Who the fuck do you think you are? You don’t know me. But I know you. I know all of you. You think you’re special. You think you’re one of kind. You think you know but you have know idea at all. The one of a kind is me you see.

I write the story.

There are absolutely no copies. Only the rough draft, hand written on my skin with my words pouring from my mind to my mouth and onto you if you want to listen. Can you hear me? Even if I scream, I wonder if you’d want to turn the page or just stay where you are in the comfort of your own shoved in space. What if I drag you through the chapters? Tied and bound with nowhere to run but to me cause I have the key baby. Would you let me set you free or can I keep you captive for my pet? My precious to play with. Take you out when I want and put you back when I’m all done. Just tuck you between the pages and shut the hardcover and call it a night, or a day depending on when I open up.

It’s my time and my way, only.

Follow me for more instructions. The manual isn’t that hard to read if you just go step by step. And don’t forget to start at the top and go all the way to bottom. Repeat if necessary. Twist if necessary. Turn upside down if necessary. Just do it again because it’s necessary. Round and round she goes. Where she stops, hell, I don’t even know. Creative and crazy burning with a freakiness that’s only set loose for the willing and only appreciated by the ones who aren’t afraid of the flame. Fire and ice in the same veins is an enchanting combo for a gangster with secrets and I can keep my mouth shut but my hands must do some talking on the keyboard. Give me a pen and be all ears and we can go all damn night and after breakfast too!

A magnetic guided worded imagery of how it could be. How I want it and how you need it all set to the tune of yes Daddy and tell me more baby. A sorcerous sensual seduction from my unusual made up world written word by word, thought by thought. Fingers tracing the body in my mind, sliding the gloves on one finger at time to add to the outfit and bring out the beginning of the bad girl. Who knew how far she’d come and how far she’ll still go? I do and maybe you will, if you’re lucky. So stick around and see how much more you can take or how much more you want. And don’t be shy, tell me what you like, I might just slip it in the next paragraph. Be bold and see what happens, you might like it. You might want more. I might too.

Out of control. Spellbound and bewitched by my word whore ways. A Madame in my former life no doubt has lead me here to this spectral realm of diabolic desire conjuring up curiosity for the not so faint of heart but definitely for the fiendish fellows that need a lil’ boost. Tis so fucking fascinating to be the one typing and you the one reading.

Do enjoy and do stay tuned. There is always more to come.

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