Shall We?

Whether you take the back seat or the drivers seat, it’s on.

No escape. No more bullshit. It’s all right there in black and white splattered and spinning with red.

Don’t get dizzy before you take a taste.

Steady yourself. Get in position.

Once the toxin of paradise is sipped you can’t help yourself, you’re going to chug it, gulp it all down. Let it drip and dribble from your mouth. Catch it with your hands and lick it off your fingers if you must. But get it all.

Every. Last. Drop.

Forage and hunt and gather that shit. Then lap it up like a good girl and don’t forget to bow you head to the master within otherwise it was all for nothing. And you don’t want to get punished. Or do you?

Do you slow your lover lust filled roll or do you quicken the lip biting pace? It’s all screams on the emotional rollercoaster when it’s time with the girl next door in your head. The poor thing’s afraid of ghosts so turn the lights off and let those bad boys in.

It’s time.

Slide and slime under the floral scented sheets with your eyes closed. Open them at your will but remember what you’ll see can’t be unseen and forever burned into your succulent sweat soaked skin. Savor it in your whispered secret sweet dreams.

Wicked games played in necessary silence. Spread wide with an eager, greedy hunger inside your illicit sanctuary.

Go all the way in it. So far you can’t come back. Hide out in it. Seek shelter in it. Be your own witness protected in it. So deep in it you don’t even know who the hell you are in it.



Just pick you poison baby and let it go to work. You have a few to choose from so just point and shoot and see who bleeds.



Durable and hard as nails.

Only the strong will survive and that’s the only way you know how to do it.

So hold on, we’re almost there. The grand finale. The big bad finish. Bring in the heavy duty fantastic floating fantasy reinforcements. Pull out all the sloppy stops.





Let go.

Now breathe. Shiver and shake it out. Aftershocks slithering around you and up you and in you. Take it down. Swallow it. And remember how good it tastes so next time you won’t be afraid.

No backfires, just thunder. Appreciate it. Accept it and absolutely indulge in it.

All the way in it.

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