Well, it had been a long time since I had seen him. We had a beautiful and unforgettable night together. One that will live on in my sexual history forever. I thought of him often. Wondered how he was, what he ended up doing after he left. We kept in touch but his work took him to Europe and that was the end of it. I mean, we were young and excited by each other. We did see each other one time a couple years later but unfortunately nothing happened that night even though I know we both wanted it to. The chemistry was always there. A fire just below the surface always smoldering. I don’t think that will ever go away no matter how far he’s gone. I kind of hated that I never got to see him just once more. To kiss those lips again. To feel him against me again. His skin on my skin. His body on mine. I wanted more but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess.

I got the notice one morning that my company needed me to go to France for a convention. I was up for it and up for a promotion so I felt it was necessary for me to make this happen. I immediately got on my computer and looked him up. It had been quite some time that I allowed myself to do it but there he was plastered all over the internet for his success. Wow. He was still so beautiful too. I got warm just looking at his pictures. My body responded like a teenager. I could remember him under me as I writhed in pleasure on top of him. I am positive I made an audible sound as I scrolled through those pictures and saw him smiling in one of them. I could hear the groans in my ear just like it was yesterday. I needed to get up and lock my door and take care of this. Fuck. Why? How? He made me melt and drool and cum like I have never cum before in my life. I needed to send him a message or an email or something. His contact information was available. And I knew my boss had it too. I could. I could just send him a note that I was coming to France and I knew he was in Paris so I could see him. We could see each other. Again. But what if he didn’t want to? What if he didn’t want to see me again? Damn, I hate my brain.

I waited until the day I was leaving to send the email. I was terrified of his response. It had been so long. I wrote it out and hit send and called for my Uber to go to airport. But one thing I didn’t forget was the gloves. I had kept them all this time and just because and just in case I wanted them with me. I wanted to wear them again for him.

I got in late after a very long flight and all I wanted to do was sleep when I got to my hotel. It was such a gorgeous hotel too. My God, I was in Paris. Holy shit!!! I crashed for a few hours. I knew the time difference and jet lag would get me. I rolled over in my amazing bed with way too many pillows and crisp white linens and grabbed my phone fully charged. I sent my texts to those that gave a shit that I made it there and there it was, an email notification. I clicked it. It was him. I took in a deep breath and read it. I heard it in his voice. Every word I read over and over again. I got teary and excited. He wanted to see me. I read that part like three times. I had told him where I was staying and suggested a meeting in the bar or restaurant as to make it more comfortable for me if I needed a retreat or if we needed a bed to get to. It was a duel situation in my head. Hoping that we would end up in bed for sure. I got up and walked around the room. Peeked out my window at the view and jumped up and down because I was in Paris and he wanted to see me. I sure as hell didn’t come all this way and pack those gloves to not see him. He left his number on the bottom of the email. I took the plunge and dialed. It rang for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t even swallow. All my saliva dried up while I hit the numbers on the phone. He answered. His voice cut threw me like sexual razor blade. We talked for awhile catching up and decided to make plans for tomorrow after my meeting. He would come to the hotel for dinner with me. I was set on fire when he said he missed me. That he thought of me often. That he was sorry that things just stopped. That he still had the tie from his suite he wore that night. That he wondered about me. That he never stopped thinking of that night. I laid on the bed as we talked. I was physically warm and my body just moved when he spoke. My mind tight with thoughts and I could barely contain myself. I wasn’t sure how I would handle seeing him for the first time in so long but it was happening and I was ecstatic.

The day drug on and on with the meeting. I was so tired and hoped for a nap before my dinner and a nice long bath in the amazing tub in my hotel room. My phone buzzed at one point and it was just a picture from him of the tie. My smile was enormous and I had to bite my lip at the memory. As soon as I got back to my room, I took the gloves out and took a picture of them on my bed and sent it to him. I got back a wink emoji. Yeah, this dinner was going to be interesting for sure.

The bath was divine and I needed it to calm myself some before the dinner. I slid on a deep burgundy dress over black lace panties and a black bra with fishnets and black heels to go with the gloves. It was Paris after all, gloves would be completely acceptable for dinner in such a fancy hotel restaurant. Makeup and hair done perfectly and my body lotioned and spritzed with lavender. I was ready. Seduction time.

We agreed to meet in the lobby and walk in together. I stepped out of the elevator and scanned the room for him. I walked around searching for him. The night air chilling my skin as the revolving doors spun around. Just then I felt a hand on my back. I turned around to see him. I wasn’t expecting such a surging reaction. My body tingled immediately with want. He was smiling and saying something but I couldn’t hear him. I just reached for him and hugged him. Oh my. He felt so good. So good. I was melting into him and into the floor as he pulled away and looked at me. I wanted to kiss him. Right there, right then I wanted his lips on mine but I refrained. God, he looked as beautiful now as he did when I first met him. He took my hand and placed it on his arm and walked me into the restaurant. I was shaking. He patted my hand with his and said “You look amazing and I am so happy to see you tonight”. I took a breath in and sighed out and replied with “Thank you”. Its all I could get out. They sat us at a nice corner table for two with candle light to shine on us. I wasn’t sure I could even eat but we ordered anyway. Wine and food came out along with abundant conversation. He kept looking at my hands. I finally asked why and he said “It’s the gloves”. I knew it. I knew they would work. I smiled and leaned in touching his hand that was on the table and asked in a sultry voice “What about them?” He moved in his chair and also leaned forward and said “You left them on that night”. His eyes darkened when he said that. I took a sip of my wine and swallowed it, my eyes never leaving his. He leaned back adjusting himself in his chair again. I took that as a sign and dove right in with my plan and asked “Are you as hard now as you were when you took me to that room?” He looked at me, his eyes dancing up and down from my chest to my mouth to my eyes and said “Harder”. Now I had to adjust my seat. He asked for the check and as he signed he was looking at me. He stood and walked over and pulled my chair out for me and as he did his hands touched my shoulders. I tried not to make a sound as the moan was there and my eyes closed. We walked out of the restaurant together. We stopped in the lobby. I gently leaned over to him and asked him to come up with me and he nodded and put his hand in mine. His thumb running over the velvet as I was dying for him inside because I wanted him inside me.

We got in the elevator, I hit the number and as soon as I did he grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. I was pinned up against it as his lips slammed into mine. Words and my name falling from his mouth as his hands ran all over my body. The doors opened to my floor and we flung ourselves out. I tugged him to the door of my room, fumbling for my key and him kissing my neck and my back as he moved his hands along my hips from behind me. The door open and we nearly fell in. As soon as we were inside and the door shut he turned me around and had me against it. His hands quickly looking for the zipper on the back. Soon the dress was at my feet. My hands shoving his suit jacket off and working on the buttons on his shirt. There we were, me in my bra, panties, fishnets and heels with my gloves still on and him in just his pants. I moved him towards the bed stepping out of the heels as I did and he using his feet to take his shoes off. He came at me to kiss me and I put my gloved finger up to stop him. He looked at me puzzled. I sat him down on the bed. Turned on the lamp, shut the curtains and came back to him but not standing. I didn’t walk to him. I crawled. He watched me so intently. I crawled to him and as I got to him I spread his legs and ran my hands up to the button on his pants. Undid them and pulled them down. My hands running over his chiseled stomach and chest. My mouth watering for him as he stood so I could pull his pants off. I sat back on my knees and ran my hands along my body as to show him what he was going to get. My head back while my velvet covered hands touched myself. Sliding around while he watched me. Then leaning forward and grabbing for him. Asking him to sit again for me. He was naked and I was ready to please him. His head back and his hands gripping the duvet as I did. I bet the velvet felt so good on his length as I stroked him and put my mouth on him. Soon, he stopped me and pulled me up to kiss him. His hands making way with my bra and diving to kiss and suckle my breasts. Pulling me on his lap as his hands smoothed over my ass. Yeah this is exactly what I wanted. Him under me, again. But not for long as he tossed me over onto the bed. Standing he pulled the fishnets and my panties off at the same time. I asked if I should keep the gloves on and he smiled as he pushed between my thighs and said “Fuck yes”.

Our bodies gelled together just like before. Moving like we knew each other. Him thrusting and pumping as I climbed. Getting there, again. Years in the making. Again. I could feel him tightening up, going faster and harder. Yes. Don’t stop. Here in Paris he was why I came. Not work, not my promotion, him. I needed him and he needed me. I knew it. I know it. And at that moment he finished with my gloved hands racking down his back trying to contain my screams but out they came. He collapsed on top of me. Both of us trying to catch our breath. He kissed me so tenderly and with such delicious passion that I knew at that moment I was doomed. This wouldn’t be enough. This wasn’t just one more. This wasn’t just an encore. This was craving. A fire that would never be put out and I was ready to burn for my sins. Over and over again.

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