You know those dreams that wake you with a smile, the ones that never seem to leave your mind or your body, those are my favorite.  They are especially fun when they are spawned from a memory.  Now the actual memory may not fit the pieces of the dream because in our dreams we can do whatever we want to whom ever we please and however hard we want to.  There are no boundaries, no limits, no stopping and the possibilities are in fact endless.  It’s like a candy land in your mind that is released by sleep.  A place where the ice cream stays cold and the bath water is always hot.  The candy never melts in your hand but for sure in your mouth and the soda always pops! Candy coated crushes from then and now come to life in the sensual play ground that is your fantastic phanstasmic  imagination.  Naughty nightmares leaving their impression on you while you go about your day licking your lips in thought and wait for the deed that comes at night.  A mental head trip that takes you so far from reality that you may never want to return.  That walk down memory lane that goes from a stroll to a run as   you chase down the beast that sparked your ignition.  Don’t let it go, make it finish the job.  You don’t want to wake up soaked in your delusion with nothing to remember.

The music of the night sung by those angels dressed like demons that slide into the back dark corners of your mind come into the light like spectacular specters ready to put you in a trance and you let them.  Their sweet melodies play on your skin and your lips as you suck on them like pieces of hard candy letting them drip down your body.  The halls of your fantasia are dim and steamy where you can hide but still be seen.  Followed, wanted, needed and hidden by the mirage that is this fairy land created in your slumber. It all just hurts too good to say no to, so it continues.  You see how much you can take.  You see how far you can go.  Stretching like elastic waiting for it to snap and if it does, you won’t mind the sting.

It’s turned into a full on flashback sprint now.  A flight of fantasy and imagination.  Grabbing and pushing and pulling and tugging and gripping and gridding through the unconsciousness of your raptured recognition.  Lust that will leave you lost in lip biting pornographic thought all damn day as you smile with appreciation of such retrospection.  It’s the way it moved, the way it breathed, the way it came to life and spun you around and slammed you into that wall of reflection.  How could you not pay it the proper attention?  And pay it do, over and over again.  On your knees, on your back, on your side and open wide with that money for the toll. With no regard to materiality you just let it all happen. It’s very likely you didn’t even have to force the fantasy at all.  It began, continued and ended all on it’s own.  All you had to do was simply slide on, hold on and enjoy the ride all the way to the end.  To the end scene with the cotton candy sunset holding hands walking back to reality still handcuffed to the palpable sticky substance left behind because you said to put it there.  No need to clean it up now, that’s what day dreaming in the shower is for.  Dirty delicious sugar coated creations used for beautiful distractions.  Plucked and devoured with a motivated appetite.  Drained, milked and used for the purpose of pleasure and fueled by the manic good girl gone bad.  The luscious lechery of the mind, it;such a savory place for satisfaction.  Please, watch your step, use both hands and don’t forget your tongue.

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