When you’ve become a slave to your thoughts, you learn to submit to them.  When the only beautiful distractions you have are your day dreams, you begin to allow them to master you.  They come about slowly, so soft and gentle at first.  They may begin rather child like almost reminiscent of spring days laying on the land gazing to the sky as the clouds roll over the blue world above and those childish thoughts so sugar sweet then turn adolescent and tingly like hard candy melting at your feet.  You can feel the warmth of the thought as it enters your mind.  Your skin awakens with an imaginary touch and your eyes close with tantric dominant movement.  Your body is aware of your fabrication and it’s ready to play.

Your secret is safe with you so why not let it creep in and take you over.  Let if fill you up.  Let it occupy you for as long as it wants. Become completely saturated in your delicious day dream with out worry or care because it’s all in your head. Let it gorge itself on you. Let it devour you whole.  Let it swell inside you, choke you even.  Enjoy the breathlessness as the gluttonous ample load of your imagination stretches you like elastic.  You have the capacity.  You won’t snap.

Let your day dream be the governor of yourself.  You’ve been in control long enough.  It’s time to relinquish that control in your unreality and allow fantasy to become your principal.  But do heed his warnings, follow his rules, or you will be punished….unless that’s what you want. It is in fact your own enterprise so feel free to commission the punishment with pleasure and see how much your thoughts can handle.  There is only one way to find out.  Tempt your superintendent specter and see what happens.  Push the limits of your incubus until you’ve reached the height of your utopia.  There is no need to stop when you don’t have to.  It’s your own tantalizing trap and you are the bait. A seductive servant to your muse and your muse is your master and today you kneeled before it in the cloak and dagger of your mind.  Unseen and undercover in the strange shrouded underground world of your mind.  Hidden erotic undisclosed details lay heavy on your skin and your body is explicit in it’s mystical privacy yet ready to be revealed in confidence.  And when it’s time to return to reality, you will bet left with the marks of a time you will remember in your depths and use to recharge and resurrect your desired backdoor apparitions. It’s just another classified operation of your opulence that bowed down to the gravity of your own provocative fascination and your master is pleased.




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