Night time is the worst time for the mind to wander. It seems that things just can’t settle then. And if they do, it’s not always the so called right place that they end up taking a halt. I don’t know, maybe it’s not wrong. Who am I to judge? It’s really never been my style. What is my style is being me and doing what I like with and whom I’d like to. Now that part is probably “wrong” but as they say, you only live once and I was so tired of not living. I’d been just merely existing for so long that if something hot actually burned me I’d probably let it blister me just so I’d have something to take care of and watch it heal. Bored was such a juvenile word and too generic of a term but God was I just that, bored. Bored to fucking death. The day to day. The wash and repeat was so depleting and draining. I needed something. I needed something to wake me up. To bring me back to life or give me life of for the love of all things holy excite me.

I kept things at arms length most of the time just to make it easier on me, especially men. Never enough or too many that was how it seemed to be for me. The wrong one at the right time or the right time and the wrong guy. Never a balance. Life wasn’t like that for me. So fuck it, I just stayed busy and kept my eyes on the future having zero time for love and frankly I didn’t want it. Now, lust, that was different. I had time for that! An unsatisfiable craving that seemed to be smoldering religiously under my surface at all times. And that’s the problem too, I am often deemed “too much” for said unbalanced men so it was sex from afar most times. Using myself along with my ridiculously vivid imagination seemed to suffice most of the time. Long baths before bed and lots of charging time for the toys in my nightstand. God bless em’! Day dreams that often times seemed to rule the upstairs leaving nothing but wet panties downstairs and deep breathing with closed eyes to clear those impurities that fueled my mind body and mother fucking spirit. But, I craved the real thing. I needed to be touched, manipulated, penetrated, handled and handled hard. I missed it. Bad. My soul was indeed doomed. Doomed with such a desire for the necessary that sometimes I thought of nothing else. Goddamn, I’d probably lose it if someone hugged me too long or just shook my hand. I’d cum or cry, maybe both. God save me now! Or Satan take me to an orgy and let it all be done!!

And then it did come undone, did it ever.

He was assigned to a case in our firm. I had heard of him and knew of him from the social media constant and I guess you’d say he was in my same circle. He had a bit of a reputation and that both intrigued me and scared me but at least maybe he could be new material for those nasty thoughts I’d conjure up at night time. My time alone in bed with only my depravity to keep me company. I could use a new character. Maybe he could be him?

I got to work a bit late that day and things were already a buzz with his presence. I sat my things down in my office and as I was hanging my coat I was rushed by my assistant who had crazy teeny bopper addicted eyes and seemed like she’d just been struck by some hottie lightning as she gushed over him and lead me down to the conference room. I mean he couldn’t be ALL that right? Wrong. Dead wrong. I walked in smiling and giggling and was quite literally stopped mid breath in when I saw him.

Holy Fucking Hell.

He looked up as we entered the room and every nerve in my body stood at attention. My mouth dried up instantly and I shook a tiny bit as I tried to breathe out that breath I took in a second before I saw him. His sinfully shaped mouth barely smiling and his eyes so dark with mystery and intent as they looked up in my direction. His beard perfect across his skin with his lips unhidden as they formed more of a grin. His coal black hair styled back and his red shirt painted like pure sex across his fit body seemed to burst with lusting color in the cold dark morning that hovered in the conference room. He stood to greet me with a hand shake. I finally took that breath and tried so hard to compose myself but I think he knew better as he took my hand in his. It was like an immediate revival. Electricity from his body to mine sent a jolt and I swallowed hard as he kept eye contact with me and very slowly removed his hand from my grip and offered me a seat next to him. I could barely sit. My legs failed to move me and I had to internally yell at myself to sit the fuck down or I’d look like an idiot. I sat politely and tried to not violently attack him right there on the conference room table. It was all I could do not to. The meeting began and I was completely unable to pay attention. I am so glad I wasn’t in charge of it because my brain was hotwired with nothing but X-rated thoughts and I should be flogged for all of them. I mean, what the hell was wrong with me? And the more I thought about them and the flogging I was spiraling down a double time debauchery binge rabbit hole of episode 1,2 and 3 with him as the main seductive character and me as his deprived concubine. I should excuse myself to use the bathroom or something because this was ridiculous. I did just that. I stood to leave the room with his voice echoing in my head as he spoke. His words falling off his tongue like nectarous torture as they fondled my skin with each syllable. I was damn near running out of there when I caught his eyes following me and I thought I was safe, until he smiled. Fuck.

Holy shit woman, get ahold of yourself I said looking the mirror ready to splash water on my face like they do in the movies. But I didn’t want to mess up my makeup because it looked perfect, if I do say so myself. A true YouTube tutorial smoky eye with winged eyeliner that was actually the same on both eyes and mascara that was on point with a deep blood red matte lip that was reminiscent of Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy. My short dark hair tucked behind my ear and loosely styled the best it can be for being short and simple. My flannel dress jazzed up with fishnets and boots to fit me and my always edgy mood. He totally threw me off. I wasn’t expecting that. I mean my God was he beautiful. He was like if fornication was person. He was living, breathing, walking sex and I was instantly impassioned by the mere existence of him in my company.

I walked out of the restroom and he was standing right there. Holding up the wall with his body and looking at me with concern. He asked if I was alright as he took a step towards me. I answered with a hesitant yes. He didn’t agree. He closed more space between us. I looked around as to see if anyone was around and to possibly have someone save me from myself. I breathed in his scent and I fully shuttered in arousal. I looked up at him. Our eyes locked. He looked me up and down. His eyes blanketing me with desire. I could feel it. I could feel the heat from him. He asked again if I was ok but his words were slower with more depth and scratch to them. I was breathing so hard now. I looked side ways and then back at him almost embarrassed to answer him. I said, “No”. He leaned forward with purpose and asked so deep and so low and so intensely “How can I help?” I made a sound when he asked. I can’t even describe the sound. It wasn’t a moan or a gasp. It was urge in an audio form. He responded with a swift movement that pushed us both to the other side of the hallway. My back against a door. He asked quietly what was behind the door. I turned to look and said it was a closet. He nodded no and asked quietly “where? ” I took a look around and pointed to a door just down the hall. It was and empty office with no windows and everyone hated it because of that. It was used to store files. He tugged my hand and went to the door, shoved it open looking around and pulled me in. The door shut behind us. No lights on and no window so the only thing illuminating us was the light sneaking in from under the door.

He took steps towards me. He was a stranger, sort of, to me. I wasn’t scared at all. I was exhilarated. His hand reaching up to touch my cheek as he leaned down to kiss me. I closed my eyes and let it happen. His lips touched mine and within seconds the fever spiked. My mind shut off and my body took over. His body leading mine and I was more than eager to follow his lead. My hands making their way all over that red shirt. I wanted it off. I wanted to rip it stripper style but instead I pulled at it and he took my cue and pulled it off. I took a step back and caught my breath. My legs hitting the desk behind me. I sat back on the desk where there was room between file boxes. I put my feet in my boots up on the stacked boxes and spread my legs apart and leaned back on my palms. He smiled and came forward at me like an animal. As he did he shoved my dress up, running his hands along my fishnet covered thighs. He said something into my mouth about how sexy I was, how delicious my tongue tasted and how he knows what I need. He dipped his head down to my neck and pulled the dress up and over my head. He tossed it over with his shirt on the floor. His gaze down to my chest, his mouth watering as he cupped my lace covered breasts and admired me as he stood there. I could see his length under his trousers. I wanted it. I made way to the button and the zipper and shoved my hand hungrily down under the fabric of his boxers. He gasped as I gladly tightened my grip. I looked up at him longingly. He pushed the fabric down and soon was naked standing in a puddle of pants, boxers shoes and socks. He stepped out of all that and knelt down. My fishnets making their way down with him as he tugged at them along with my panties. Once they were off he trailed kisses all down my thigh and calf. Kissing each toe and going back up the other leg. My breath hitching and my back arching. His long arms and big hands clutching my legs and putting them up on his shoulders and as he did, he looked down and back up at me, like a beast ready to devour his prey. He leaned forward and his mouth was on me. I cried out as I couldn’t help it. His tongue swirling and his hands moving down the outside of my legs. I was shaking in his grip. I had to lay back on the desk. I could feel it swelling inside me so quickly and with one and then two fingers slid inside me, I was done. He kept it going. Riding out my violent shocks and not letting me go until he was done. He went to the end and further with his pleasure. I couldn’t stop as he didn’t either. Grabbing at his skin, almost clawing at him I begged him to stop. He let up and looked up at me and I felt his mouth smile against me.

He stood with pride as I lay there panting, looking at this stunning creature before me in all his raw manly glory. I sat up and looked down at him. I pulled my hand to my mouth and graciously licked my palm with a spit soaked tongue. I wrapped my wet hand around him stroking up and down watching him as I did it. The hiss that escaped his mouth made me want him inside me. I was aching for him. As he throbbed in my hand he grabbed my hips and pulled me forward, positioning himself between my legs. I was looking at him needing it. Ready for it. I wanted him so badly. I had to have him finish me as he’d finish himself at the same time. He leaned over me, kissing me fiercely as he entered me. Pacing himself with his thrusts. Enjoying me. Reveling in my satisfaction. Knowing what I needed the moment he saw me. Knowing the lacking I was suffering from. Knowing how to bring me to life, again. Knowing what I craved and that he craved it too and giving it to me. Giving it to me so good and so hard and so impatiently and so vigorously. Taking me to the edge and going over with me. Growling as he did. Vibrating my entire body as he slowed and steadied his movements still saying inaudible things as I held on and forced my volume down as to not be found out. Our bodies united in the aftermath of it all. Sore and steaming. A fire released and put out all at once but left to seethe, smoke and stir. Once wouldn’t be enough, I could already tell that much and by the still there carnal look on his face, this wasn’t just this one time. Physical lust played out and this was just act one.

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