He called me out of the blue telling me he was in town for a visit.  He hadn’t been home in quite some time and he wanted to get together if I was available.  I hadn’t heard from him in years but I figured why not?  I had watched his updates on social media so I had seen how he’d grown up and oh my had he and appreciated the man he’d become.

We were just kids when we first met and then teenagers when he showed interest in me.  Oh those were the days.  Carefree and no responsibilities.  Just summer time fun.  And fun was what we had.  I wasn’t a very promiscuous girl but there was something about him that made me feel a little naughty.  He was somewhat claimed by a friend of mine so I never really pursued him.  There was one night though.  She had made him mad and I didn’t understand her leading him on like that so when she left, I stayed to comfort him.  He came out by the campfire I was sitting next to and sat across from me.  His shirt was off and he had ripped jeans on and his feet were bare.  I watched him walking towards me.  So tall and lean.  He was an athlete in high school and he kept his body fit.  The fire glistening against his sweaty skin. It was mid summer so it was humid that evening.  He had his shirt in his hands and whipped it over his shoulder and sat down.  He seemed upset.  I grabbed a couple beers and took one to him.  They had been in a watery cooler and the ice slipped off onto his stomach.  I tried so hard not to stare at it as it rolled down melting in a tiny pool near the band of his jeans.  I swallowed hard and closed my eyes trying not to lick my lips as I wanted to run my tongue over that cool water on his skin.  He totally saw me staring and he smiled at me and opened the beer, took a drink and took my hand and pulled me to him.  I was sitting on his lap with my arm around his neck and my feet dangling to the side.  I kicked off my sandals and looked around.  We were alone.  He knew it too. With liquid courage I leaned down and kissed him.  His lips so soft against mine.  His tongue sliding in and out of my mouth slowly and his hands also sliding slowly up my back.  I felt the heat from the fire against my bare legs and arms as I was dressed in cut off jean shorts and a tank top.  He pulled at me as to move my legs so I would be straddling him.  I pulled away and looked around again.  He did too.  I stood up and seemed cautiously curious. He was looking up at me smiling and nothing was even said.  I moved my body around so I was fully facing him.  He adjusted himself on the lawn chair and patted his lap again and I moved over him and  positioned myself back on him.  The kissing commenced and continued until we heard laughter in the distance.  I quickly got up and moved to the chair next to him.  Our eyes locked and my body on fire and it wasn’t from the heat of the night but from him.  I took a quick sip of my beer hoping it would calm me and I could control my breathing but I couldn’t stop looking at him and he at me.  He tilted his head towards the house and I nodded no.  He laughed with understanding.  We needed to keep whatever we just did and might do again discrete.  He wasn’t exactly in a relationship with my friend but I didn’t want to upset her but damn it I wanted him.  We were joined by a few other people and the looks between he and I danced back and fourth that night and several nights after that but that’s as far as it ever went.

And now, he’s contacted me and I was anxious to see him.

He invited me to meet him at a local diner for an early dinner.  I got there just as the rain had paused and dodged the drops as I rushed in.  I was shaking the water off of me and pushing my hair out of my face while looking around for him and there he was.  He was seated in a booth dressed in an off white t-shirt with his hair styled back and a smile that lit up the room when he saw me.  My stomach dropped.  I immediately felt 19 again.  My mouth dried and my heart raced.  I suddenly felt warm and my skin tingled.  He tilted his head to one side looking at me in wonderment.  I snapped out of my imagination and walked towards him.  He stood up and was in jeans that looked very similar to the ones from all those years ago.  He put his arms out right away to hug me.  Our embrace was like a full on head rush for me.  He looked so good and he smelled even better.  I took a deep breath as he pulled me closer to him and gently squeezed me.  He smelled expensive and natural.  Like Gucci and camping mixed together.  It made me dizzy.  He made me dizzy.  I sat across from him and our conversation went back and fourth over burgers and fries and soda’s.  He laughed about things I said and I swear it sounded just like his laugh that night around the fire.  He had a dashing smile.  One that could absolutely demolish a virgin in her tracks.  I mean it was knee buckling.  And his eyes. Oh those eyes that sparkled and danced and caressed me from across that table.  When I spoke he listened with his ears and those eyes.  They never left mind except to glance down at my mouth. I was doing the same to him though.  His lips were drawn by God himself with the full intention to be worshiped by another’s.  They were beyond kissable they were luscious and sculpted and I remember how soft they were.  I wondered if they were still that soft?  I watched him take bites of his burger and imagining that mouth on mine.  His teeth exposed with each bite made me think of them grazing my jaw as he kissed it. He finished his sentences with perfect punctuation and his voice was like the rapture on earth.  He was a divine creature with pure sin for blood in that delicious body that sat across from me. He moved his arms and hands with such smooth motions.  His body was like a musical composed just for me watch and his words drifted from his mouth to my ears like a song and it heightened every sense of my being.  All five senses were in vivid technicolor and I was prickling with heat.  I was trying to look away from him talking but I was engulfed by him.  He was so attractive it was almost magical.  He was like a unicorned deity of sex sitting right across from me and I could barely contain myself.  This was far beyond the secret teenage whispered PG-13 fantasies of time gone by. Oh this had simmered so long that it was about to be X-Rrated.

We were finishing up our meal when the check came and we both went for it.  Our hands touched and I swear there was a spark.  He kept it on top of mine looking at me. And I mean he was really looking at me.  I moved my hand out from under his and let him take the check.  He got up and took it up to the counter by the door to pay and as he did I watched him walk away from me and decided that time we had all those years back needed to be recreated and finished.  It was time to make another memory.  The adult version.   He walked with confidence and he had a swagger about him.  He paid, leaning forward on the counter and looked back at me and that glance made me move in my seat.  I was trying to remain calm and not like that horny teenager I was before around him but it wasn’t working.  He smiled and winked at me.  I was done.  That’s all it took.  And he knew it.

He walked back to the booth and I stood up and grabbed for my jacket and as I did he leaned down to get it for me and our bodies touched.  Again, that spark.  I let him take my jacket and hold it for me to put on.  When he adjusted the shoulders for me his hands staid on my arms and slid down them and I nearly lost my balance.  I cannot believe how he was effecting me and I wondered if I was doing the same to him?  I turned to face him and he stood there, statue still, looking down at me in my ballerina pink jacket and my worn in black converses still wet from the rain and he put his hand up and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and I shuttered from his touch.  I swallowed hard and my mouth opened as I licked my lips.  He tipped my chin up to him and leaned down and kissed me.  Slowly, softly and I fell through time right there in that diner.  He stopped abruptly and said “We should go.” and I agreed blinking hard and catching my breath.  He grabbed his jacket in one hand and took mine in the other.  “Where are we going?” I asked.  “Your place.” he answered looking at me as if to reassure me that it was alright.  I struggled with that thought for a moment.  The morality of it and the quickness and with someone who was a stranger but so familiar.  I don’t think I could say no to him.  I know I couldn’t because soon enough he was at my door step as I got there right before him and I let him in.

The rain had started again and he was wet from running from his car to the house.  As he came in he took of his jacket and tossed it on a chair and kept eye contact with me.  He was standing in my house right in front of me and I could barely stand away from him.  He brushed his hands through his wet hair combing it back with his fingers.  Those perfect hands and long fingers that looked manicured and safe.  There was a droplet running down his face and I wanted to lick it just like that water from the beer can that dropped on his stomach.  He came to me as I came to him.  We met with electricity.  His mouth on mine in an instant.  I could taste him. It was a frenzy of kisses.  I tired to slow myself but I was not in control at all.  He was. He was fully in control and I liked it.  His lips making a sensual massacre out of mine.  He nibbled at my bottom lip sucking into his mouth and I grabbed at him.  Pawing at him almost.  I was soon pinned against the wall in my entryway right by the front door.

Every inch of my body was aching for him.  I needed him.  We had unfinished business and it was time to finish it.  I tugged his shirt off and let it drop on the floor.  His body was still fit and trim.  His muscles moving as he did and I moved from his lips to his neck and down his chest.  He smelled so clean and his skin was warm and tasted fresh.  He pulled my face up gently with his hands cupping my cheeks kissing me.  He stopped and pulled my shirt off over my head as well.  He smiled and looked at me in appreciation.  I tried not to blush and bit my lip as he looked at me and took me to the couch.  We kind of giggled as he sat and patted his lap.  How could he remember that?  He smiled up at me as I stood and he sat right in front of me.  He licked his lips and pulled me by both of my hands and I was seated on him facing him.  Time and experience were both on our side tonight and this man was going to make a long lasting wonder what could have happened come true.  Soon enough we would not be interrupted this time and no odd teenage remorse for the adult act that was about to take place. He had aged so well and my shy ways had grown into a sultry woman who knew what she wanted and what I wanted was him.  He was a perfect pleasure fit even after all these years. I felt completely awakened, aroused and appreciated by this man.  This organic, physical and profanely passionate man that has taken me from my youthful thoughts to a sweltering incandescent reality in a matter of moments.  Hedonistic and spiritual.  Wicked and celestial all at the same time.  He was like kryptonite and I was fine with a slow tortious death at his hands. It was an immaculate, ambrosial transcendent experience that will stay with me eternally.


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