“I don’t care that you haven’t showered or that you’re only in your t-shirt and panties. There’s no shame in comfort baby, just let me please you. I’m not coming over for any other reason. You know it. I know it. So let me. Let me do what I did the other night. Let me make take you. Take you as hard as I can and as hard as you can handle, maybe further. No fear just satisfaction. You need it and I can give it. Right now.”

It was a Thursday night and I had gotten off work and settled in for the evening when my phone dinged with a text. He was on his way over from a work meeting. I wasn’t expecting him. Still sore and swirling from the party I sucked my bottom lip in while I read the text. My mind and lust unsettled since. I wanted more and he was coming with it. I have to say, even if it was just to myself, I have never been fucked like that before. I told him I wasn’t exactly prepared and he didn’t care. The sensual words back lit on my phone were proof enough what his intentions were. It didn’t matter one bit that I wasn’t company ready. He was coming over with an objective. A purpose of pleasure and that was it.

I slammed some mouth wash and ran some water and splashed my face. I was already hot and he wasn’t even in my presence yet. Soon enough there was a knock at the door. I was giddy with excitement and soaked with anticipation. I opened the door and there he stood. My breathing was heavy and wanton. My hands reached for him to pull him in. I grabbed handfuls of his suite jacket as I tugged him to me. His hands immediately cupping my ass hanging out from under my t-shirt. No bra and my white panties didn’t leave much to the imagination. He smiled as he moved with me inside. Shutting the door behind us he turned me around and said “Don’t look away, keep your eye’s on me”. Towering over me he took off his jacket and tossed it on a chair. He undid his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. I kept my eyes on him as he knelt down in front of me. His hands wide across my skin under my shirt as they moved the fabric up and his head dipped to trail kisses along my belly and hips now bare as he pulled at my panties. My back was against the door as I had to step out of them while his breath and lips heated up my flesh as he took ample handfuls of my breasts. My hands in his hair as his beard scratched my inner thighs and his tongue slid along them in full, long, delectable licks with a few tantalizing and stinging bites. With each pass of his tongue he got closer to the middle. I was quivering and moving against my will. I wanted him there. I needed him there. He looked up at me and reminded me to keep looking at him and with his last syllable, he sunk right in. His face disappearing between my legs as I could barely stand when he made the connection. My body nearly exploding on impact I held on. My head whipping back against the door and my hands gripping at him as he continued to lap me up with his lavish tongue assault. The sounds coming from him as he did it were like an animal and my response to them were just as beastly. Everything in me began to hum and I was close. So close. He sensed it and added just a bit more pressure and with one quick motion he was in me with his fingers, one and then two. The other hand holding me up pressed to my chest with me grasping it as I erupted against him. Collapsing with my release he moves me with ease to the couch. Laid out, I peel off my shirt and place my head on my hand as I rolled to my side to look at him as he stands in all his pleasing glory.

Gazing up at him, he looks back at me with such a stoic relish as his eyes revel in my nudity. My breathing labored still and my lips licked in preparation for his kiss. I want more of him. I want him on me. My body practically begging for the weight of him on top of me I sit up and help him with his pants as he’s already taken off his shirt. My hands quickly making way of the button and zipper, pulling both his boxers and pants down at the same time with one swift tug. My eyes never leaving his as he kicks them to the side after stepping out of his shoes where his bare feet stand. I want to look down, drink him all in but I remember what he said, eyes on his, so I feel my way up his thighs to his length right in front of me. I run my hands along him, taking in the size of him and with one more stoke I lean in taking him in as far as I can. He lets out a long and breath filled “Fuck” as I release him and do it again, never dropping my eyes or closing them. One of his hands on the back of my head and the other caressing my cheek I keep going, appreciating him as I do. I do my best to claim every bit of him with my mouth while he intently watches. Long and deep I kept it up until he pulls away from me, bending down he finally kisses me. Finally. I call out his name as he does and wrap my arms around him as he lowers himself over me, I lay back on the couch. My legs spread as he centers himself and with one thrust he’s in.

It was damn near like torture wanting him inside me. Needing him again. Getting myself off with the memory of that night in the tub and here he is giving it to me again. Recreating the hard-core pleasure he gave me the other night. The vulgar, wicked, abominable use of my body for straight rotten profane fiendish fucking is all I want from him and he knows it. He brought it. He needed it too. He picks up the pace. Thrusting harder and faster as I hold on. His hands reach for mine, pulling my arms up, placing them over my head, holding my wrists with one of his huge paws. He doesn’t stop. Our eyes locked as I’m crammed completely full of him. My body trying to accommodate the overfullness as we both begin to tense. I grab ahold of him, pulling at his weight, needing him to get me there. Needing him to fill me. So I tell him to. I tell him to let go and let go in me. With cries and screams and and howls, he comes with a roar and me with a wail as we crumble and melt together. Everything softens and cools in the simmer. The wasted and sated state our bodies lay in takes over and we just breathe, heavily, against one another.

He kisses me and pulls off of me. He’s seated on the floor as I lay rolled over on my stomach on the couch, my hands draped over him. He runs his fingers up my arm and turns to me and says “Now you can shower”. I can barely form a sentence and just giggle and agree. He is most certainly ignited a covetousness in me that I cannot deny. A craving to be devoted. An infatuation for his depravity. An appetite for his salacity. I am greedy for him and I do not care how sinful or manic I become. I cannot get enough and I absolutely do not care. I am enraptured. I am hooked. Addicted. Obsessed. Totally fucked!

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