I sent him a text that morning with specific instructions, one being, come dressed in suite and tie, the rest was a list of things to bring with him. One, the tie from the first night. Two, a camera. Three, a toy of his choice preferably something to inflict a little pain. Four, his hard cock and I gave him the address as to where I would be waiting for him and a time to show up. He better not be late.

I was lucky to be scouting out places for a clients event and as soon as I saw this place and knew it would be empty, I had to have him there. But this time, it was all for me. I was in charge. Of course I needed him. Of course I wanted him but this was different. He would be all mine tonight and I was coming with everything I had and planned to give him the most pleasurable night, ever. How could I not? He was excruciatingly beautiful and all I could do was think about the last time. His lips, his hands, his body all on me for me. Giving it to me in a way that made me crave him. I felt like a vampire out for blood. Thirsty for him. My body never being quenched. Never enough of him inside me to keep me hydrated. I had to have him at my will. It was necessary. I wanted to use him for me, for my pleasure and my fun. Tonight, I was the boss.

I got there early as to set up the scene. It was an old mansion with so many rooms but the one they hosted people in was this huge historically gorgeous ballroom with mirrors and French doors that opened to a terrace that lead to stunning landscaped gardens that fell out of a Victorian novel. The curtains that hung above the doors were heavy and blood red. I loved them. There was this long hallway with the same sexy curtains that made me want to play hide and seek in them but not tonight. Tonight I would put myself on display in that room with the mirrors and I would open the doors for the air too cool the chemical heat between us. I couldn’t wait to feel that breeze hit my naked skin as I would temp, tease and tantalize him.

I was dressed in over the knee black paten leather lace up boots, fishnets, black panties, a black corset and a long burgundy velvet coat. I looked like I meant business and I did. My breasts pushed up as far as they could go and my ass ready as soon as I took the coat off. My lips stained almost purple and my green eyes twinkled with my dark eyeshadow and lashes black as night. All perfect. All for him. There was one chair pulled to the center of the room from the surrounding areas set up for lounging guests during the parties they have there. Delectable velour sofas and a matching chaise was my targeted spot after my show. I wanted him in the chair first. I had plans for him in that chair.

He arrived on time. I told him to text me when he was here. My phone alert went off and I told him to walk down the hall to the left and find the ballroom. It was the big room with the lights on. I came out of the room and waited for him in the hallway. I saw him turn to the left and begin to walk towards me. My eyes darkened with want, my heartbeat picked up, my body warmed and my breathing increased. My mouth running dry as he came closer. My tongue moistened my lips and I sucked the bottom one in and bit it. My God, look at him. Such a stunning creature. Holy shit he was holding a riding crop. Yes, this was going to be fun. With each step he took I was calculating just what I wanted to do to him. My mind running wild with ideas. I just wanted him in that chair so I could have my way with him. He smiled as he was right in front of me then stopped and looked me over. “I brought the things you requested” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. “Good, now come with me” I said trying to be unaffected by his delicious lips. I could barely walk in those boots but I strut my way to the chair with him behind me and while I did I let the coat slide off holding it with one hand dragging it. I tossed it on one of the sofas and walked over to the sound system and turned on the playlist I had connected from my phone. As the music began I asked him to take out the camera and place it on the high top table and face it towards the chair. He did. I told him to press record and go sit in the chair and hold the crop in his hand. He placed the camera on the table and walked over to the chair. He held up the crop and looked at me and asked “What are you going to do with this my darling?” I told him to sit down and find out.

I took my time walking back to him. I wanted him to watch me walk. I asked him to hold it up. He did but not high enough. I said loudly “Higher” and grabbed his wrist. “Now don’t drop your arm while I do this” I told him. My eyes never leaning his and his never leaning mine. I let go of his wrist and ran my hands down the length of the crop gripping it and ending with my hands cupping his hand. I tipped his hand up and bent down and started at the base of the crop and licked it all the way up. I stopped at the leather flap and flicked it with my tongue and then sucked it. I could see him swallow as I did that and he moved to adjust his seat as I kept going. I took it out of his hand and ran it down his arm as I told him to get the tie out. He took it out of his jacket pocket and gave it to me. I leaned over and kissed him and told him to get up and take off his jacket, tie and shirt and sit back down. He did as I asked and while he did I walked around him smacking the crop on my thigh. God that sting felt good. He sat back down and I told him to remove his shoes and socks next. He did. So there he was just in his pants and as he watched me I took the tie and put it in between my teeth after I told him to put his arms behind him. He laughed and I smacked his arm with the crop and said “Now”. He put his arms behind him and as he did I pushed his legs apart with my foot and placed my boot right near his balls and pushed up a bit, took the tie out of my mouth and said “I’m going to bind your wrists, get a drink and then, I’m going to unzip your pants and pull your beautiful hard cock out and do whatever the fuck I want with it”. I walked around and tied him with the tie. Tight. He winced a bit when I tugged it. I took off my corset while I was behind him so when I walked around my breasts were on full display for him especially in the mirror lined wall behind us. I moved forward and pulled his head up towards me with both hands and kissed him. Hard. I stopped and walked over to a table and grabbed a bottle of bourbon and poured a glass for him. I walked it back over to him. I took a long sip of that strong amber liquid and then tipped his head back and pulled his chin down so his mouth was open and let it fall out of my mouth into his. It ran out of his mouth down his chin and onto his chest. I pushed his mouth closed and he swallowed. I let my hands run down his wet chest and I shoved one down his pants. He groaned as I grabbed him. My hand locked around him and he moved as I moved my hand. I knelt down and undid his pants after I pulled my hand out, freeing him from the fabric as I tugged them off. He had to lift his ass for me to get them all the way off. I stood up looking at him as he sat there tied and naked. I took another drink and gave him a sip from the glass and then let some of it drip onto him. He took in a breath as I followed it with my mouth. Licking it and him. Pushing my way between his legs and taking him in. All the way in. Our sounds pornographic and our desire just as x rated. I kept going as his body clinched and his words went from “Fuck” to “Jesus Christ untie me”. I said no with him still in my mouth and he flung his head back and forward and said “Please, I want to touch you”. I looked up at him and I could see the pleading in his eyes. I stood, walked around and undid the knot. He stayed seated and as I came around he grabbed me pulling me to him. It was like a nuclear explosion when our bodies touched. The torment worked. He had to have me and I was ready for him. I was straddling him on the chair and I looked over to the chaise and as soon as I did he was up with me carrying me to it.

He laid me down and went to work on the laces on my boots. His naked hard body glistening in the ballroom chandelier light. And those mirrors giving me a show while he tugged on the boots. Both boots off and then the panties I had over the fishnets. He looked down at the fragile tights and I said exactly what he was thinking “Rip them”. He looked at me and I said it again “Rip them, now”. He took ahold of them and tore them in half and as he did I moaned something like “Just take me, take me now”. He steadied himself between my legs and looked at me when he moved forward. It took nothing for him to slide into me. The moment I got the text he was here, I was wet. And all that playing, my God, I was soaked. His head down as he thrust forward and was all the way in. His scent plundering me as he kept moving. I wanted to he covered in him. His scent, his sweat, his desire. All of him. In and on me. I wanted to drown in him. My lust for him was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was animalistic. So primal and dark. He kept going and I held on telling him harder and he did. I was building. My muscles tightening. I was looking at the ceiling and then over at our reflection in the mirrored wall holding on and as soon as I arched, I shattered, calling out his name again and again. The rhythm slowed and our eyes met as I caught my breath. I pushed him off and quickly turned and got on all fours and told him to take me this way and he did. It was lewd and vicious. Like consensual carnal corporal punishment. Our moans and groans and growls towered above the music I had playing. Both of us demanding satisfaction. His pumping becoming beastly and brutal as we climbed together. My hands gripping the chaise, holding on for the ending that was so close, so close. And with one last hard, deep stroke, we were there. Antihalation. Ruined in rapture. My arms gave way as did my knees and we lay there, him on top of my back, breathless and weak. Decadently destroyed. Dissolved by desire. His kisses peppering my back as he moves and I roll over. “Thanks for bringing the tie” I say. He smiles and looks over at the high top table and says “I can’t wait to watch this with you”. There’s the camera pointed at the chair and the chaise that we’re laying on. I laughed as he says “You’re my first on camera”. I sit up and kiss him and say “Well, I’m honored to be your first”. He kisses me back as the night pours in those open doors and I can only imagine what’s next with this luscious and amazing man.

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