Plans for the weekend were in place and it seems like forever since I had been out of my house.  I wasn’t sure what to wear but the girls said it was casual but for some reason I felt fishnets were in order.  Slid them on as I turned up my music and danced around my bathroom while putting on my makeup. Red lips are always necessary.  Grabbed my ripped jeans and put them on over the tights and threw on a light heather blue  t-shirt.  Ran some product through my hair and spritzed some perfume on my wrists and neck and I was ready.  Tied my miss matched Converse and took one last look before my girlfriends rang the bell.  Purse and jacket in hand as I opened the door and shooed them all back to the car.  

We all decided right off we were going to just have fun.  It was a party at one of our co-workers places downtown.  He owned several properties and this one was a warehouse turned into a loft.  There was a DJ and the music was blasting and the crowd was wild with dancing and booze. It might as well have been a club. I teased them that I felt too old for this shit but they weren’t having it and pulled me to the middle of the dance floor area.  I must say, it was fun.  I was desperate for some water after about 5 songs and we found our way to the bar area.  There were several places to sit and there was food available too.  Waiters and waitresses swiveling with trays around the room.  I slammed my water and we decided to take a cruise around the place.  A few others from our work were there and they showed us around.  We ended up heading upstairs and when we got up there I needed to use the restroom. Our co-worker that owned the place showed me down the hall 5th door on the right. 

I roamed down the dark hall lit by a few sconces on the walls and found the restroom door and opened it.  I was so embarrassed to find someone in there. It was a guy. I immediately said I was sorry and started to turn and shut the door but he said wait, he was done. I stopped, turned back around and looked at him.  He had a cigarette lit in one hand and was grabbing for the pack with other.  His eyes dark in the dim light.  They hit me like a car crash.  His lips formed into a grin and I was stuck.  They looked like they were chiseled from stone.  A statue from Babylon standing in front of me.  His hair messy and begging to be touched.  His arms firm and vascular from under his button up straight out of the 50’s jean t-shirt. He tilted his head as to offer me to come in but I was glued to the fucking door handle.  I just stood there smiling and finally he said “Do you need anything, like can I get you something?”  I shook my head and said “No, no, I’m fine” and I nervously laughed and walked around him as we switched places.  Walking those few steps past him I could smell him.  He reeked of man, fresh but smoky and hints of liquor and the woods after it rains.  It was intoxicating.  I had to hold onto the sink.  Goddamn he was beautiful.  He turned back around and said as he took a drag from his cigarette and was shutting the door for me “If you do need anything, come find me.”  And I almost fainted. He shut the door and I locked it and made a decision right that I would definitely find him for something. Yes, yes I would.  

I quickly found my girls when I was done and they were still with our co-worker thankfully so I could ask who he was. He laughed and said he wasn’t surprised I would like him.  Like him, no, want him, Yes!  Teasing me and joking he walked me over to the railing looking down onto the party goers and we scoured the crowd looking for him.  I didn’t see him.  Moments later  I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around expecting it to be one of the girls and like a bullet to the groin it was him.  He smiled saying “So, do you need anything yet?” Everyone waited for my answer especially him. I said “Yes, yes I do” The girls swooned as he took my hand and lead me away.  I looked over my shoulder at them and they were damn near cheering for me.  I closed my eyes and turned back around. He took me to the middle of the crowd and as the song changed he pulled me to him.  Our bodies touching through the fabric.  My mouth drying up as his hands went around my waist and we started to move.  It was a bluesy song and we were swaying to the beat. He ended up turning me around so I was facing away from him.  His hands on my hips and as I leaned into him he asked into my ear “What do you need?” and I answered back “I think this is good”.  His grip tightened on my hips and he asked with his lips on my ear “Are you sure?” I took a deep breath and as the air exited my lungs I said “No”. He turned me around and looked me in the eye and then let his gaze sink to my mouth and he leaned down and kissed me.  The world around us melted away instantly.  I opened my lips to let his tongue in and in it came, touching mine.  His hands tighter around me.  Mine grabbing the denim shirt.  He stopped and said “Come with me” and I said “Yes”. 

He took me by the hand and we returned to the stairway headed up to the loft.  Passing people and hearing the chatter and laughter as we did.  The music grew softer as we went down the hall.  Back to the restroom where we were.  He opened the door and gently pushed me inside and shut the door and locked it.  It wasn’t romantic.  It wasn’t meant to be.  He came towards me and turned me to the sink picking me up a little so my ass was on it along with his hands.  He was between my legs coming in as close as he could kissing me hard.  Groaning with his lips forcing me to moan back.  My hands making way with the buttons on his shirt touching his bare skin underneath.  He smiled as I ran my hands along his chest and pushed the shirt off.  Then quickly he tugged mine up over my head and tossed it on the floor.  His bare chest was too tempting not to kiss, so I did.  Trailing along his collar bone and down to the middle of his chest then down his stomach.  I looked up and he was watching me.  He pulled me up by my chin with his hand.  Kissing me again.  He stopped pulled back and looked at me. Admiring me.  His eyes focused on my ample bosom held up by a red bra.  He took a step forward and placed his hands on me as he did.  I tipped my head back and leaned against the mirror as his mouth was on me. Freeing me from the fabric he generously paid attention to each of them.  

I wanted to switch places.  I pulled him up and turned him around.  He was leaning on the sink now.  My hands sliding down the front of him between his legs.  He hissed as I did it and I smiled as I felt him. All of him.  As my mouth watered for him I undid his pants and as I took them down I went with them.  Looking up with appreciation I took him in.  Slowly and purposely.  His head went back as I did and his hands gripped the sink.  The sound that came out of his mouth was like a whimper carried by the word “Yes”. I wanted to worship him like this.  Such a spectacle of a man.  The most powerful position for a woman.  He moved with me biting his lower lip and grunting the word “Fuck”. He placed his hand on my head.  My eyes closed and then looked up at him.  He was watching.  Enjoying.  I kept going, reveling in him and in this. So delicious. I pulled away and he pulled me up.  He kissed me and turned me around.  He undid my jeans and stepped out of his. He looked at the fishnets and looked up at me with a smirk as he told me to put my hands on the sink. I turned around and did it watching him in the mirror.  With both hands on my ass he took a hold of the tights and ripped them. I shuttered when he did it.  He leaned in from behind me and kissed my neck and my back. The kisses and his tongue were sliding down my skin.  God he felt so good.  His hands still on me as he pulled the ripped the tights harder while his mouth was down there.  I couldn’t steady myself  nor could I stay still.  I was grinding on him as my hands slammed onto the mirror jiggling it on the wall.  He didn’t stop.  He kept going until I was ready to scream and as soon as I fell over the edge he came back up and pushed himself in.  Rocking into me.  His arms wrapped around me holding onto me as he moved, as we moved.  My head back on him as I staggered and vibrated from his thrusts.  I was climbing.  He could feel it.  And just before I got there he said “Is this what you needed?” and right then I cried out “Yes!”  Riding the shock waves he turned me around and sat me on the sink still trembling holding onto him he plunged into me.  He didn’t stop.  He didn’t slow down.  He was climbing now and I was holding on ready for another one. Our bodies pushing and pulling.  My hands tugging and clawing him.  Our sounds like animals.  Primal.  Needing it. Driving for the finish.  And with one last push it sent him over and I went with him.  He caved into me, slumped over with ecstasy.  Breathing heavily he moved  his head up and kissed me. A gentle soft and deliberate kiss. I smiled into the kiss. He moved and I stood as he did. Sore from the faucet in my back I looked in the mirror trying to see if there was a mark left. He politely handed me my clothes as I pulled what was left of my tights off and stuffed them in my purse. He laughed while buttoning up his shirt and asked “A keep sake?” as he looked towards my purse and I simply responded as I leaned in fully naked holding my clothes and said “Yes”. 

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