I had worked with and for Daniel for about a year now and it was time to follow up with him on my progress.  I stepped into his office near the end of the day and sat in front of him.  He smiled gently at me as his eyes traveled across my face and up and down my seated body.  He was intimidating.  He was aggressive.  He was very powerful and everything about him screamed that to me.  The part that scared me was that I liked it.  I liked it too much.  He invaded my thoughts when I was day dreaming at work and when I was alone at home.  He was beautiful and sinful and so tempting that it was hard for me to sit across from him with out imagining him taking me right there in his office.  I swear he had to know because at a recent dinner with clients he was very complimentary of my outfit and he even went as far as to linger with his good night kiss on my cheek when his driver took me home after the late meeting.  I was actually hoping he’d want to come up to my apartment and I was too shy to ask him but the softness of his lips on my skin radiated all the way down to my toes and his hand on my lower back as he moved in for that kiss penetrated my clothes.  I even scooted towards him to accept the kiss hoping it would be on my mouth but he was polite and direct.  He said good night and as I leaned to get out of the car he complimented me again on how beautiful I looked.  I turned back to him as I stepped out as his driver stood with the door open and he was smiling and staring at me so hard that it nearly bored a hole into my body.  I was on fire about this man and he had to know.

So I sat there with him in his very large office with floor to ceiling windows and tried to look out one but his gaze was just too inviting I had to keep eye contact.  We discussed my performance and he wanted to promote me.  It was going so well and I was happy to hear all of this and was pleased that I was pleasing him with my work and I said so.  He cleared his throat as I said the words “it pleases me to please you Daniel”.  He loosened his tie and adjusted in his chair.  He seemed distracted and on edge almost.  I asked if he was alright and he said he was fine but that his out of state protégé would be coming in tonight and that he wanted me to meet him.  This was the first time I had heard of him.  His name was Gabriel and he would be joining us at the firm for good and we would all three be working closely together.  It sounded exciting.  He told me he was younger than us but a real go getter and basically like a student to him.  Daniel had been like a mentor to him for some time now.  So we would be a threesome he said as he smiled and his eyes darkened.  I bit my lip and tried to not seem in the least bit turned on by that comment as my muscles tightened a bit and I blinked harder than normal and took a deep breath.  He grinned and leaned over his desk and said that Gabriel would be attending the holiday party also at the hotel in a couple of weeks and we’d begin our “fun” then.  I swallowed that word down as he said it and his eyes squinted at me as the word formed from his lips and I licked my own and my thighs clinched a little.  I was sweating.  This man was showing me a side of him that I wondered about.  His control in all things business and a quiet social life lead me to believe he was the same way with a woman, in control, and that excited me.

We left his office as he walked me to the elevator and we stood waiting for it.  I was looking for my phone in my purse and checking for my keys when he turned me towards him.  I was startled.  He ran the back of his hand across my cheek and then his thumb over my lower lip as his other hand was around my lower back pulling me towards him.  I was breathing so hard and my body was aching for him.  I leaned into his hand and began to open my mouth for his thumb when the elevator made a ding.  The doors were opening and he stepped back releasing me quickly.  I was standing there in an aroused state of shock when two people got off the elevator.  One being his assistant and the other was Gabriel.  He told me to wait and that I should meet him.  They hugged and smiled and exchanged the how was your flight talk for a moment and then their eyes turned to me.  I was standing there about to melt or catch on fire, from this dominant male sex God in front of me who was just about to kiss me and I look at his young counter part who smiled at me and I realize I’m so fucked.  He is absolutely stunning.  His glistening eyes, his sharp smile, those luscious lips and his hair that looked a mess but perfect at the same time.  And his flawless porcelain skin seemed to shine in the hallway light.  They stood staring at me as I put my hand out to shake his and kept looking at Daniel who was looking at me as if to observe me.  Was this a test or something?  And if it was, I hope I was passing it.  I said I was pleased to make his acquaintance and as soon as I said that his eyes sunk a bit deeper and his weight shifted and he looked at Daniel and he smiled at him and then they both looked back at me as if to agree on some under lying mystery that I was unknowingly a part of.  I smiled back and said I was off to get a good nights rest and as I turned to leave Daniel said “Sweet dreams darling”. I stepped into the elevator and as the doors closed they were both looking at me as if they were wolves and I was their next meal.  I got it at that moment.  I knew what he wanted and it was me.  I think they both wanted me.

The holiday party was upon us and I had been working well with both men.  Lunches and dinners had happened with the three of us and things were going very well.  There was nothing more physically between Daniel and I but it was just known.  The tension and the want was there and accepted and now there was Gabriel too.  His youth and wit brought another element into the mix.  We seemed to flow with one another so well.  I was comfortable and safe with them. It was fun.  But as I got ready that night I remembered how Daniel had said “fun” to me before and there was a drop in my stomach.  My breath left my body and I sucked it back in with anticipation of what that meant.  My skin seemed to tingle as I slipped my dress on and my eyes danced up my legs as I slipped my heels on.  My fingers running up my calves to my thighs and I couldn’t help but let a little fantasy mingle with reality as I imagined the evening with both of them.

The evening was a delightful mix of socialites and businessmen and the who’s who of the city all sipping champagne and cocktails around food tables and fancy lit trees for the holidays.  It seemed to drag on forever but with both gentlemen keeping tabs on me it seemed to be tolerable and enjoyable.  The small orchestra played the holiday favorites and soon enough people started to trickle off to their other destinations for the evening.  I remained as I was now one of the important ones at the firm along with Daniel and Gabriel.  The crowd dissipated and I was seated at a table finally having a drink and bit of food when they both came to me and sat on each side of me.  Daniel told me to finish my food and then he would like me to come with he and Gabriel to a room here at the hotel. I looked at him and saw that he was serious and turned to Gabriel who was just as serious.  Fear and lust combined in my blood as it pumped hard though my veins.  I was warm all over.  I told him I wasn’t hungry anymore and we could leave but he insisted I eat so I finished as they sat with me.  I took one last sip of my drink and he stood and took my hand, his cocktail in the other.  I held his hand through the room and to the lobby and to the elevators and Gabriel pushed the up button.  I was looking at him and he at me.  Daniel pulled my hand up to his mouth and kissed it and we stepped into the elevator.  The air in the small space was damp and heavy with mood.  I kept trying to think but my brain was in a fog.  I knew what they wanted from me and I now knew I was going to give it to them.  I was going to submit myself to both of them.  I was going to please them both by letting them have me.  We stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall.  He gave me the key card and told me what number and to walk ahead as he let go of my hand.  He was letting me make the decision right there in that hallway.  I could go if I wanted to.  Hand him back the key card and say no or keep walking to the suite and allow the lechery to happen.  I walked ahead knowing they were watching me.  I didn’t turn around until I got to the room and looked at the door and then at them.  Both of those exquisite men.  So alluring and charming.  I could barely catch my breath when I slid the card across the handle and it unlocked and I opened the door.

I walked into the splendid space as Daniel walked around me and sat down in a silver chair.  He had undone his tie and he looked ready.  Gabriel had done the same and undid one of the buttons on his shirt and stood next to him.  Both magnificent men staring at me as I stood in my navy blue dress with my red lips quivering and my hands shaking. Soon Gabriel left the room and was seated next to the bed waiting for me.  They were both waiting for me.  I could see them both from where I stood.  Their eyes radiant as they admired me.  Daniel’s expression was friendly yet firm, an eager smirk, where Gabriel’s was animalistic, beastly almost.  Daniel told me not to be afraid.  They wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want them to do.  I walked over towards him and said “I am not afraid of what I don’t want you to do, I am afraid of what I want you to do.”  He smiled at this.  They both did.

He had chosen me, they had chosen me, why I don’t know but at this moment, I didn’t care.  I wanted to worship them.  Get on my hands and knees and crawl to them.  I wanted to be devoured by them and give into their every demand as if it were my duty.  I wanted to be obligated and devoted to them.  I wanted to be enraptured by them, together. I am giving them free admission to feast on me as if to grant them full primal and carnal satisfaction of their physical needs.  Quenching their fevered thirsts and feeding their voracious appetites with my body.  I was theirs for the taking and theirs for their pleasure and mine.  A fixed arrangement of opulent obedience and my full surrender to their combined sensualism. Pure ready and willing faithful passion at their service was what I was offering right then and as they both rose from theirs seats I’d say they were accepting.



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