectly and the girl touching him up fluffed it a bit and he smiled at her.  I wanted to be her.  I wanted to run my fingers through it.  Grab it and tug it.  And that smile wasn’t just a smile.  It was a full on charming chic magnet kind of smile.  He knew it too.  Why wouldn’t he?  He was a model after all.  The way he stood was so stoic and mesmeric.  His movements subtle but seductive.  He was making love to that camera like a pro. So inviting, so pleasing and teasing all at the same time.  His look spoke for him like a hypnotic invitation.  I had know idea what the photo shoot was for but I didn’t care, I would buy whatever he was selling. It was all so glamorous in that moment watching him.  He’d been focusing on the camera and then my friend told him to look over her shoulder, to look away from it, focus on something behind her.  I was standing behind her and just like that, he saw me.  His eyes looked curious so they stayed on me.  I smiled shyly and he smiled back.  Oh boy.  The thoughts stirring in my  head were so unprofessional and extremely erotic.  I even bit my lip at one point to stop my mind from wandering along with my eyes.  He was so enticing.  From his bare feet just under his tattered jeans all the way up that entrancingly fine body of his.  He was the kind of handsome that made you take a deep breath when you saw him and I was about to hyperventilate from all the breaths I had been taking while we were eye pleasuring one another in a room of people.   Oh my.  What a riveting trip this may be?

She yelled that’s a wrap for lunch and finally turned around.  She shrieked with excitement when she saw me and hugged me and said “Now I know what he was looking at you sexy bitch”.  I laughed and gave her the loudest “PLEASE” and we stepped over to the table of food and she told me to eat as she grabbed a coffee and we walked to a table near these giant floor to ceiling windows.  A few other people joined us and she introduced me and then he walked over.  He was pulling on a white t-shirt as I stood to meet him.  She introduced us and he shook my hand.  He was so tall.  So tall.  His hand enveloped mine with the shake and I felt like I held on too long but he didn’t seem to mind.  His hand was so soft and manicured.  His entire body was so visually appealing.  His entire being was engaging, so attractive.  He even smelled attractive.  And when I said that he laughed and said “well, it is a photo shoot for cologne so, I put some on to get me in the mood”.  I giggled and said I was going to buy it just because of him and when I did  he leaned down, closer to me and said, “good and remember me when you spray it on yourself”.  I about choked on my water as I took a sip when he said that.  And there was that grin again and those lips so deliciously full and bitable.  I wanted to do bad things with him and for some reason, I think he would be fine with that.

We ate lunch, we chatted, I got caught up with my friend and she insisted I stay for the rest of the shoot and then go to a little party afterwards.  I said sure but that I’d love to change before hand and she said she had to go right from work to it so I could meet her there but that she felt bad so she offered him to go with me.  He graciously agreed.  She whispered “don’t thank me, just have fun!” and grabbed her camera and yelled back to work.

We walked to the street together talking nervously a bit and I called for a car.  I had to ask him how old he was and when he said 23 I about died.  He laughed and said age was only a number and said “I thought women your age were in their prime and men my age were too, so we match right?” and he winked.  I replied wide eyed and stunned “My age, my age….how old do you think I am?”  He walked closer and it forced me against the building as I took a few steps back and he whispered right in my face “I don’t care how old you are, you are fucking sexy and I noticed that right away”.  His lips, those lips, were right in front of mine.  I was breathing hard and his hand went on the other side of me against the bricks and just then the car honked and it was our ride.  He moved quickly to the car and opened the door and I got in with him following.  We were sitting so close to one another headed to my hotel room.  What the hell was I doing?  And just as the question rose in my thoughts he made a move.  His hand on my thigh and it was moving upwards as I looked at him.  His eyes were arresting.  His mouth open, his tongue moistening them as his hand was moving up and around to my back pulling towards him.  I let him.  I wasn’t going to deny myself this tantalizing opportunity.  Our lips met quickly and fiercely.  I was so drawn to him and to his fetching and fascinating good looks.  The kisses were hard but his lips were so soft and beckoned for more.  I wanted to give him more, so much more.

The car arrived at the hotel and we got out.  The cold city air hitting our energized bodies as we stepped out.  He took my hand and escorted me into the hotel.  Everyone was looking at him.  He had such a dynamic presence.  It wasn’t to be ignored.  Just his hand holding mine was potent enough to keep me sustained through the lobby to the elevators and to my room.  It felt like we were rushing teenagers to the basement to get away from the parents.  Stowing away to find some privacy to do those dirty under the sweater and over the zipper deeds that one would write about in their diary after they had to change their panties.  But today I was pretty sure the sweater was coming off and the zippers were staying down.

I flung the door open after I swiped the key over the lock and with the door he came at me with a rousing charge.  His body against mine and mine backed into the wall.  He picked me up and my legs wrapped around him as our lips searched each other.  I kissed his lips, his cheeks, his chin, his neck and back to his lips and he rounded around my neck after my lips pulling at my jacket and my t-shirt.  He wanted more skin to kiss more heat to feel and more of my body to take.  It was electrifying.  My hands all over that perfect hair.  He moaned as I pulled it.  He turned and sat himself with me on him onto the bed.  I ran my hands up the back of his shirt after he slid off his coat and he grabbed the white t-shirt with one hand and took it off.  He then removed my shirt as I tried to contain my “oh my God I don’t have a model’s body” thoughts and he leaned me backwards running his hand up me and over my chest and began to pepper my stomach with kisses and licks and bites.  I closed my eyes and let myself go.  I let my mind go and my body feel.  I felt him.  All of him.  Every single naked inch of him on those perfect white linens.  Our bodies betrothed in a fully possessed sweltering consummation of lust.  Captivated by one smoldering look behind the lens brought a tangible shuttering exhilarated absoluteness.  A full course meal of the flesh poised by vitality and vigor and sustained by experience and sophistication and appreciated by both.  Primordial passion or forbidden fun, either way, it was worth it.



We hadn’t spoken or seen one another since he left.  He was just a memory again.  Another one to add to the unfinished business we’d had as teenagers.  Now it was an adult version that I could sink my mind into when I got lonely.  A blissful, passion filled day dream of a ghost.  A phantasmic fuck.  I shake my head at the thought of him, at the thought of how much I wanted him and how much he wanted me.  It never went away.  It stayed hidden in the corners of my mind and when it came back to reality, we had to finish it.  How could we deny ourselves that pleasure?  How could we be in one another’s presence feeling what we felt and not act on it?  But was it just an act?  How could he just leave me here with only the memories and a few screenshots? The thought of us rain soaked next to that pond and him following me to my place after our lunch together after all those years made me close my eyes and shudder with need.  Oh the way he made me feel was sensually epic.  So desired and appreciated.  For my body and my mind.  But the physical compulsion was unquestionable.  It was damn near demanded. The way he responded to me made him like my male equivalent almost.  His thoughts, words and his deeds were a sexual requisite and beyond comparable to my own.

When I opened up, he recited his thoughts.  When I got suggestive he got provocative and when I got dirty, he got obscene and I liked it all.  I needed it.  I wanted it and he did too.  We became our own full blown daily distractions and when the action got real, it real fast and it was turbulently seductive, almost wicked.  He was a naughty temptation and I took full advantage of his presence before his haunting departure.

And poof, he was gone, back to his world before me and me back to mine before him.

I pondered it for days.  Talked it over in my head and repeated our actions trying to understand it but there was no reason.  No cause.  No him.  Contact was minimal over the next few weeks and then months and nearly a year now that he’s been unattainable. All I had now were the ravenous reflections of him.  I memorized his body with my mouth.  Every lick of his skin I could taste in my mind like a snake flicking my tongue in my subconscious while I slid down him.  My own skin heated at the mere thought of him underneath me on my couch.  Writhing and moving and tossing me over.  I could almost feel the weight of him on me if I thought hard enough.  Our pleasures brought to me by my own cognizance and that was it.  That was all.

I hadn’t been out and about much with my friends and I decided to take a break from my reflections and go out for a good time.  It was deserved.  Nothing some music and dancing couldn’t cure.  I was home getting ready when my phone pinged.  I grabbed it and tapped to see who the text was from, it was him.  I almost dropped the phone.  I couldn’t believe it.  No contact for so long and now he was back.  What do I do?  I do like any lust stricken girl, and text back immediately telling him I’m going out and where I’ll be and if he’d like to see me he can.  He says he will see me there.  I am in shock and I need to change my outfit now because it’s time to look as hot as I can and show him what he’s been missing.  This was a purely pissed off look now.  Low cut and tight was necessary and yes, I hope everyone noticed, not just him.

I showed up and met my friends at the door.  There was a new edgy club they had been wanting to hit up in the city so we all made the trek out there and as soon as they saw me in my slinky dress with my heels on and my fishnets, they knew it was all business with me.  We walked in and the crowd was wild.  There were a couple levels and the bars were jam packed.  The music was thumping and my eyes had to adjust to the flashing lights.  I couldn’t see much as I scanned the room but like a full on immoral apparition, he appeared in the sea of people.  The lights shown on his face like a delectable dawn.  He was so arousing and alluring.  I couldn’t look away.  He was walking towards me and I stood still waiting for him.  His eyes dark and suggestive.  His movement through the crowd was effortless and with purpose.  His purpose was me.  He was honed in on me like a jet fighter and I was his target and I was not averting.  I was stuck.

He reached me and his arms immediately went around me in a hug.  I responded with mine around him.  I fit so perfectly against him.  Our bodies matched.  His clothes, his hair, his look was all working for the soul purpose of seduction.  He was all things salacious, enticing and fascinating but what he was most of all to me was but one word, covetable.  He was sin in a shirt and pants the time that had past vanished and my mind was nothing but x-rated and ready.  My body intoxicated by his touch and I was heady from his scent as I breathed him in.  He took notice of my outfit and smiled.  He leaned in and told me how beautiful I was and asked if I wore that for him.  I said “of course I did” and he smiled even more.  He stayed there for a moment, near my ear and let his lips graze the skin just under it on my neck.  I could feel his breath on me and it warmed that spot.  I grasped his arms with my hands and held onto him as to not reduce to ashes from the instant heat between us.  I was seething from the inside out for him.  Just to see him created a physical pornographic cremation of my own body.  His lips on my neck, my hands on him, we needed to be alone and now.  I didn’t care where or how, it just had to be.  How raunchy was it to take a man to a dark corner and let him have you?  I didn’t care, it was necessary.  It wasn’t just a rekindle from the past, it was full on incineration of the present.  I didn’t care about him leaving me.  I didn’t care about him not communicating with me, I just wanted him, again.

I took him by the hand and tried to find a place.  We searched for somewhere to steal away to.  He stopped me in the middle of the crowd and kissed me.  It was like he couldn’t wait.  He had to do it.  It was explosive.  Those teenage vibes fueled by adult realities made it feel like two lewd doting delinquents wild with want.  Just going for it right there on the dance floor.  No fear nor care of judgement just kissing and fondling for all the eyes to see.  We part finally and try to breathe but the air is so heavy, so thick with urgency.  We practically run up the stairs looking for somewhere, anywhere and we see an exit sign that says Balcony on it.  He tugs my hand in that direction and he slams the door open and the cool night air hits us both and blows my hair back.  We’re standing on a fire escape that leads down to an alley. The door shuts and he slams me against it.  My back hitting the metal door and he comes right with me.  His body so conditioned so primed and ready.  I could feel him as he pressed against me. My hands sliding up under his shirt showing him complete experienced attention while his hands so skillfully shoved up my dress as he pulled my leg up to wrap around him as to give him better leverage.  He smiled into my mouth as his lips played carnage with mine and his fingers tugged roughly at my tights ripping them open from underneath my dress.  And when he did that, he let out a satisfactory primal grunt that I obediently slurped up and moved my hips forward in approval of his roughness.  He turned me to face the door and my hands were against it.  He pulled the weak material of the tights apart from behind and leaned in and kissed the back of my neck.  I couldn’t contain my sounds or myself.  I was sizzling against the cold metal door as he pushed my feet apart and steadied himself pressing me into it.  His hands reaching around me, holding me as close to him as he could and then sliding up my arms to my hands interlocking our fingers. We were straining with momentum in the fury of potent pleasure within the elements of night. Hidden by darkness and conscripted with intense vigor reveling in our recreational gratification of the flesh. Consummating our liquidation of lust. A brute infatuation that turned the enemy of time into a yearning of supplication and satisfaction.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and when you find it, you take it and leave nothing unfinished.


















Reality gets so real sometimes and I need an escape.  Something to take me away from it all.  Something or someone to a make me feel something other than what the present is making me feel.  I need a beautiful distraction from the everyday, from the pain of the past and worry of the future and I know just who can do that.
I met him years ago.  There was an instant attraction.  It took time for it to grow but it was always there just under the surface.  Time passed and things happened and our lives went in separate directions but contact was kept up and our interests stayed the same so to speak.  He was like a drug to me.  A fix I needed every so often just to get me by.  His words, his looks, his touch, his cosmic ability to make me want him from miles away was undeniable.  If he came into town we always made it a point to see one another.  The moment we saw each another my body would awaken in a way that only he can do.  His smile sent shock waves through my muscles and his touch could nearly char my skin as the heat between us was so intensely charged.
He planned to come into town one weekend and I told him to just come over when he could and I would leave a key hidden as I knew I’d have to work late that night.  He agreed and I became filled with anticipation.  I needed him and now was the time.  It was not just now or never it was necessary.  The electrical dynamic was perfectly set for this time.  Our bodies both needed to be liberated.  A liberty of lust.  An erotic emancipation. A freedom of relief.
I woke early that morning for work and got myself and my place around as I knew his arrival would be this evening.  I staged my loft with little extra’s for him and readied myself with lace, lavender and lotion because he always loves how I smell.  I didn’t hurry in the shower that morning either as I needed as much prep time as possible and the alone time was pertinent as well.  Pent up was an understatement.
Work seemed to drag on and on and I was constantly watching the clock.  The clouds rolled in and the rain came with it.  I couldn’t help but sit at my desk watching the rain drops roll down the window like they were in a race.  The thunder and the lighting excited me.  There’s just something about mother nature getting all wet that totally turns me on.  And he knows this about me.  I got a text on my phone about 10 minutes after it started raining that said “pay attention to your work and stop day dreaming about the rain you dirty girl”.  I laughed and said “you know you like it wet too”.  Quickly he responded with “yes, yes I do.  See you soon”.  And that was it until I saw him that evening.
The rain continued and my walk from the curb where I parked my car to my place left me nearly drenched.  I ran in and couldn’t wait for his hug.  He was right there to greet me.  His smile so big and bright and inviting.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him while I apologized about being all wet.  He pulled back and said “you know I don’t care, I kinda like you that way”.  I giggled and told him to sit and I would just run and change real quick and then we could catch up.  I have a loft so I was talking to him loudly from my room that is just up the stairs that has a half wall that you can see over down into the living room.  I threw off my wet clothes and grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and checked my hair which was now a mess and my makeup still holding strong.  I slathered my hands with lotion after washing them and rubbed my neck with it as to give him a little scent burst if we got close again.  I wanted to.  I wanted him.  And I was feeling like he wanted me.  It was time.  It had to happen.

I looked over the wall down to him and saw him sitting there and his look hit me like in the chest like a wrecking ball.  There was no doubt in my mind what was about to happen.  He was waiting for me to come down there and execute this passion plan.  His eyes were heavy with want.  His body positioned for easy access.  I swallowed hard and took the first step down the stairs.  Our eyes never leaving one another’s.  My breathing became rapid and my heart was in my throat.  My mouth was running dry as my hands began to sweat.  My body was burning for him.  I licked my lips as I descended and by the time I reached the floor I felt feverish.  I felt light headed and like I could combust at any moment.  I tried to focus on the sound of the pouring rain on my windows but all I could hear was the light music I had left on for him. He watched me walking to him.  He was dressed in a suit but the tie was off and the jacket, both on the chair next to the couch.  He looked so good.  He looked eatable as he sat there waiting for me to get to him.  A delectable and delicious man seated on my couch ready for my use.  This man willing for me to capitalize on my craving with him.  Allowing me to play out and regulate my release.  To exploit his physical services at my disposal and seize him for myself.  For my personal profit and prosperity and my carnal bodily benediction.
I stood before him my body poised and primed. He was too, I could see that.  His hands resting one on his lap and the other next to him moved over further as to invite me to sit.  No, I was not going to sit next him I was going to straddle him and bring his senses to full awareness and attention.  So I did.  I took it slow at first with my movements, allowing the our bodies to ripen with each sensation.  His hands sliding up and over my backside bringing me closer to him.  My arms around him and my hands finding his hair pulling and tugging as our lips begged for one another.  The kissing was greedy and gluttonous.  Our bodies craving one another.  Finally we could be physically selfish with one another.  Worshiping and devouring one another.  Skin to skin and his body to my body as I had frantically removed his vest and shirt.  I was careless with the buttons and pulled apart the cotton as to finally feel him with my hands.  My lips relishing in the softness of his neck and chest.  Licking his long stubbled jaw line and whispering in his ear “finally, finally…..” and as I sucked his ear lobe into my mouth he moved us both in unison and I am on my back and he is looking down at me from above.  His hair unperfect now and falling in his face.  There was only a momentary pause for us to take notice of one another before the manic passion continued.  To notice the hunger, the starvation, the voracity of need.  The want from a famished, bottomless pit of lust and desire that had accumulated over time and space and now, now they could feast.  Gorge and fill themselves with one another.  The physical forage continued with one goal which was to bolster release.  To provide satisfaction through sustainable tangible heat.  A carnal corporal crusade of the flesh.  Devouring moans and shrieks with shaking and squealing and ending with ravenous roars and bellows of pleasure.  Just leaving two fully worshiped souls, scorched, sated, soaked and satisfied.  Fully lavished and weighted by just one thing, their need.

Little Day Dream Believer


I remember my dreams like movies.  Sometimes they are like clips or previews but most of the time they are full length feature films for me to relive anytime I want.  I can just sit back and mentally flip through the catalog of desired nonsense or focus on the fun ones that left me ready and fully entertained.  Not everybody can remember their dreams let alone open up their mind wide enough or long enough to allow the fantasy to unfold like it should.  But I am blessed and cursed with the ability to dream asleep and awake.  It’s like falling down the rabbit whole with neon signs showing me the way down cobblestone streets to the dinner where I sat with undrinkable milk shakes and gum that blew bubbles that wouldn’t pop until the boy in the letter jacket bit the bubble with his werewolf like teeth.  Couldn’t help but remember that one.  And there’s plenty more where that came from said in my most appropriate 1960’s commercial voice.

But the ones I love, are the ones I play on repeat and rewind specific scenes, those are the secret smile ones.  The ones I adore and reward myself with are the ones that leave me breathless and wanting more.  The ones where I play a character and the life of her has been breathed into me by my mind’s creator.  The wonderful and powerful Oz of my dreams doesn’t hide behind the curtain, she wears a robe with a hood and only elbow length gloves underneath.   She’s the red riding hood of my nights and the wolves love to play with her.

Fantasies come to life in the corner of your thoughts and at night the mind sets them free.  Free to swallow your fears down on your knees and splatter your skin with the pleasures of perceptibility.  Inventiveness becomes the mastery of your own establishment.  Your cognition is the foundation of your freedom and your fairy tale musings fuel the after hours candy coated masked soda shoppe  flight of fancy you’ve found yourself in.  But, do you unzip the lips and ask him to speak, or do you adorn yourself with the mask become objectified by the mirage?  It is in fact all up to you and the artistry of your unreality.  The vision of your desires come to bare witness to the storytelling of your witching hour fable.  All trapped in the vault of your psyche where lucidity and phantasy intertwine and roll around in the dark until the heat is palpable. That sensation drips into the sunshine as the mundane of the day brings awareness to your body in a way the sends blood to your cheeks and your teeth bite your lip in remembrance.  It’s all in a day dream’s work when you have an endless supply of spectacular trickery and whimsical kink left over from the night before.

Once upon a time turns into whenever you want and whatever you need and those big eyes you have can see every inch of the big bad wolf.  From his shinned shoes tucked under his three piece suit with hand cuffs in his pocket or his naked shower gel scented wet body sliding by yours under the rain in the make-believe of your mind.  All in the freaky fakery of your imagination where you don’t need a disguise for your playful pretention, it’s all in the nostalgic narrative of your fabrication.  The hand held at your finger tips long and short of it all directed by you, the master of your forest, the girl under the hood left in bed with the wolf.