It had been a few days with many texts and emails and confirmations that other night did happen.  After the hailstorm make out session that left me aching and throbbing and sore he retrieved my phone out of my back pocket and put all his contact information in it and said he expected to hear from me as soon as possible.  So once we got in the car to head home I text him and he said “good girl” and that was it until morning.  My mind was racing, my lips raw from his.  My skin smelled of his scent.  His manly scent was all over me and I breathed it in just as I breathed to live. I didn’t want to wash him off.  I wanted to bathe in him.  I wanted to be drenched in him.  I just wanted him.  All things him.  Everything him.  He was so powerful.  His gentle aggression with me was so seductive and composed.  I needed more.  I wanted more.  His hands so tight on me as he was shoving himself against me with that wall holding us up.  The sounds he was making echo in my thoughts like wolves growling over their prey.   Just the memory of his look made me weak and hungry.  Him biting my lower lip and grasping my hands together behind me made my stomach fall and my heart flutter.  I could barely contain myself just from the one intense memory I had of him.  How could I possibly handle more?

He invited me to lunch with him.  He text me an address for lunch with instructions of a time and told me to wear something sexy.  I thought it was cute.  Our conversations the last two days had been all things ranging from cute to dirty to why didn’t he just come over and give it to me?  I was excited to see him again.  I couldn’t keep the giddiness inside when I stepped into the restaurant.  And there he sat.  Dressed rather casual in a dark suit jacket with a very pressed white shirt, no tie and no glasses.  He watched me walk towards him.  That look.  It was like there was a wire connected from him to me and I could feel his energy shooting through it.  I was absorbed by him just by his look.  He leaned forward onto the table and his eyes washed over me from top to bottom.  I could feel the heat rising inside of me as I tried not to lose my balance while I walked to him.  I had taken his direction and wore a dress.  A green one with long sleeves, not overly form fitting but it showed off all my best assets.  My heels matched and my jewelry complimented the look.  My hair was done well with one side tucked behind my left ear and my diamond studs were on display.  Not much more to do than to slide that perfect shade of red across my supple lips and blow the mirror a kiss and mist on my favorite scent and hope it all appeals to his senses.  And there I was at his table.  He had a smile on his face.  His index finger gently settled on his mouth as he had been admiring me coming towards him.  He stood when I got to him and pulled out my chair for me to sit and graced my shoulder with a touch of his hand and just that slightness set my body on fire.  His thumb touched my bare skin as he traced my back with his hand and I had to close my eyes and grab the table and try not to lean back towards him.  He knows exactly what he’s doing to me.  And I like that he does.

How in the almighty fuck was I going to be able to eat anything?  He was pure sex sitting across from me and I didn’t want to eat, I wanted him.  But I managed to shove down a salad and some water while he ate a full course meal and then he demanded we have dessert.  So I agreed to some fancy chocolate something and it came decorated on a plate with two forks.  He smirked as he took the fork, cut into it and looked at me and asked if I wanted a bite.  There it was.  That look of want with that smile.  I leaned forward and opened my mouth slightly so he knew I wanted it and he put the fork up to me and I leaned further to take the bite.  My mouth covered the chocolate and pulled back to pull the bit off of the fork.  It was delicious.  Our eyes never left one another’s.  He took the fork and licked the back of it and when he did that I know my thighs tightened and I blinked hard and swallowed the chocolate and took a deep breath.  No more words were needed.  He paid, took my hand and asked if I would like to see his office.  I agreed and soon we were outside stepping into a black SUV and on our way.  It was like a movie.  I questioned nothing and just followed his lead.  I was seated next to him when I looked over and he was already looking at me.  I smiled coy like and looked down and back up and as soon as I did that he lunged.  His hands in my hair crossing over my cheeks as his lips slammed into mine.

The frenzy.  The fire.  The ignition.

The demand from him was so strong that I my head actually began to hurt against the car window.  The pressure of his body was overwhelming but felt so good.  Soon enough his hands were underneath my dress feeling my thighs.  His fingers sliding up and down as he moved over me.  Too much.  This was too much but it was necessary. I rocked my hips upwards to meet him and we moved in unison.  The kissing was relentless as was he with my body.  Quickly do to the distraction of one another the driver said we were at our location.  He hissed as he moved off of me and adjusted his clothes and himself.  I pulled the fabric of my dress down and ran my fingers through my hair and wiped my mouth with my hand.  I felt like a busted teenager getting out of the car as he came around to my side and opened the door and took my hand.  Were we really going to his office now?  After that?

We did.  We ended up at his building.  He owned it and took me in with him. We quickly said our hellos to a few woman in the front and a beautiful man in another office and ended up at a set of doors and with in seconds we were in there shutting out the world.

He walked around to his desk and leaned on the edge as he took off his jacket.  I stood bewildered and taking inventory of the items on the shelves and pictures and paintings lining the walls.  Looks like he had traveled a lot and had a collection of books that would make someone like me jealous.  I walked over to them and tilted my head sideways to see their titles.  Then I hear him walking up behind me.  His hands sliding around my waist turning me towards him.  He kisses me.  Long and deep.  Then he steps back and tells me to take my dress off.  I look at him with perplexed with that order.  He repeats himself but his voice is slower and deeper and his eyes have grown darker.  My breathing has become rapid and my skin is tingling with heat and need.  I do what he says.  I took off my dress.  It drops to the floor and he smiles in approval.  He tells me to take off my shoes and I do.  He walks around me a couple of times.  Looking at me.  Admiring me.  Telling me how beautiful I am.  How sensual my body is.  How sexy I am.  How sex oozes from me and that’s what lured him to me in the club.  I try not to laugh at his words instead I look at him searching him for something imperfect.  I can’t find anything.  He stands directly in front of me and unbuttons his shirt a few buttons and then walks to a shelf and clicks on some music.  He turns back and asks “will you dance for me?”  I giggle and say “here in your office?”  He doesn’t smile but replies “I like the way you move” and with his eyes looking me up and down and his body paying full attention to me, I begin to sway.  My hips find the rhythm and my hands run over my body.  He comes closer to me and I turn my back to him pressing against him and he closes in around me.  His breath on my skin.  His arms tight and his body firm.  I put my arms up behind me reaching for his neck and then my fingers move into his hair.  My back arched and his mouth dives for my neck while his hands run down the front of my almost naked body. I moan in appreciation of him touching me.  Then he whips me around and picks me up and places me on his desk.  He steadies himself between my legs and pulls my closer to him.  His hands full of my lace covered ass.  His eyes dancing from my eyes, to my lips and to my chest breathing hard.  He kisses me.  My fingers going for the rest of the buttons on his shirt and soon enough his shirt is off laying next to my dress on the floor.  His pants are next as I undo them and unzip them and I help them fall to the floor.  He stops. Time stops.  We stop.  He looks at me.  I look at him.  Here is a man so significantly sexy.  So absolutely gorgeous that women would bow at his feet and he chose me.  I would be one of those women gladly retiring myself to him.  Surrendering all that I am just to please him.  Whatever he would ask of me, I would do.  Whatever he needed from me, I would give to him.  And as he gently pushed me down so that I was laying on his desk, my arms stretched out above my head giving him a full view of my body, he smiled and dipped his head down to pepper my stomach and thighs with kisses and my head went back with my eyes closing and I was aware of nothing but him.  I could feel only the warmth of his lips and tongue on my skin.  I will love waking tomorrow to the tiny bite marks and bruises left from him as a reminder of our passion.  I was wanted.  He was taking and I was giving.  His hands and body moved with precision and power.  I was his.  All his.  I let go and resigned myself to him.  Full submission on our lunch hour.  God only knows what could happen at dinner!




  1. Nicki · April 27, 2017

    Keep the story coming….

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