“Of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual pleasure”

That’s the definition of sensual but I feel it’s so much more than just that.  It’s sexual in nature of course but it’s driven by your own senses and the magic that they can produce.  And it can happen anywhere.  Awake or asleep and I find both day dreams and night dreams to be equally stimulating.  Take those dreams you have.  You know the ones.  The ones that wake you breathless and smiling.  The ones that stay with you for hours after you wake up and keep your mind occupied with reminders of his hand there and your body under his.  There’s no harm in it either because it was just a dream.  Whether the man or woman is attainable or not, that isn’t the focus it’s how it made you feel that drives your imagination to keep going.  Those morning hazes where you swear with all of your might when you rolled over and looked at the clock it was only minutes and it had been another hour and during that hour you had a marathon fantasy that took you on a journey of the mind that should be award winning and written immediately and sold to the highest erotic bidder because DAMN, just DAMN!  Your tingling and giddy from just a dream!  But to you it was so realistic because it was so ultra sensual because ALL five senses were awake when you were asleep.  Let’s split them up shall we……..

Sight:  Just the sight of him is makes you hold onto your self.  You don’t want to loose control but clearly, you’re not in control at all, he is.  It takes mere moments of the looks back and fourth to make you realize that it’s going down.  Oh it sure is and now that it’s started, there’s no stopping it and you don’t want to stop it, not at all.  His eyes all over you, from the top of you to the bottom and you like how he looks at you.  It makes you feel him visually.  You know what he wants and you know just how to give it to him.  There’s no need for the teenage vibes to keep you from remembering your experienced now and you can let him see you.  You can dance for him in a crowded room like the spot light was lit just for you by those baby blues gazing at you with a want behind them that is aimed right for you.  Zeroed in on target with his sight, let the music move you and let him see you.  Soon enough he will be touching you and that’s all the ammunition you need as you close your eyes and tilt your head back, slide your hands up to your hair and let your hips sway to the beat.  Allow him to see you and then look back at him showing yourself off to him.  The eye contact is palpable and you both feel it.

Sound: The music is climbing up you like a fog that’s rising form a sullen lake as the sun warms the cool waters of your soul.  You hear every lyric and it’s almost as if the song was chosen just for you, for this moment, for him to see you move.  You use it to your advantage and let it take you over.  The rhythm of the drums keeping the beat sound like the beating of your heart as it races with excitement and enticement.  You open your eyes and he’s standing in front of you and his hands are reaching for you.  He takes you by the waist and pulls you towards him, your arms reach around him and your bodies touch.  The fire between you too is lit immediately by the first look to the ignition of the first touch.  He pulls back and leans down towards your ear and you hear “come with me” and there’s a smile in that sound and a subtle wisp of his lip along your ear and you take his hand and follow him wherever he will lead you.  The music dwindles and it quiets around you but inside your heart beats like the drums of that song barely audible now as you enter a darkened room and you hear the door shut and the only sounds now are the sounds of your lips against his and the grunts, groans, moans and whimpers as you begin the torturous pleasure crusade of discovery through human contact filled with desire and need.  The necessary release so craved and coveted that it’s deemed sinful but so delicious.

Taste: It is the tongue tangled routine of kissing that leads you along the fantastic routine of slow, to fast to the undeniable lust of just your lips on his.  You take inventory of him this way.  You know he’s been drinking just by tasting him.  The smooth in and out of his tongue provides you with a palate explosion of his evening thus far.  Tasting of mint and red wine.  Cherry preserves and peppermint mixed with the simple taste of flesh as you run your tongue along his neck smiling as the saltiness settles on your taste buds and you swallow him down.  Your hands drifting all over him and his all over you as you try to stand it as long as you can but you know you both will lose against the sheer carnal power that is raging between you just from a mere look, to the rhythm of the music being heard and now to tasting one another.  His hands come up to your face and you decide then it’s going further as he runs his thumb along your lower lip and in the darkness of this lonely room filled with passion you lick his thumb and take it in slightly sucking and taste him against your tongue which brings him in as close as he can get to you, close enough you can smell that lingering cologne and body wash he used tonight in the shower.

Smell: Oh the scent of him.  The magnitude of the scent.  It can cover you like a mystical cape draped over you like a shroud of some witchery coven that has taken you in against your will but your curiosity lead you to it so you might as well give in.  The scent against his neck makes you take a deep breath.  You breathe him in just as you breathe to live at that moment.  It absolutely turns you on.  Like a switch.  It’s a force of nature at this point and you have no choice but to let it take you, let him take you.  You want it.  You want him and you want his scent all over you.  You want to leave his presence with a reminder of him and that is his scent.  It’s on your skin from his skin and that penetrates your mind like no other.  It’s left on your clothes too and as soon as you realize it you refuse to ever wash it as you want the memory of his body so close to yours that it left a scented impression onto the fabric.  And during this time of your pleasure parade you also realize the scent of the room has changed.  It’s become charged with mortal fever from the starved bodily feast that has been taking place in said room.  It went from a cool darkened room to an incinerator with two breathless, ravenous humans contained in a manic swelter of sensualism through physical contact.

Touch: The act of feeling through your body.  And touch you did.  Over and allover leaving nothing alone.  Focusing and honing in on certain areas that require special attention and not just with your hands your mouth was handy too.  After all, taste is a synonym of touch.  From the first embrace clothed and questioning to the last nearly naked and savagely resting against one another while the percussions of your actions lay heavy in the dark and still smolder on your skin.  As soon as his hand touched yours to lead you away from the people to be alone, you felt the tactility of the situation and your body began to rise in awareness.  The senses are all awoken as soon as it began and touch is the most powerful of them all.  It holds with it the mastery and technique of arousal.  The artistry of suggestion is no longer necessary when the hands are in play and the lips have been stimulated.  That first kiss is essential in the recovery of the body.  It becomes a collision of caresses from the hands and the lips.  Rubbing and petting and scratching and grabbing and licking and nibbling and biting as the physical field day assault takes place ending in sheer exhilarated satisfaction.  There is nothing more comparable to being fully famished by ones touch and you became greedy for it.  Devouring one another with your kisses and becoming so impatient that even articles of clothing become casualties as the buttons flew from his shirt as you ripped it open to get at his skin.  That one on one contact that can only feed that primal and insatiable need through touch. The gluttonous grasping for one another that leads you to voracious fervent passion that becomes explosive.  And explode you do, both of you, and rain down upon one another to rest in a peaceful, predatory, devotion brought together by the gravity of your senses.

All five of them awoken, while sleeping in your bed tucked under the covers.  You come to form your delirium as the sunshine of the day pours into your room through your blinds and you refresh yourself with a stretch and realize your smiling and sweating and your mouth is dry and the dream comes back to you like a movie you just watched but also that you stared in.  You are the leading actress of your illusion and the leading man a mere specter of your incubus and now the vision of your day dreams.  Fuel for your fantasies and the desire of your distraction all in the comfort of your own mind ready for your flight of fancy whenever you get thirsty and need a sip of something sensual!



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