Call me Suga


Hazel eyed confectionary day dreams infused with lost highway thoughts covered by rose colored glasses to block the sunshine through the windshield of my musically driven soul.

Sugarplum sweet illusions rest against my worried mind to take me away from it all.  A step outside of my reality into the marmalade world that is my imagination.

Exotic allurement that stems from days or unrest and a strong curiosity that has not killed this cat but made it purr with granulated purple hazed sunrises as the morning pours into my room while I awake from my slumber ready to face the day and find solace in those whipped cream figments from just a mere conversation.

Cinnamon chills from the thoughts that parade around my head play catalyst to the memories and the desires of the unknown that seem so demanding, so dominant and necessary.

My candy coated fantasies lay sticky like confetti lotion against my body.  Praline, peppermint or jawbreaker, you take your pick.  Dessert before dinner is what I say.  Have the sweet when you want it and savor every single tingling lasting like a bruise bite.

The master’s musing  are greedy and goody goody gumdroped as strawberry field’s forever plays in the back ground with whips of black licorice and candied cravings abundant and steady sugar coated saccharin satisfaction guaranteed.

Wild yellow sunshine dips into the waves of night as the star shine floats like frosting across the sky and my mind calms with rest.  I hope for the day dreams to turn to night dreams that can freeze and firm the gelatin thoughts that have been ravenously chewed on all day.

Eager to please and ready to will parched from the candy coated pastry thoughts that have been my beautiful distraction of the day.  So I will take that moonlight drive and get lost again on that highway of my mind.


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