Just take me away.

Away from it all.  The objectivity of the day’s tasks and the anxious moods that steal my rest from me.  Calm my river wild thoughts. Soothe the aches that have settled in my  muscles and bring me back to life.  Awaken my pain stricken soul with your touch.  Lick my wounds and comfort my body.  Take the wheel for me and guide me on a moonlight drive through the night filled with star shine and whispered promises.  Play my favorite songs on repeat while you slowly and gently lull me to the rhythm.

Rock me baby.  Rock me all night long.

Give me dirty blues with jazzy riffs and raw lyrics to give my skin a shock and blanket me with goosebumps.  Let my head tilt back as the words sung like honey slide up my spine and make my body sway.  Back and forth to the beat I go and try to get lost along the way.  Candy coated melodies played as a soundtrack while sugar fills my bowl and melts on my tongue to relax my mind. Day drinking the disco lemonade and sucking on the lithium lollipops to chemically balance my turbulent brain while I try a little tenderness against my holographic body.  Chocolate covered toxic tainted love songs blaring like an echo in the corridors of my comfortably numb psyche next to the funk downtown of the mothership connection with a side of 24 karat magic.

Give me folk, fusion, ragtime or rap, rock n roll, swing, acoustic or pop, just be sure you give it me hard and give it to me turned up!!

Time for the hips to roll, my hands to find my  hair and my mouth to smile and ultimately LET GO.  #leaveitonthedancefloor and escape the real world one booming beat at a time.  One lonely lusty lyric at a time.  A vivid, vibrating vacation brought to me by my speakers and my imagination set to the back drop of these four walls.  Alive she cried and gave an atomic rebel yell over the valley of the darkness of my dwellings to the paradise city just over Highway 61.



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