I had been busy on an architectural project at work and needed to get to the job site to check the progress.  I arrived first thing in the morning, my coffee hadn’t even kicked in yet but I needed to check on things especially the painting.  The colors had to be just right for the theme to work.  I parked my car next to trucks and jeeps and stepped out onto the dirt in my Converse and headed in.  It was coming along nicely and I was excited to see everything almost done. I walked into the large meeting area after saying hello to some of the guys and took a look around at the walls and was thrilled.  The soft tones and warm colors I chose were perfect.  They brought out all the sensuality in the wood and gave it such a sexy vibe.  I was definitely feeling it.  I took a sip of my latte as the foreman came in and we chatted a bit and as we were walking out a young man caught my eye.  He was prepping the paint to start another room and I found myself staring.  He was bent down, his hair shaggy and falling in his face until he shoved it back with his hand and as he did he looked up at me.  His eyes met mine and didn’t leave me as I walked around the room discussing things with the foreman.  I kept looking back and he was always there to met my gaze.  He smiled and I swear when he moved his arms and his muscles flexed I lost my breath and my train of thought.  He laughed as I got flustered.  He finally came over and introduced himself and I am positive I was blushing.  The foreman told me he was running the job for his boss as he was the best painter around.  I joked and asked “How good can you be at your age?” and he took a step closer and said “well, I don’t think being 23 has much to do with it when you’re really good at it.”  I almost tripped when he said the words “good at it”.  He smiled and it was the biggest most beautiful thing I had seen in years and by the look of things that wasn’t all he had to offer in that area.  The foreman got a call and had to take it and he told him to walk me around and finish showing me the other rooms.  He graciously obliged.  We walked slowly and time slipped into slow motion.  I felt like I had known him in a pervious life or something.  He was so soft spoken and kind but those eyes were a window to a side of him that I know I could easily lure out.  There was a deviant in there, I could sense it. He wasn’t exactly hiding it with his tattoos and rings and unkept hair, hair I bet he cut himself to show more of his identity.  His rolled up sleeves on his white t-shirt showed his lean fit body and those long decadent ringed fingers were teasing me every time they ran through his hair.  And that smile, it called to me in a way the made my skin crackle.  His lips looked drawn on his face and he would occasionally lick them and I watched that tongue wet them so precisely that the sun would catch them a bit and they would glimmer as we crossed the empty freshly painted room.  I learned about his job, his not wanting to finish school, his art that he did for fun and he asked me some about my job and where I was from and the chit chat got cut short when the foreman came back and said he needed to go to another job site. I said I would walk with him to his car and head back to the office myself.  I could have stayed there all day and got lost with that young man but I had work to do.  We said our goodbyes and as I was leaving he called for me and I walked back up to the building.  He told me he was going to a club of a friends that was closed for an art exhibit and he’d love for me to come since I was interested in finding special pieces for the walls.  I agreed and he asked for my phone and put in his number and said he would text me the address and to meet him there.  He smiled again as I left, my hair blowing in the breeze and I tucked it behind my ears and when I did he said “you’d look so good in a red dress with your hair slicked back away from your beautiful face”.  I looked down to the ground and back up and said “thank you” and decided I needed to go shopping that night!

The rest of the work week was a blur.  I was texting him often and we were connecting on this other worldly level.  It was so odd because of our age difference but yet we really seemed to gel.  We just identified with one another.  He even called me late one night. I wasn’t sure if he was under the influence of something or what but he was very direct, to the point and explicit.  I didn’t mind it.  I kind of liked it. I appreciate that.  Why mince words when you know what you want? And he did. What’s the worst that could happen?  I played along and soon enough he was asking me what I was wearing in a low hungry voice and when he did, I sat up and looked around.  Of course I was alone but I still had to make sure because I knew where this conversation was going and I was very willing.  I took a breath and answered as sultry as I could with “oh just a t-shirt and panties, want to see?”  He answered with a yes and the next thing I know it was the wee hours of the morning and I was in need of a cold shower and some muscle soothing oil for my wrist!

The eve of the party had arrived. I was beyond ready decked out in that red dress he suggested and my hair professionally done in a pompadour style all pushed back away  from my face and my lips blood red to match my dress and my heels.  I felt the urge to really pull it together with black fishnet thigh highs underneath and a black garter belt with black silk panties and a black bra that held me up very nicely.  The dress was snug and zipped up the back with a gold zipper so my accessories were gold as well including a gold bangle on each wrist over red leather gloves that held onto a red paten leather clutch.  This young man had better be ready!  And no sooner did I think that as I stepped into the room I saw him.  I mean Jesus Christ.  He was seated on a brown leather chair legs spread open in a pinstriped suit giving me one hell of a view. The vest and jacket left unbuttoned, open with no shirt under, just his bare tattooed skin showing.  He was leaned back a bit with his ringed fingered hands resting on his thighs.  It was like he was waiting for me to come and sit on his lap.  Every fiber of my being wanted nothing more than to do just that. If I had to get on my hands and knees and ruin these fishnets doing it to get to that lap, I would. He was absolutely irresistible sitting like that.  My body was aching for him.  My mind swimming with filthy thoughts of what I wanted to do to him and better yet, what I wanted him to do to me.  He stood to greet me and there was that smile and I know mine was just as big as we both were probably remembering our most recent conversation and it’s spectacular ending.  He took me by the hand and turned me around and said “yes, definitely yes” as he approved my outfit.  I was happy he liked it.

We ended up walking around and looking at the art.  Our hands touching every so often and his arm draped around me occasionally. It was subtle yet intentional.  The tension began to build. The heat from a smolder to a volcano with just the words “should we get out of here?” from his mouth.  Oh that delicious mouth.  I agreed and we headed towards the door.  The club was in an alley off of an alley by some old abandoned restaurant with a basement entrance.  As we were walking down the maze of allies he told me how he’d wanted to talk to me.  How he’d seen me on the job site many times but didn’t know how to approach me and finally he just said he’d do it and he did.  He knew he just had to run with the opportunity and ask me out after we were left alone to talk.  I was so glad he had.  And just like that it began to rain.  There was no where to go either.  It was coming down and we both just laughed.  There went my hair and makeup.  He grabbed me and took me over to that stair well.  It went down to the old restaurant and there was an over hang.  The water was coming down the stairs and I took my heels off and we as we got down about halfway he tugged my hand towards him.  His rain soaked face was right in front of mine.  I could feel his wet skin against mine from his chest touching mine.  Our breathing heavy and deliberate.  I was practically panting with need.  He smiled and placed his hand on my cheek and then to the back of my neck after he pushed my black hair away. His lips soon on my skin.  Licking the water from it and then up to my mouth.  I moaned as he kissed me.  My body shivering from the cool rain and the desire that ran like a current through my entire body. His back was against the brick wall and I was shoving him into it.  Running my hands all over his body as I stripped off his drenched jacket and vest dropping them to the stairs.  I ran laps with my tongue over his wet skin.  The sounds of appreciation escaped his mouth as I met them with my lips.  I devoured the sounds and him.  Soon he moved me around and turned me to face the wall and as he did he looked around and then undid the zipper setting free the black lace underneath.  He turned me back around and dove down to meet the fabric, freeing me with his hands and using his lips.  The rain so cold on my bare skin but his mouth was so warm. My head tipped back as his hands shoved up the bottom of the dress quickly making his way up my thighs.  He smiled at the garter belt and pushed my fishnet covered foot with his foot as to give himself some more room. His hands paying attention to everything under my dress as well as his lips.  He was knelt down looking up at me his hair stuck to his face as I ran my fingers over it and moved it away as mine dripped down upon him. The lights flickering above as I watched him until I wasn’t able to contain my pleasure any longer and just as soon as I let go the thunder crashed and the rumble covered my excitement.  The water was rushing down the stairs as he stood and kissed me. My legs and body weak from his pleasuring torture.  He took hold of me and picked me up.  Holding me up by my backside now bare as the dress was all bustled up around my waist I could feel the brick as he pressed me against it harder with each movement. Our motions matched the storm and the water only got wetter as we continued and our sweat mixed with the rain and my melted makeup and our spit from ferocious kisses and the physical primal fire that was created with our bodies was extinguished right there on the concrete stairs by him with a gushing ravenous howling cessation.  That brick wall holding us both up afterwards left no comfort for a scratched and bruised back.  I would be proud of those markings later I’m sure but right now as he let me down gently and kissed me with those appetizing lips and all I wanted was more as he said “you look so good like this, a beautiful mess.” while he wiped the mascara from under my eyes with his thumb. My red lipstick stained the delicate skin around his mouth and we looked like we both had just been in some type of sexual accident.  A carnivorous collision and neither one of us cared.  The rain only made it hotter and as we collected our things and walked up those stairs with our hands holding onto one another I wondered what he’s like all dried off?  I guess I’ll just have to get him a towel and find out. Opportunity knocking for round two!

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