We hadn’t spoken or seen one another since he left.  He was just a memory again.  Another one to add to the unfinished business we’d had as teenagers.  Now it was an adult version that I could sink my mind into when I got lonely.  A blissful, passion filled day dream of a ghost.  A phantasmic fuck.  I shake my head at the thought of him, at the thought of how much I wanted him and how much he wanted me.  It never went away.  It stayed hidden in the corners of my mind and when it came back to reality, we had to finish it.  How could we deny ourselves that pleasure?  How could we be in one another’s presence feeling what we felt and not act on it?  But was it just an act?  How could he just leave me here with only the memories and a few screenshots? The thought of us rain soaked next to that pond and him following me to my place after our lunch together after all those years made me close my eyes and shudder with need.  Oh the way he made me feel was sensually epic.  So desired and appreciated.  For my body and my mind.  But the physical compulsion was unquestionable.  It was damn near demanded. The way he responded to me made him like my male equivalent almost.  His thoughts, words and his deeds were a sexual requisite and beyond comparable to my own.

When I opened up, he recited his thoughts.  When I got suggestive he got provocative and when I got dirty, he got obscene and I liked it all.  I needed it.  I wanted it and he did too.  We became our own full blown daily distractions and when the action got real, it real fast and it was turbulently seductive, almost wicked.  He was a naughty temptation and I took full advantage of his presence before his haunting departure.

And poof, he was gone, back to his world before me and me back to mine before him.

I pondered it for days.  Talked it over in my head and repeated our actions trying to understand it but there was no reason.  No cause.  No him.  Contact was minimal over the next few weeks and then months and nearly a year now that he’s been unattainable. All I had now were the ravenous reflections of him.  I memorized his body with my mouth.  Every lick of his skin I could taste in my mind like a snake flicking my tongue in my subconscious while I slid down him.  My own skin heated at the mere thought of him underneath me on my couch.  Writhing and moving and tossing me over.  I could almost feel the weight of him on me if I thought hard enough.  Our pleasures brought to me by my own cognizance and that was it.  That was all.

I hadn’t been out and about much with my friends and I decided to take a break from my reflections and go out for a good time.  It was deserved.  Nothing some music and dancing couldn’t cure.  I was home getting ready when my phone pinged.  I grabbed it and tapped to see who the text was from, it was him.  I almost dropped the phone.  I couldn’t believe it.  No contact for so long and now he was back.  What do I do?  I do like any lust stricken girl, and text back immediately telling him I’m going out and where I’ll be and if he’d like to see me he can.  He says he will see me there.  I am in shock and I need to change my outfit now because it’s time to look as hot as I can and show him what he’s been missing.  This was a purely pissed off look now.  Low cut and tight was necessary and yes, I hope everyone noticed, not just him.

I showed up and met my friends at the door.  There was a new edgy club they had been wanting to hit up in the city so we all made the trek out there and as soon as they saw me in my slinky dress with my heels on and my fishnets, they knew it was all business with me.  We walked in and the crowd was wild.  There were a couple levels and the bars were jam packed.  The music was thumping and my eyes had to adjust to the flashing lights.  I couldn’t see much as I scanned the room but like a full on immoral apparition, he appeared in the sea of people.  The lights shown on his face like a delectable dawn.  He was so arousing and alluring.  I couldn’t look away.  He was walking towards me and I stood still waiting for him.  His eyes dark and suggestive.  His movement through the crowd was effortless and with purpose.  His purpose was me.  He was honed in on me like a jet fighter and I was his target and I was not averting.  I was stuck.

He reached me and his arms immediately went around me in a hug.  I responded with mine around him.  I fit so perfectly against him.  Our bodies matched.  His clothes, his hair, his look was all working for the soul purpose of seduction.  He was all things salacious, enticing and fascinating but what he was most of all to me was but one word, covetable.  He was sin in a shirt and pants the time that had past vanished and my mind was nothing but x-rated and ready.  My body intoxicated by his touch and I was heady from his scent as I breathed him in.  He took notice of my outfit and smiled.  He leaned in and told me how beautiful I was and asked if I wore that for him.  I said “of course I did” and he smiled even more.  He stayed there for a moment, near my ear and let his lips graze the skin just under it on my neck.  I could feel his breath on me and it warmed that spot.  I grasped his arms with my hands and held onto him as to not reduce to ashes from the instant heat between us.  I was seething from the inside out for him.  Just to see him created a physical pornographic cremation of my own body.  His lips on my neck, my hands on him, we needed to be alone and now.  I didn’t care where or how, it just had to be.  How raunchy was it to take a man to a dark corner and let him have you?  I didn’t care, it was necessary.  It wasn’t just a rekindle from the past, it was full on incineration of the present.  I didn’t care about him leaving me.  I didn’t care about him not communicating with me, I just wanted him, again.

I took him by the hand and tried to find a place.  We searched for somewhere to steal away to.  He stopped me in the middle of the crowd and kissed me.  It was like he couldn’t wait.  He had to do it.  It was explosive.  Those teenage vibes fueled by adult realities made it feel like two lewd doting delinquents wild with want.  Just going for it right there on the dance floor.  No fear nor care of judgement just kissing and fondling for all the eyes to see.  We part finally and try to breathe but the air is so heavy, so thick with urgency.  We practically run up the stairs looking for somewhere, anywhere and we see an exit sign that says Balcony on it.  He tugs my hand in that direction and he slams the door open and the cool night air hits us both and blows my hair back.  We’re standing on a fire escape that leads down to an alley. The door shuts and he slams me against it.  My back hitting the metal door and he comes right with me.  His body so conditioned so primed and ready.  I could feel him as he pressed against me. My hands sliding up under his shirt showing him complete experienced attention while his hands so skillfully shoved up my dress as he pulled my leg up to wrap around him as to give him better leverage.  He smiled into my mouth as his lips played carnage with mine and his fingers tugged roughly at my tights ripping them open from underneath my dress.  And when he did that, he let out a satisfactory primal grunt that I obediently slurped up and moved my hips forward in approval of his roughness.  He turned me to face the door and my hands were against it.  He pulled the weak material of the tights apart from behind and leaned in and kissed the back of my neck.  I couldn’t contain my sounds or myself.  I was sizzling against the cold metal door as he pushed my feet apart and steadied himself pressing me into it.  His hands reaching around me, holding me as close to him as he could and then sliding up my arms to my hands interlocking our fingers. We were straining with momentum in the fury of potent pleasure within the elements of night. Hidden by darkness and conscripted with intense vigor reveling in our recreational gratification of the flesh. Consummating our liquidation of lust. A brute infatuation that turned the enemy of time into a yearning of supplication and satisfaction.  Where there’s a will there’s a way and when you find it, you take it and leave nothing unfinished.
















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