Time for a sweet treat.

Take a trip down fantasia lane for that riddled release you crave. No need to look back or take a rest, you can do that when you’re all done. Strap in or strap on just be sure to push down real hard on that safety bar so you don’t fall off or fall out.

Tick tock to the top, don’t stop.

Sing along with the siren song in your head and follow those bitches down, down, down. Keep going. All the way. Swirling saucers and sauces poured out from those deep dark alien inhabited caverns of your imagination. Finger licking good baby, that’s how we do it here in candy land.

Knock knock, who’s there?

Let them in, let them all in. And once they’re in, let them stay awhile. Get all homey and cozy and comfy and roomy with them. Get all oozy and woozy and tickled by them. It’s why you invited them, so you might as well be a good girl of a host, pull up your knee socks and cut the crusts off the sandwiches and take BIG ol’ bite and swallow it all down. Clink those tea cups. Jiggle that jello. Suck that sucker. Squeeze that marshmallow. Frost your lips with icing and smile big cause that’s what it’s all about. Turn that frown upside down while you lose yourself and find that sugar slice of nice and kitty cat lap it all up. Don’t you dare let it go to waste. Not one drip drop or sprinkle. It’s all yours for the taking so take it all. Take it all baby doll and if you’re good, you’ll get a treat.

So be good. Unless you’re bad, be good at that too because you can’t always be candy apple red sometimes you have go bat black licorice bad and bite that bad right in half. Show it who’s boss. Whip it. Lick it. Need it. Make it beg. Master it. That’s how it goes in the mind sometimes. The ol’ back and forth. Fuck the balance just pick a side daddio and see how goes.

Sunshine and rain, both taste good you just have to add some sugar.

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