My mind was a frenzy of thoughts and memories from that night.  Holy shit, that happened.  We left that art show hand in hand out the back door to an alley and then, oh my God, on the stairs in the rain.  Our wet bodies pinned against that brick wall as the water washed over our bare skin down to the bottom step into a puddle of sin.

I couldn’t concentrate at all during the week.  Especially considering I would see him at the job site.  He ended up coming home with me that night. My makeup smeared and smudged wiped off with a damp cloth in my bathroom while he undressed and kissed my bare shoulder hanging out of a warm sweatshirt.  I never thought twice about it as we slipped under the covers, our hair still wet from the rain.  He smiled and got closer.  God, how can I deny that grin.  It sent me into a giddy teenage state of horniness that I couldn’t control and I didn’t want to.  I was such a play by the rules girl.  Always doing the “right” thing.  Never really letting my freak flag fly but with him, I didn’t hold back, not one bit and he liked it.  I don’t know if was his youth, my experience or the volcanic combination but it worked.  It worked so good.  Soon enough it was morning and as he laid sleeping I looked at him.  I admired him.  His pale skin.  His perfectly pink plump lips that looked almost swollen from over use. His hair against the white pillow and I couldn’t help but touch him.  I traced his tattoos with my fingers and he moved slightly.  I followed the wings of the butterfly in his stomach as he turned towards me. His eyes opening and looking at me.  I felt so vulnerable and open and he knew it. He took my face in his hands and kissed me softly and then kissed my forehead and said “go back to sleep, you need it” and he rolled over and took my hand so I was spooned up against him.  I couldn’t fall back asleep though. He was so beautiful and so young and so delicious.  I kissed his back and the nape of his neck.  He responded immediately. Turning right back over and slamming into me with a kiss so hard that it forced me into the bed.  There was no more sleeping.

Monday came around and I was up and about ready for work and my phone dinged with a text.  It was him.  It read “See you later today.  I’ll be the one with the giant I got laid smile on”.  I laughed out loud and said “Hahaha, me too, and maybe no panties”.  I got a few select emojis back and I left for the office.

I arrived at the job site later that afternoon. The sun was shining in the autumn sky as I zipped up my jacket and walked around the outside of the building.  As I came around the corner he was standing there with buckets of paint and water and brushes around.  He turned as he leaned to rinse one.  I could see his face in the sunlight.  It was as if the God’s shown on him right at that moment and the angels fucking sung as he took his wet hand and shoved it in his hair, damp locks falling over his eyes as he looked up at me.  I stood still like a stone statue watching him.  I gripped my leather covered notepad so hard I left marks on it.  I swallowed even harder as the memories of him flooded my mind, like waves of lust rushing over me. I couldn’t breathe.  He was stunning in that light.  He looked around and nodded. I dropped my stuff, he dropped his brushes and we collided.  I couldn’t touch him enough and his hands couldn’t grasp me hard enough. Our kiss was absolutely electric with enough voltage to light up a city.  He took a few steps back and was against the building. I was devouring him with my mouth.  Eating him alive. Literally biting and nipping at him and clawing at him.  I was out of control with him.  I took a step back realizing where we were and we both took a deep breath. My hair a mess and his as well as our hands were all over each other.  My jacket unzipped and his shirt shoved up in the back. We were crazy.  My phone dinged with a text and it was the supervisor apologizing for being late but that he was across town stuck in a meeting and wouldn’t be there for about another half hour or so.  I quickly replied saying it was fine and that I would be at the building and to text when he was close. As soon as I knew we had time, I pulled him inside by handfuls of that white t-shirt and the passion continued.

Neither one of us cared about the surroundings at all.  Paint cloths scattered about over the floor and as I knelt down I could feel the concrete under my knees. The pain only added to it all.  I wanted the bruises as a marker of this day. My hands reaching up over his denim covered thighs searching for the button and zipper while my eyes were locked on his. Oh those eyes too. My God. They penetrated me in a way that was much like the mole borrowing into the earth, his gaze dug deep into me. Soon enough he was kneeling down with me and sliding my jacket off.  Then button by button my white shirt was tossed over with his white shirt.  There we were on the paint splattered canvas covered floor.  His kiss laid me down and he came with me.  His body hovering over me while his damp hair dangled he looked at me and ducked down to press his lips on my neck and chest and stomach.  His hands gripping my hips as he traveled my body with his mouth and back up to my lips. I was fully under his spell. I could only move in reaction to his actions. It was like I was his voodoo doll. I could only respond to him as he worked me over.  My body was his. I was giving it all to him.  We were letting our wickedness rule us.  Letting go. Letting it all go, over and over and over again as I absorbed his movements and drank in all his sounds. Swallowing his moans and slurping his growls and grunts with my kisses. Tasting him.  Feeling him.  Drinking him in as our bodies feasted on one another.  Feeling that cloth underneath me as it rubbed against my skin chaffing it. I rather liked the pain of it. The scratching and grappling of it all.  Grabbing and pulling and grasping and taking in all of him.   The way we were handling one another was like a sonic impact. Percussion by passion. Explosion by ecstasy.  A consummated combustion.  But there was no inexperience here, none at all, only roaring beauty ignited by a look and a want and a desire between youth and maturity met with damnable innocence hidden behind the deprived and brought out by the shameless and sensual wolf in them both.  He took me down and I let him because I needed it.  I needed him.  I wanted him. Lust driven need.  Oh my, what a ride.


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