He had been back home in England for work for some time and I missed him.  Our conversations were many and often ended dirty and with me changing my panties.  He definitely had a way with words.  His voice was haunting. It left me with eyes closed and swallowing hard after I would hang up with him.  And FaceTime with him, well, I should pay for that kind of view and attention but it was mine to look at and admire.  All of him.  From his bare feet sitting on the edge of the pool in one of photoshoots to the tips of his fingers that he would so graciously swipe across his lips and kiss them and place them on the camera for me to kiss back.  Those fingers were magical to say the least and those lips were divine yet so sinfully delicious that I craved them like candy.  They tasted like spun honey left to drip in the dark when we would kiss.  I needed him.  I wanted him.  Our encounter last time he was home was one for the record books.  It was a full  on marathon. We couldn’t get enough of each other.  But alas, it ended with him leaving for London, hopefully coming back soon to see his Grandmother and possibly for work.  I on the other hand was left hungry and sedated by him.  I couldn’t think a thought with out him creeping in.  He was always on my mind and his touch left on my body.  Tiny bite marks and bruises healing.  I would run my wet hands over them as I laid in the tub filled bubbles and my head full with him.  Sliding around in the water all by myself to try to ease the burning left by him.  Getting out and slipping on his t-shirt that I vowed to never wash because it smelled like him.  I wore it as often as I could without seeming like a freak.  But I was a freak.  His freak.  And whatever he asked, I would do. So when he asked me to come to see him, I did.

He booked me a flight and in a matter of hours, several hours, I would see him.  I would be able to touch him, kiss him, feel him against me again.  The ache was real and hard and it was all the fuel I needed to pack and get me on that plane.

I got there, walked off the plane and saw him. I saw him standing there in all his wicked beauty. I had been deprived of him for days and I could barely control myself when our eyes met.  I took a deep breath and quickly got to him.  He never moved letting me come to him.  My hands wrapped around him as I dropped my bag next to us. My body slamming into his. He responded with his arms around me and within seconds my lips found his and time stopped.  Everything was in slow motion.  I felt his lips against mine, wet and warm as he opened his mouth slightly and mine opened too.  His tongue finding it’s way in and my entire body was awake from his kiss. I pulled away and looked at him and he at me and his smile sent white hot shocks down my body that landed right between my thighs.  He kissed my forehead and picked up my bag, took my hand in his and said “Let’s go darling, we have some serious catching up to do”.  I was on fire.

He had a car waiting for us after we got my bags and we slid into the back seat. We got very cozy next to one another.  Simple chatting about the flight and where his flat was and all of a sudden his hand was on my thigh sliding up closer and my breathing hitched.  He smiled with my reaction and kept going.  I put my hand on his and he looked at me like I was his last meal and he was going to eat me alive.  I had to adjust myself in my seat.  I bit my lip as his hand moved further up.  I was nervous, eager and feverish with want. I was so charged up that I know if he kept going and touched me further, I would come undone immediately.  He knew it too.  He got closer to me and leaned over and kissed my neck and ran his tongue up my skin it absolutely lit me ablaze.  My breathing was rapid as he moved up to my ear and whispered in his delicious accent “oh baby, soon, so soon” and swiped his hand right up over the middle of my pants and around to my waist and up my stomach and chest to my neck and cheek.  His tattooed hand rested on my face and turned me towards him and he kissed me.  It was explosive.  I moaned into his mouth and let him suck the sheer life right out of me with that kiss. I melted in his hands and as soon as we arrived at his place I was in a puddle of roused lust. I could barely get out of the car but with his help I made it inside.  I felt like I would fall if I didn’t hold onto him.  I was wired and my head was spinning.  I could still taste that kiss as we walked into his apartment.  The man who drove the car was with us carrying my bags and we entered his place and with a flash of cash and a handshake, he was gone.  We were alone.

He took off his jacket, tossed it on a chair and slid off his pants and pulled on a pair of shorts that were on the back of the same chair.  He was asking if I wanted to get more comfortable or take a nap after the flight and as he did he hopped up on his kitchen counter on the other side of the island. The white cotton against his sun kissed skin and black tattoos looked angelic almost.  He was definitely a pure work of art not just decorated with it.  His body was formed from some kind of sexual clay by the goddess herself for the pure use of pleasure. He was undeniably attractive.  I stood there looking at him and couldn’t think of anything else to do but to show him my appreciation so I started to take my clothes off, all of them.  I wasn’t in the mood for sleep, food, drink or anything but him.

My skin felt hyperactive as I was pulling my shirt off over my head.  His grin showed me he liked what I was doing.  His tongue ran along his upper lip as he sucked in the lower one and bit it.  I slowly slid my pants down and let him look a little more at the lace fabric covering me.  I bought them just for him.  He was now standing and at full attention from what I could see.  I ran my hands over my breasts and up and under the straps and unclasped it and let it fall to the floor.  He took a deep breath and made a sound as I pulled down the panties.  I stood there and let him see me.  All of me.  Naked right in front of him. Naked for him, waiting and wanting him.  My mouth dry and my hands shaking for his body against mine.  I raised them and waved him to me and with only a few steps and his shirt practically ripped off over his head, he was grabbing me, pulling me to him.  My skin smacked against his as we met with such a vicious force.  Oceans of waiting and wanting to cross created a percussion of passion.  It was like thunder or dynamite.  A frenzied barrage of desire that detonated on impact.

He moved me backwards.  Each step got wilder and our movements were jagged and pleading.  My feet felt softness and I opened my eyes and were in the living room.  I was standing on a rug. He pulled me down and laid me onto the rug.  It was shaggy and delicate under me but there was nothing delicate about him.  He was rugged and firm and his body was an object of desire.  He was a model.  Women and men all over the world wanted him.  They could look upon his image anytime they wanted and fantasize about him and here I was about to devour him whole with my own mouth.  He was mine to feast upon tonight, tomorrow and the next day.

Our lips and tongues and mouths had done their devious deeds long enough taking turns on one another. Now he crawled up me and my voluptuous body was inviting him for precious pleasing as I lay under him on that velvety rug.  He positioned himself perfectly above me and said “you are beautiful like this” and with a kiss he was in and I fell over the edge just like that.  Tumbling over and over feeling dizzy and my lungs getting tired from all the sounds coming out of me at a range I couldn’t contain.  He was ravenous and I accepted it and took it, all of it.  My body paying the price and at that moment I would have signed a note to the devil himself for a loan to keep going.  Two soaked and sated bodies wasted on that rug in England. Sensationally sexually satisfied, again, finally.

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