The desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise is how it’s defined. A thing or course of action that attracts or tempts someone is another definition.

That is him in a word to me.  That is how I would define how I feel about him.

We have had encounters now.  Skin soaked secrets that live behind our minds and in our souls and stay trapped between the four walls of recreation.  The lure of him is immeasurable.  I am at his mercy just by his look alone.  And if he touches me, I am damned for sure.  His eyes pull me to him.  His cherry lips like a siren’s song as they move when he speaks.  An other worldly tongue tortured tractor beam that takes my breath away when he kisses me.  I am transported directly to depths of my desire that I would gladly stay in with him where I would abide by his code of lust.  His strict, rigorous, iron fisted tormented frenzy of infatuation and sensuality.  Giving him his desired beginnings and endings however he saw fit.  Quenching his thirst and filling his hunger by my own personal decree of satisfaction guaranteed.  A signed oath of rapture and an unspoken vow of devotion and ecstasy.  A physical pledge of passion with an unending eagerness to please him.  And the momentum is unstoppable.  Now that it’s started, I don’t want it to stop.

Minutes pass into hours and hours into days, days spent in wonderment and in a transcendental allured state of being.  A constant want of him that smolders in my subconscious.  Just bubbling under the surface of my skin as his last touch, his last kiss on my lips still linger and my blood runs hot with just the thought of him.  I sit with the cool almost spring air rushing through the opened window yet my body is warm, so warm.  My mind is burning with want.  A need to be consumed by him.  I am fevered by my fantasies and crave release.  It’s necessary.  I am pleasured by the punishment of waiting.  Waiting, drenched in my own desires as I keep myself company until the next time.  Unknown to me when or if that will happen I suck it up and revel in what was and what I hope will be, holding onto nothing and just letting things take their course.  It’s the universe that’s in charge here, I can only entice his direction and play with his will.  And play with him I do.  Showing him a world of swollen white electric heat from his body to mine and how it can be adored and appreciated and where reality can be abandoned.  Reckless but rejuvenated. Nerves should be swallowed while down on your knees praying to the God’s above giving thanks for finding such agonizing sensualism where we can be greedy with one another with out reservation.  A place in our minds and perhaps in reality where overindulgence, excess and seduction are all just like animals on the carousel and you can keep riding even when the music stops.  A manic concocted carnival devised for our ravenous yearning for aphrodisian excitement.

And I will gladly play the part of ringmaster in this circus if he isn’t afraid of the whip.




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