You.  You came out of know where and hit my soul like lightning.  Pure profane lightning. Definitely not a God of thunder. No, you’re from somewhere else entirely.  Otherworldly perhaps, extraterrestrial even.  Not from the heavens, not from hell but the things you do to my below make me blush.

Perverted and miscreant thoughts stream live in my mind all damn day long since our one meeting. How did this even begin?  Where did it take a turn?  I think I know but the fact is I don’t even care because I like it.  I like you. Too much.  It’s not normal to feel this way for someone, someone like you.  But I do and I want it, I want you.  It’s unhealthy but I know you don’t care and I know you want it just as bad as I do.  You told me so.  You left nothing to hide and nor did I.  I let it trickle out until you caught on and it didn’t take long at all. It got dirty fast and I sure as fuck don’t want it to get clean now. It’s too late for that.  I am shameless with you and you with me.  Your good girl gone bad in a wicked moment of honesty that sent us both down a wild river of corruption.  I am uncontrollable with you and I have barely even been with you. I ache for when I am. My abandoned body so thirsty for you.  The unexpected twisted thoughts that play like movies in my mind keep me company until you are next to me.  Lonely on this journey until you. Violently awoken with filthy fantasies so abundant that I can’t seem to shake them and I don’t want to. I just store them away for later use.  My body can’t handle much more away from you.  The cravings are rotten and my mind is too.  I try to make it minutes at least not thinking of you but there you are again creeping around in my thoughts.  Lurking and waiting.  Penetrating my every second with your own desires for me.  It’s unnatural and gluttonous but the day dreams and the scheming for our future lechery have become their own monsters.  Obscene and repulsive but damn do I let the animal that is you in my mind drown me in candy coated sinful deliciousness any chance I get. Sucking hard on that sweetness.

In my bedroom, in my living room, in the bathtub, in my car, at the office, I can’t hide from you and I don’t want to.  I want you with me everywhere and there you are. Your low carnal voice echoing inside me.  Drawing me to the edge as my body feverishly tries to keep up with your directions.  Tell me how. Tell me when. Tell me everything. Brutally torturing me with your words.  Written or spoken they overpower me.  When you speak my name it absolutely suffocates me with want.  I am so invested in you. So obsessed with you. Immersed in you. Waiting to be fully drenched in you.  All of you.  Every single inch of you.  Me flooded with you.  That’s what I want.  Drown me with you.  I can take it.  But the waiting is asphyxiating.  Its agony.  How much longer?

The heat, this incandescence, that has grown from one meeting to now is seething.  Burning inside me and inside you.  Mind fucking one another to the point that when we do meet again, I believe we will incinerate. Your touch will scald my skin, leaving marks from the sensual searing.  I know it, and I want it.  I want the singe, the chafe, the swelter, all of it and I want it with you and from you.  Set me on sexual fire, please.  I will crawl for it. Beg for it.  Plead for it. Because I need it. You need it too. We need it from each other.  Our bodies and souls crudely connected and there is no separating it now and why would we want to? Too much lust. Too much said. Too curious and improper to look away from.  Luscious lewd conduct in private. Too dirty to get clean so open up that depraved door and let me in.

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