Days upon days spent at work.  No social life really.  I wasn’t up for it much anyway these days.  I was rather lost with life. So I spent my time working.  I was in line for a spot in the new development and I wanted it so bad I could taste it.  My boss new it too.  I was pretty sure I would get to head up the team.  He did mention he might bring someone in from outside to aide in the project as it was big for our area.  He told me one afternoon before I left that he was going to host a dinner after he invited the gentleman.  He would be flying in from New York tomorrow.  And then he told me not to worry, I had the job but I would need the help.  Fine.  I guess.  I liked to work alone as I was a bit of a control freak but if he was an expert then I suppose I could yield, a little.

I woke excited.  I jumped into the shower and got dressed in a suite.  A pressed white shirt with cufflinks tucked into black pinstripe trousers and jacket to match.  Hell, I might as well put on a tie at this point but I opted for blood red lips instead.  I got there early and set up for the meeting.  Everyone was buzzing about the new guy, especially the girls.  Whatever. They said he was hot.  Even my assistant was falling all over herself about it.  I rolled my eyes and shuffled papers as every one scurried around for the staff meeting.  I was totally ready to get this project going so lets hope this guy was on my wave length. We were all seated when my boss and a couple others strode in.  The new guy, was with them.

Holy Fuck

He tuned the corner and the world stopped.  All the air was sucked out of the room and I couldn’t move.  He was beautiful.  I mean stunning.  His eyes dark and piercing.  His suit cut perfectly for his tall frame.  He was so tall.  His hair long and tucked behind his ears. Black and shinning like onyx.  I wanted to touch it.  I swallowed hard and tried to inhale.  Fighting the urge to bite my lip as I watched him come around the table shaking hands with everyone.  He got closer to me and the empty seat next to me and I was doomed.  He was going to sit there.  He smiled and I knew I was staring.  Not like polite staring either, it was gawking.  My face turned warm.  My body too.  I was like stuck in some enchantment or something.  He reached out to shake my hand and as he did I stood to better present myself.  Breathing in I put my hand out and when I did his eyes met mine and it was like an internal explosion.  Those eyes, so inviting.  His hand so large and firm when he shook mine.  I tried to let go but he held on and used the extra moment to look at me.  His eyes traveled all the way down to my trouser covered boots, all the way back up stopping just for a sweet second at my chest and then right back up to my gaze.  His lips closed and curled into a captivating grin. He politely pulled the seat out just a little bit further for me to sit back down after he released my hand.  I damn near fainted as I think I had been holding my breath the entire time.  I took in a deep breath finally and sat down.  He sat down as well and when he did and I took that breath, I was hit with his scent.  Dear God how was I going to get through the meeting let alone work with him if he smelled that good?  It was like fresh rain, body wash and sex.  He spoke and I had to adjust my seat.  His voice was commanding and deep, with purpose and rhythm.  I was following each syllable watching his mouth move as the words fell from his lips and tongue like a sensual gospel.  I was totally fucked.

The meeting and the day ended.  I did my best to not spend the entire day dreaming of those hands and that mouth and those eyes and that hair. I was unsuccessful because that’s all I could think about. Those day dreams slipped into night dreams as I put myself to bed that night.

The next day was torture. He walked into my office in an off white cable knit sweater and navy pants that fit too well.  His shoes shinning in the morning sun that poured through my windows.  His hair loose and he tucked it behind his ears while we talked.  Every movement and motion he made was beckoning me to touch him.  I know it had been awhile for me but this was ridiculous.  I eventually had to go to the restroom and tell myself to get it together.  I came back in with two coffees and he was seated in the leather seat by the couch with his arms on his knees reading something and when he looked up at me, I almost dropped them.  He laughed.  He knew.  He knew exactly what was happening.  I unfolded some blue prints on the table and when I did he stood and came up behind me.  His body directly behind me.  I could feel the heat from him he was so close but not touching me.  I had to close my eyes and regroup quickly.  I even peered back at him and he didn’t budge.  He kept his stance firmly behind me.  Oh my, I bet he was too.  Firm.  I was so tempted by him.  I thought two could play this game so I leaned forward, my backside brushing against him.  He still stood stoic but he smiled.  Teasingly I took one more step backwards and now I was flush against him and I placed my hands flat on the table, both of them.  I was in a very provocative position.  He took the bait.  He leaned forward and moved a bit to the side to see where I was looking and to see what I was showing him and as he did he placed his hand on mine and softly slide it over to rest next to mine.  It was enthralling.  This little game.  He was engaging with me.  I pressed back a bit and he moved some more to the side.  I tried not to giggle but it came out.  He took the other hand and slid it back up over my arm and over my back and as he did I leaned into him.  I was ready to have him turn me around and take me right there and from what I could feel from him, he was ready too.  Just then the door swung open and my assistant bounced in with the files I had asked her for.  Goddamn it.

Soon enough after a couple days of working side by side with him, the dinner was upon us.  I was ready with a new dress and an agenda.  No more games, no more teasing.  I wanted him and he wanted me.  It was time.

I got to the building a little late as traffic was crazy.  I got out of the car and walked into the restaurant.  People bustling about, music playing, and the hostess took my jacket and told me to head to the back to the private room.  I popped by a mirror and checked my hair and lipstick.  All good.  Smoothed out my dress that was a bit more fitted than usual but again, I was making a statement.  It was black with a gold zipper down the back.  All gold accessories and the shoes uncomfortable as hell but killer red bottom black pumps with lace style fishnets that set it off perfectly.  And lets not forget, the red lips.

As I walked in and looked around at all the people I smiled and said my hellos.  It was the typical bunch of over served assholes with too much money and not enough women in the room to spend it on giving me the once over as I rolled my eyes.  And just as I was getting through the crowd and nearly annoyed, there he stood.  Leaning on the bar with a glass of amber liquid in his hand.  His look was pure domination. He was dressed in a blue suit with a white shirt underneath.  Unbuttoned at the collar and no tie.  He watched me walking towards him.  He bent his head down to take a sip, his eyes never breaking contact with mine.  I watched his lips touch the glass and then suck the liquid in. He pulled the glass away and I watched him swallow the sip and smile at me.  Fuck.  His eyes skipping all over me.  I could feel them practically burrowing into my skin.  He sat his drink down and walked towards me.  His hands down at his side and mine gripping my red bag that matched my lips.  I sucked in a breath as the distance between us closed and he was right in front of me and I was right in front of him.  His body right there, under that suite.  I looked up at him and he down at me as he took my hand and kissed it.  I bite my lip and felt the liquid heat begin inside me.  He asked if I wanted a drink and I said I’d have what he’s having.  We stood at the bar for a minute, I sipped my drink, he sipped his and the chatting was about work.  I couldn’t take it.  My legs were squeezed together the entire time as to find some relief in the pressure.  He was obscenely alluring.

I was bewitched.  I was in some kind of splendid stupor.  He knew it.  He could feel it too.  The heat.  The charge.  It was electrifying.  It was immediate.  From the office to now.  The sinful stimulation so juiced and primed.  The past couple of days have lead up to now.  Thrilling and tense with momentary touches and glances.  Watching and waiting.  Smiles and lips licked in the direction of what would we taste like?  The dynamic was rousing and we were ready.  It was now or never damn it.  I took the chance.  I put my drink down, walked around him and looked over towards the door.  I made sure he saw my eyes and I began to walk that way.  He knew to follow me.  He knew what I needed and he wanted to give it to me.  And I was ready to take it.  To give myself over to him right now. My drought soon to be over.  Neglected no more.

I smiled past the people in the room and exited.  I waited in the hall.  He walked out.  His eyes dark and hungry.  The need was palpable.  I looked around searching for somewhere, anywhere.  He was doing the same.  He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards another hallway.  There was a door marked stairway.  He pushed the door open  pulling me behind him.  The door slammed loudly in the open concreate stairway.  He stood before me breathing hard and I stood there leaning on a railing holding onto it with my chest heaving.  Then in one step he had me pulled against him.  His arms around me and pushing me against the metal railing.  It hurt but I didn’t care.  His mouth on mine.  His tongue wanting entry so I graciously opened for him.  The heat was white hot but all I was seeing was black.  I could feel him.  Pushing and pulling and tugging and grabbing and needing.  Needing me.  And I needed him.  There was no taming it now.  It was set loose and set a blaze.  Burning together in an animalistic inferno.

His hands shoving up my dress, my back pressing against the rail.  My hands in his hair. That hair like the dead of night as I tugged it to pull his head back off of my neck and kiss him.  His head dipping down to my chest.  Wanting me free of fabric he turned me and unzipped the dress.  It fell to the floor leaving me to feel the stark coolness of the stairwell against what little fabric was left on my body.  The biting look on his face as he threw off his jacket and my hands went to the buttons on his shirt. He growled as I made way with the shirt along with his belt, button and zipper on his pants.  I wanted to eat him alive. Destroy him.  Gorge myself on him until I gagged, so I did. When I had my fill, he plucked me up and took me over to the stairs. I turned him around and pushed him up a couple of steps. He came at me quickly and roughly and he pulled me down on him.  My fishnets pulled apart from where I straddled him. His hands quickly annihilated them.  He was reveling in it.  In all of it. He was appreciating every inch of my bare skin with his mouth.  Kisses, licks and bites all over me. And his hands played crucifying torment wherever they touched.

The only words I remember were “I want to use you up, completely” as he lifted me over him. The sounds from him echoed against the walls.  My lecherous cries went unheard as we moved. Seething in rapture. Carnal lewd debauchery.  Sensuous sex right there on the cement. Hedonistic and dangerous.  The pain with the pleasure would leave me marked and wanting more.   An exciting X-rated all consuming consummation.  I was left wasted. Wrapped around him weak and breathless. Stripped, seized, stretched, shaking and soaked in lust.  Consensually pillaged. Two bodies left extinguished to smolder in sync……..until the next detonation.

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