A few days had gone by since our meeting at the diner and the activities that took place afterwards at my house.  It was all I could do to manage through the work day with out checking my phone 100 times to see if I had a message from him on whatever social outlet I could search on.  My thumb was tired from tapping that one picture he sent me late last night after he’d gotten home from work and hopped into the shower and snapped a pic of himself and sent it to me.  I was in awe of him.  His body drenched with soapy water.  Bubbles trailing their way down his defined chest resting on each easily seen muscle on his abdominals pointing like a neon arrow directly to a very personal area that was covered in steam from the shower.  I couldn’t resist peeking at that picture every chance I got because he sent it just for me to appreciate and remind me of him and his glorious body.  That same body I saw so many years ago glistening in that campfire light walking towards me with that smile on his face and that same body that was seated on my couch with me on his lap just a couple days ago.  That same body responding to my touch, to my kiss, to me being near him and wanting him. That same body that set mine on fire by just a glimpse of it, in picture form and in reality.  But was this a reality?  Or was it sheer fantasy wrapped up with a bow of I don’t know how long he will even be here.  Either way I was eager to see him again and I wasn’t sure when that would happen again or if it would.  I felt almost desperate about it.  I wanted to send him a message and set up a date but was that too forward of me?  I started to type it out when my phone dinged.  It was a text asking me if I remembered the pond on his families property that night.  Of course I did.  And I responded with that.  He sent me a Google map with directions and said to meet him there tomorrow evening.  It was the pond.  I saw the town name and I knew that’s where it was.  Oh my. It was nearly 20 years since I had been there and I was tickled that he’d even think of something like that.  Thank God it was Friday and I could prep myself tomorrow before seeing him.  I was nervous, excited and so ready for him……again.

I woke up Saturday morning with a burst of energy.  I needed to get some errands done and then get around for the evening.  I was out and about and my phone dinged.  I opened the message and there was a picture of the pond with the  words “see you soon”.  I laughed and said “can’t wait” and hit send.

I was home and in the tub with bubbles up to my nose soaking in lavender bath salts when again with the phone.  “What are you doing?” the text read.  “Bathing” I sent back.  “Let’s see” he said.  Now for the best angle with strategically placed bubbles with a few bits of skin showing aaaannnnddddd…….send.  “Very nice” came back.  I said thank you.  “I love to see you wet” he responded.  I blushed and said “Oh, I do you too. That shower shot”.  I got a laugh face emoji back and I knew I needed to stop this before it got out of control.  I mean I was seeing him in a matter of hours so, I hopped out and dried off, slathered myself with my favorite scented lotion and walked to the bed where I had my underwear and bra laid out with a couple options on what to wear next to them.  I couldn’t decide so I grabbed my phone and took a pic and sent it to him and said “pick one”.  He quickly responded with “the dress and nice panties”.  I didn’t realize those had gotten into the picture but oh well, the dress it was!

Make up done, hair done and my chucks on I grabbed my purse and was out the door with the directions pulled up on my phone.

I arrived at the property.  Things looked similar but different.  I don’t recall too many details as I am sure the several beers made things a bit cloudy.  I parked the car and walked around the gate that was swung open and took a deep breath.  I didn’t see another car yet as I was a bit early.  The breeze smelled sweet like the tall grasses all around the house that was there looked so old.  I wondered if anyone still lived there?  I walked towards the willow trees as I remember the pond being near them.  The sun was peeking out before it was going down for the evening and I could feel it warming the back of my neck and bare shoulders as I trekked back to the pond.  Things were a bit over grown but it was still lovely.  Natures full glory on summer display.  I walked over near the old pier and took my phone out and sent him a quick “I am here” text.  I found a clear spot and decided to sit next to the water.  I sat down after adjusting my dress and untied my shoes as to slip my bare feet and legs into the water.  I leaned back and let my feet slide into the water.  It wasn’t very deep right there so it just came up to my calves.  It was cool against my sun and heat of the day warmed skin.  My hands were laid flat on the grass as my fingers fiddled with the blades as they came up in between them.  I tipped my head all the way back with my eyes closed taking the warm fresh air into my lungs with a deep breath and letting my hair fall over my shoulders and down my neck to my back.  I wanted this solo moment to be imprinted on my brain as to never forget it.

Soon the air changed.  I could smell something different.  It was masculine and clean.  I opened my eyes, my vision adjusting as the sun had been on my face and left it blurry and he was standing there.  I swallowed as my heart sped up and my flattened palms began to tingle against the grass.  I pulled my legs out of the water to get up and he said “No no, don’t move, I like you right there just like that”.  So I stayed and he came down to me.  He was so tall.  I forget how tall until I am near him.  His hair laid perfectly on his head and his white button up shirt gapped a little and I could see his bare toned chest as he sat down near me then scooted behind me.  His long muscular legs along me on each side of me.  His khaki shorts soft as I put my hands on him.  He had stepped out of his shoes too so his bare feet were touching mine as they slid past them into the water.  I leaned back into him as his long arms wrapped around me.  He felt so good.  His body so firm and tight against me.  He dipped his head through my hair and kissed my neck a few times saying “I am glad you wore the dress, it suites you and fits you so well”.  I smiled and said thank you and tried hard not to explode from his touch and from his kiss.  He kept up the torture of the kisses along my neck from the back to the sides and then down my shoulders.  My hands gripping fabric on him and running up and down his legs wanting to reach behind me and touch him.  I wanted to kiss him.  I pulled my legs out of the water and quickly turned to him.  Oh he was so attractive.  It’s like the first time every time when I see him.  It’s always astonishing to me how beautiful he is.  His eyes and how they look at me with such desire and want.  His lips as if they were drawn on his mouth and made for kissing.  They were delicious and I wanted to taste them. NOW.  I slammed myself into him and he was ready.  I couldn’t handle it.  I had to have him again.  It was a full on kissing assault.  It went from slight and soft to dangerous and devouring in a matter of moments.  His hands grabbing me around my waist and then cupping my ass, he pulled me onto him.  My wet feet and legs firmly around him now as my mouth became furious for him.  I couldn’t stop.  The sounds of approval and necessity he was making drove me to kiss him harder and deeper.  I wanted to be at the bottom of him with my tongue.

My hands in his hair and on his cheeks and down his back.  His hands tightly gripping me still on top of him dropping down from my back to my ass again and then down the sides of my thighs as he’d pushed up the fabric of my dress so my legs were bare against his touch.  His hands scorching me with their heat and connection.  The air was thick and humid as if it were going to rain at any moment and beads of sweat were forming on his skin.  That made him smell even better.  I licked his salty neck from the sweat and licked my lips in appreciation of him.  I wanted to feel him against me so I unbuttoned his shirt shoved it off of him exposing his splendorous body.  Each muscle moving and cut through his skin.  The glory of this man’s body was as if it were built just for sex.  The Adam of my garden and I was about to bite that apple and revel in the sinful and delectable creation of this man and his body.  That body that was under me, ready for me and I was for him.  The rhythm of our kissing had changed and quickly he moved me off of him and onto the ground.  I laid there looking up at him trying to find the air in my lungs as he stared at me.  He smiled and leaned down and kissed my forehead, eyes, cheeks and mouth.  He felt so right and so wrong all at the same time but no matter, it was happening.

My eyes were closed and suddenly I felt small drops of rain.  We were under the cover of a large willow tree but the rain drops  were sneaking through and falling on us.  His bare back  was getting wet and my hands were sliding over the water as were my fingers down his skin. It was magical with each changing movement like a sensual symmetry between us.  Our bodies in the rain like a ravenous rhapsody.  A symphony of our flesh so spiritual and organic to be in nature like we were.  To be there unchaste and unburdened and intertwined in such a beautiful, sensual and salacious way was perfect.  It was definitely another memory of him I will never forget.

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