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Daniel woke me early with a kiss on the forehead. My body felt heavy and tired. I was exhausted but exhilarated at the same time. I rolled over pulling the sheet up over my naked body. He smiled in delight as his eyes traveled the length of my body and his hand traced my outline under the sheet. He took in a deep breath as to restrain himself with me. I rolled back over and leaned my head on his lap. He appreciated this and rubbed my head and told me he was leaving. I sat up quickly in shock. “What?” I said too loudly. “Listen, I have business in the city and I can’t do it from here. Don’t be upset with me. I will be back tomorrow evening and until then, just make sure you take a shower and then a walk outside, you’ll be happy.” He smiled and stood up and actually giggled as he walked away. “Are you serious right now? You’re just going to go and leave me here alone?” I pleaded. “You’re not alone darlin’, trust me, just get cleaned up like a good girl and go take a look outside. You’ll be fine.”
I wrapped the blanket from the end of the bed around me and followed him out of the room and as I did I peered out the windows. I didn’t see anything and I asked him again what he was talking about and he repeated that I would be fine, more than fine, he said. He kissed me long and hard. He was just as hard as the kiss and with a grunt and his hands clamped around my face, he bit my lip and pulled on it with his teeth and said “Don’t have too much fun”. And he left.
I walked around the place for a bit in my blanket. Investigating and looking through things. Then I did as he said and got in the shower. I cleansed my body with the thought of his hands all over me. His cold hands getting my skin warm with each hit to my backside while his palm got as red as my skin. I could feel it as I ran the wash cloth over me. I quivered in remembrance. I smiled and continued with my memories as the soap ran down my body to the drain and I watched it swirl around. I finished up and got out and rumbled through the suitcase for clothes and decided to take my tea outside after I made some in the gourmet kitchen. I walked out to the patio area and in the distance I saw someone. I got nervous until he turned around. It was Gabriel. I almost dropped my cup. I swallowed hard and tried not to run to him. His youth was shining in the sun as it shone through the trees and brush around him. He looked almost angelic but I knew better.  Not even on day I met him did I think he was innocent.  He might look it but he was trained in the art of everything pleasurable and he was there for me.

I was thrilled to see him again. And now it all clicked. The fun I wasn’t supposed to have too much of was with him. But since Daniel left me here I wasn’t in the mood for fun. I wasn’t in the mood to be told what to do or how to do it. I just wanted him. My entire body was gravitating towards him. We both took steps closer to one another. His lips curling into a grin the closer we got to each other. I’m sure I wasn’t hiding my smile either. Both of us remembering our last encounter.  Remembering the night we had, the three of us.  So much willing indulgence, so much deviant passion.  An explosion of consensual lust between us.
We reached one another and stood there for a moment. I didn’t understand the sharing of me quite yet but I knew it was ok and that he was there for me, for me to use while Daniel was gone. This was an odd arrangement for sure and one I wasn’t expecting but I wanted it and I wanted him and he wanted me. He was very quiet, almost shy but aggressive when he needed to be. His hand reached for mine as he said hello and I went further and hugged him. His arms wrapped around me as his breath was on my bare neck as his lips grazed my skin. He smelled so good. So light and fresh. Like clean linens and herbal soap. I breathed him in and then out and as my breath left my lungs I moved my head around and our lips met. The earth stood still for that moment and I felt the dirt beneath my feet warm from the heat between us. I could feel the energy surging between us. Our hands moving all over one another. His landing in my freshly showered hair still wet and tangled and mine in his long boyish locks. I pulled a little and he made a delicious sound when I did so I pulled harder and dove down to his neck and kissed him and he shivered in my grasp. He was mine and I was going to take that boy for my pleasure and mine alone.
“Take me inside” he said as I kissed his neck, and jaw and cheeks and back to his lips. I grabbed him by the sleeve of his jacket and pulled him up the steps in through the doors and told him to stand there. Right there in the living room full of leather couches and specially designed chairs with matching end tables and lamps lit on each one. The trinkets and nic nacs placed so perfectly around the room made me a bit crazy. He stood there smiling at me and took off his jacket. His thin, toned body showing through his white tank top underneath just waiting for me to explore. The last time I was with him, I was with Daniel too so I didn’t get the full on experience of Gabriel but I am very aware of what he can do with that beautiful body of his. I can see he’s ready too. I was dressed in a button up white shirt and jeans with no socks or shoes on. I walked around him in circles as I touched him. Teasing him and taunting him with my words and my wants and then my demands. I told him to take off his pants and undershirt. He did. He stood in his boxer briefs as I watched him. I told him to unbutton my shirt slowly and admire me. He did. He was breathing deeply as he slid the cotton off of my shoulders and he saw my black lace bra holding me up nicely. He licked his lips as I told him to touch me. He obliged and quickly his hands were on me. Soon enough I was bare and his mouth was tantalizing me as I held him against me tightly. Pulling and tugging on his hair which he seemed to enjoy. I told him to lay me down on the couch and continue his debauchery with his mouth on me. He turned me and in a few steps he laid me down and was on top of me. His body hovering over mine poised, ready and available. He was waiting for direction from me. I wasn’t used to this but I liked it. I was in charge. He was mine. He was there for me to utalize and I was ready to shove him down and make him earn it. And he couldn’t have been more sufficient for the sheer purpose of my pleasure.  He plunged as soon as I told him where to go.

I rewarded him when he did right by giving him more of me as he did what I said. He was so willing and I was so composed with my desires. He didn’t leave one inch of skin on my electrified body untouched by his hands, his lips and his tongue. I was on fire. Release was necessary and near. The power and the discipline was intoxicating. Supremacy by sex was something all new to me but showed no limitations with him.
Yesterday I was the submissive muse and today I am the awoken master. No strings or force just gluttonous guidance from me to him. Telling him what I want and how I want it. A greedy governess is what I was with him. I told him and he did it. And if he was hesitant I made him. He loved it. He devoured me whole because I told him to and when he was finished and I wanted more, he did it again. No waiting, no letting up, he just kept going. I gave him justified jurisdiction of my body over and over again. There was no restraint, no fear just the two of us handling our primal needs, one at a time and mine were first.  His needs came after mine and in that order.  I was dictating this round and even when his belt was wrapped and fastened around his wrists and he was sat on a chair for me to admire and inflict with pleasure, he was smiling.  So coy and sheepish but not even on day one did I see anything other than a wolf and today he was mine to tame.



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