Sun Daze


When you’ve stared at his picture until your eyes are glossy and your mind is in perpetual thought over him and you’ve become curious and intrigued to the point of no return.  So you might as well just let it happen.  Let your mind wander down that hole into the center of the universe of your fantasies.  You might as well, you have no choice at this point but to work it out.  You could be up all night trying the rub that pain out or you could just appreciate the night and all it offers through it’s cover.  It’s black secrets glimmered with star shine and like the day and it’s rainbows it has the moon and it’s beams.  It’s time for darkness to let go into the light of day and then your night thoughts can become your day dreams.  Your fool’s paradise is no musing pipe dream, not anymore.  It’s become a full on phantasmal mirage and you’re so thirsty you’d drink right from his mouth.

Swallow hard and take that incense scented air into your lungs with a deep cleansing breath because where your mind’s going, you’re going to need it.   You can’t help it that you are afflicted with such a sensuous mind that is graced with such a gift of delicious wickedness and mischief that comes running wild with just the flick of a switch in your brain. Like an ignition.

No one is sinless.

You might as well cash in on it and use those beautiful, beastly, damnable thoughts to take you on the ride of your lost in thought life.  Distractions are necessary in this reality to keep things alive and fresh.  They might as well taste as exquisite as they look and feel as satisfying as you want them to.

So hold out your hand for something hearty and open your mouth for something sweet and just…..let…..go.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, he made her feel good.


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