Disco diamond day dreams lurking in the back. Peeking out from behind the normal. No need to keep them hidden when the agenda is writing itself. Don’t fear it. Don’t let go of it. Find it in the dark. Let it possess you and take you over like a sullen melody with broken wings. Let it cover you like a fleece blanket by the fire in autumn. Let it become you. But always keep an eye on it’s hands.

You have no one to prove it to and you have no switch to hit. There’s just that little bit left to uncover so rip it off and stand in that stoned spotlight for all to see. No shame no burden, just you. Just you being you for all the world to see, even if it’s just a mirror. A realm for the hopeless lusters that linger for fun. Passers by and watchers ogling for and drooling for the tasty scraps left from the fantasy feast you so willingly provide. But darling, don’t forget to feed yourself even at that empty table. Don’t you dare go hungry for them. Why take less, when there’s always room for more? That’s what I always say. And yell it if you must so you don’t forget. So loud it hurts and leaves you horse. All the while your mind is kicking and screaming for it all. Chaos abundant in the shadows and cheerleaders run dry and run out when you’ve been there too long. So buck up babe and hold on because even in the darkest of waters, the weird stays thick and the monsters love to play. So don’t forget to give them a show because who doesn’t like to watch?

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