As the fall season crept in and shorts changed to pants and t-shirts were covered with jackets, I was craving a change more than just the weather.  I needed something new, something different, something to remind me I am still alive.

Things had been so drab and mundane lately that I could barely stand my own reality.  My work friends noticed and insisted on taking me out one evening after a long day at the office.  I accepted and let them drag me to some bar where I felt like I could have been babysitting half of the people in there.  I say that because I probably could be the mother to several of my young co-workers though none of them treat me like it so that’s appreciated.  They grab more drinks as the bass pounds and I hope my head doesn’t tomorrow because I will be meeting with the CEO’s and their new fresh out of college intern that will most likely be under my watch so I need to limit my martini’s!  Some song comes on and the girls lose their minds and grab my hands and take me to the dance floor.  I laugh and follow their lead and we all decide to crank it up.  Hands in our hair and hips rolling to the music as we get lost in the crowds and the beat blares down on us while the light flash and flicker.  I must say, I appreciate this distraction, it was much needed.  We finish the dance and they head to the restroom hand in hand and I watch our seats near the bar.  I am greeted by a pair of eyes as I walk to the stools with purses and jackets in hand.  I set them down and wave for the bartender for one more round.  The eyes follow me across the bar.  I sit, he moves towards me.  His gaze soft yet hungry.  I smile in wonderment of this young gentleman coming towards me.  He sits next to me and smiles as he leans towards me to say something to me as it’s very loud, “You looked very at home on the dance floor” he says.  I say thank you and try to hide the blush that sweeps across my face as his British accent sends a heat wave through my entire body.  He offers to buy my drink and I insist he doesn’t but he doesn’t take no for answer and slides his cash to the bartender before I can get my wallet out of my purse.  His smile is more than just a grin, it’s full of mischief and desire.  His mouth begs to be kissed and his eyes frolic with excitement.  He’s giddy almost, yet formal and stern.  His hand firmly gripping his beer bottle as he brings it to his lips and I have to suck in my breath as it sneaks out in an “oh” sound.  I was jealous of that bottle.  I wanted those lips and that delicious mouth on mine.  I closed my eyes for a moment and with that the girls were back.  Dizzy with laughter and comments to me about the guy standing next to me.  He introduces himself to each of them shaking their hands and obliging their booze soaked questions.  He and I clearly know this is getting along to nowhere so he kindly steps around them to me and he brushes his shoulder against mine and leans in and slides his arm around my waist to my back and I let him pull me closer as his lips gently touch my cheek with a kiss so soft and warm that my skin prickles with fever.  He slips away through the crowd and I am left haunted by him and foggy with want.

I slept like shit.

I woke up late and in a hurry to get to the office.  My head was fine thank God but my body wasn’t.  It was left unsatisfied and way to aware of itself last night even after I took a cold shower and danced in circles by myself before bed as to take some of the want away.  It wasn’t enough.  I was stuck on that man.  That young man at the bar.  Who was he?  Why did he come over to me?  And that accent and that smile with those hands and that hair and those eyes and he smelled so good.  Damn my mind.  Damn it.

I file into the office and hit the elevator.  We crowd out of it and fan out to our respected cubicles or offices and I stop at the girl’s area and we chat for a second about last night as they follow me laughing and saying “You just won’t believe it, you really won’t” and I am totally lost in translation.  They hand me my files and I grab my pen and paper and my Ipad and head to the meeting.  I walk in the doors and the girls are standing right behind and as soon as I see him, I get it.

Holy Shit.  It’s him.

It’s him seated at the table in a light sweater with a zipper on the front that I want to immediately unzip with my teeth and rip that sweater off of him.  He is wearing glasses which he didn’t have on last night and he’s stubbly from not shaving.  He’s smiling and talking and as soon as that voice hits me my body shutters in response.  I swallow hard and my thighs actually clinched together searching for some type of release for the pressure that’s built up inside me.  I take a deep breath and clear my throat and they all look up.  He looks up.  He’s as stunned as I am.  I can see that as that smile fades to sheer desire that seems to rush over his face as he examines me from top to bottom.  I’m dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt with a white tuxedo shirt on.  I have red bottom navy heels on with some old school thigh highs with the line up the back which I am so glad I put them on this morning.  My black hair tucked away from my face and my lips adorned in a luscious velvety red matte that I was also very glad I put on this morning.  I feel better when my lips are red!  And of course the only seat left open is right next to him.  So I watch him watch me as I make my way around the table to sit beside him.  I smile and introduce myself to him and we shake hands and it was hard to let go.  I sit nervously next to him and my concentration is absolutely shot as soon as he moves to sit back and I smell him.  I might explode.  The meeting starts and I am sure enough going to combust by the end of it.

I have to adjust my seat about 5 times in a half hour and I fiddled with my pen and my papers and I tried to pay attention but I couldn’t.  He was the same way.  I witnessed him literally adjust himself as he sat back at one point and this was just after I had leaned across the table to hand out a few documents I had written up and when I looked back he was staring at me, specifically at my ass, grinning.  The looks back and forth were ongoing and I decided to play with him a bit.  I leaned back slightly and made sure he was watching me as I raised my hand to the button on my shirt and I undid it and looked at him.  I pushed the fabric over slightly so you could see the lace of my bra underneath.  He licked his lips as I turned more towards him so he could see better.  I bit my lower lip and took the plunge and softly placed my hand on his leg for a split second and then moved it back quickly.  He laughed quietly and winked when I looked at him again.

The meeting was coming to a close when my boss gave me the duty of taking him around the building on a tour and I happily agreed.  I was sweating by the time it was over.  He stood up and I looked up at him from a seated position and that was the view I wanted for certain, to be under him. To be beneath him feeling the weight of his body on top of mine.  Him looking down at me like that was deviantly beautiful.

I began our tour room by room and office section by section.  It was a large firm and we had a 5 story office building so it might take awhile to go through it all and we both seemed to be fine with it. The fifth floor was under partial construction so I took him there last.  That gave me time to decide whether or not I was going to take it a step further and make it a full contact tour.  I had to.  He touched me at every turn around every corner.  Just the slightest brush of his skin on mine even through the fabric of my clothes set me a blaze.  I wanted him and I could tell by the time we stepped off that elevator and the people were far from us and the air was so thick and damp between us that it was happening.

I took him to the construction area where there were stacks of dry wall and half finished walls and not a soul around and I turned to him and he turned to me and I grabbed him by that sweater and pulled him to me.  I came with ease as his long lean arms wrapped around me and mine wrapped around him as my mouth slammed into his.  Finally, finally those lips were on mine.  He let out a growl as he backed me into the wall.  The kissing was a hysteria of passion.  It was turbulent and feverish.  My hands made their way to the bottom of his sweater and I tugged at it for him to take it off.  He did and tossed it to the dry wall dust covered floor.  Then his t-shirt under it tossed next.  His body was divine.  Every muscle toned and moving against my body.  He quickly unbuttoned my shirt and slid his hands under it smiling at me and admiring me as he dove to kiss my neck and chest.  I told him to take me.  I shoved him over to the stack of dry wall and as I did he leaned down and pushed my skirt up showing the thigh highs and he grabbed me and picked me up and turned me around and sat me on the stack of dry wall.  The kissing continued and the bodily assault did as well.  My hands pulling on him and grasping at his bare skin that writhed in front of me.  He steadied himself as I leaned back on the stack my ass and back sure to be covered in dust.  His hands smoothly touching me from my neck down the front of me.  My body quivering and moving while I waited for entry.  We were making our ascendancy as I pulled him forward to me.  Our bodies were scorching in the midst of our fierce torridity.  Our sounds loud and ferocious.  And the only way to extinguish it was to continue.  To keep going until we were left incinerated from the physical dripping heat that can only be created in such a seductive swelter that leaves you fully and properly quenched.  So we did and my body would never be the same.  It would be left to forever seethe, simmer and burn for the dousing suffocation that was HIM.

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