I was home.  Music on and my mind desperate for some type of release from the back logged emotions from the past few days.  Mere days spent with him.  From meeting him at that party last weekend to meeting him in his office just last night and the texts and calls in between.  And they weren’t just texts.  There was meaning and depth to them.  Not like love meaning but, a connection.  That wire from him to me that went from his eyes to my mouth.  From his lips to my skin.  From his voice to my stomach and from his body to mine.  I have never felt pure lust for someone like I do him.  The desire, the ache, the want and need is compulsive and nearly dependent.  I am strung out on him.

I plug my phone in and take off my clothes from the work day.  I walk from my room to the bathroom strolling a bit to the beat of the music echoing from my IPod speaker in the kitchen and catch my reflection in the mirror.  I am standing there naked and I give myself a once over.  I cannot help but smile just at the thought of him naked with me.  Just last night his body was on top of mine.  He was resting on me.  His skin was touching my skin.  I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath to calm my racing thoughts.  It didn’t work.  I was there all over again.  I could smell him on my skin, taste him on my tongue and instantly I wanted more, again.  His hands taking mine in his and placing them above my head as they interlocked while he moved with me.  Those hungry baby blues looked all grown up from my point of view while he trialed kisses and bites down my stomach landing at the waist of my jeans only to look up at me and give me a grin as he undid the button and slid down the zipper.  He pulled them off and continued with the kisses and I am pretty sure now that I am seeing myself, he left a nice mark or two on my thighs.  I run my hand along the tiny bruises and roll my finger around them and then my stomach drops and I cannot take it.  I need more.  Again.  The way he controlled me and himself was professional like.  His movements were executed so precisely and deliberately.  All for the purpose of pleasuring me and taking me the alluring height of pure satisfaction.  That was a guarantee made just by our first everlasting kiss in the hallway.  If he could make me feel like that just from a kiss, I knew if we did more, I may never be the same woman.  And I wasn’t.  I was addicted.

I could barely sit still at work today.  Checking my phone every two minutes and when he did send a message I about knocked over my water bottle to grab it as it dinged and I had to get a hold of myself.  It just said “meet me in the park near Delaware”  I text back  “when”.  It dinged back “now”.  I didn’t even think.  I grabbed my jacket and left rushing past the offices with doors shut and phones ringing and almost jogging past the front desk girl who’s name escapes me at this moment and said “I have an appointment, I will be back”  I don’t even know if she answered me.  I didn’t care.  I walked as fast as I could from my office to the park.  It was about 4 blocks from my office and actually near my apartment.  I was hustling.  I got there and looked around.  I tried to compose myself as I was out of breath.  I walked around the little grounds keeping building and there he stood.  My angel of mercy he was undeniably the sexiest thing I have ever seen.  His hair pulled back.  Dark glasses on.  Dressed in a sweater and a jacket as it was mid fall.  His hands in his pockets and his mind elsewhere from what I could see.  I walked towards him trying to keep my stride from a full on sprint and he looked up.  I held my breath as I got closer.  Our eyes secured on one another and he smiled as he looked up.  I exhaled then and didn’t stop walking until I was right in front of him.  His hands came out of his pockets and he took a few steps towards me and he took his glasses off and stuck them in his jacket pocket and his hands came up to my cheeks and gently pulled my face up and his mouth was on mine.  It was literally so fluid that it was like we had rehearsed it.  In seconds his tongue was searching for entry into my mouth and then I was turned towards the rail he’d been leaning on.  My mind was swirling and my body drowning in passion that was pouring out of him onto me.  He was kissing me like he was ravenous and I was just as thirsty as he was.  Drinking in his every movement. I was manic for him.

“I needed you” he said finally.  “You have me” I answered him as I pulled him back down to my lips.  We kept kissing.  I finally inched back and tried to get a grip on the fact that we were in fact in public and he stopped and looked at me.  I smiled and said “I could barely get up for work this morning” “Mmmmm, well, then I didn’t do my job fully then Miss Parker”  I laugh and realize that his hands are nicely tucked up under my jacket and shirt in the back and my breath hitches a bit at this feeling. He notices. “I can’t keep my hands off of you” he says.  “Um, then don’t Mr. Kroy” I say back with some sass.  “Last night was, well, it was quite amazing” I mention.  “It was fucking phenomenal Zoey” he says as he leans in again and we continue our traditional make out session.

So it was for him to then.  My God.  This man, this sexual creature that has taken over the jurisdiction of my mind is just as taken by me as I am him.  Why?  I am just a girl in the big city working for a small gallery with not much to my name who wears Chucks to work everyday and skinny jeans with t-shirts when I go out and when I saw him today it was as if he’d stepped out of a popular men’s magazine.  I know puzzle pieces are different and that’s the point that each one is different yet they all come together to fit and bring the puppy picture or the replicated masterpiece to life.  Either way, I was his.  His for the taking and the liking. And holy shit, did I like it.   So much so, I invited him over after he gets done with his work day.  When I had seen him in the park today he’d agreed to it as I asked him to take me anywhere we could be alone but he had business to attend to and told me tonight he was free and he would do whatever I wanted as soon as he could.  So now, here I stand in my bathroom, shower running, prepping for another night with Alex still high from the park and buzzed from last night.  The sounds, the moves, the gentle force he brings with him weakens me. His touch alone sets me on fire, his lips burn my skin and his naked body so disciplined and limitless.  Endowing in ecstasy.  It was an outbreak of rapture. And I was adorned with frenzied want for him.  All tangled up in it and soon to be intertwined with him yet again.  I may never recover from this devils delight of a man.  Nothing good can come of this long term but I will stay tuned one day at time that’s for sure.  Bring on the hot water to wash the sin from soul for my will is not my own……thank God!

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