I needed a fix and I needed it bad.

He’s invited me up to his office for dinner as he’s had to work late for a special client all week.  We have exchanged some texts and had a very steamy late night phone call that had I not been under the weather could have seriously been a booty call.  And yes, I was more than tempted.  Hell, all it takes is his soft, low and hungry voice to make me want to do things my Grandmother would die over.  Sweaty, drippy kinds of things that are only imagined when I am alone and able to fully enjoy the heat of my own blushed cheeks as the thoughts roll around my head and my stomach dives down deep touching that spot between my thighs that makes me adjust my sitting position.  Oh yea, those were the things I was thinking about.

I arrive on time and head into the modern art adorned building where I am greeted by a security guard that says he knew I was coming and tells me to use the elevator on the left.  I hop in and hit the 27 button and take a deep breath.  I am full of  all those teenage vibes.  The ones that make you want to run away and never see him again mixed with the ones that make you want to run TO him and never ever stop kissing him and declare you devoted love to him like something straight out of some early Reese Witherspoon movie.  I checked my reflection in the elevator doors as they opened.  Outfit looked good.  Casual yet hip and my red lips were ready for some action.  Or so I hoped.  I imagined leaving kiss marks from his chest to his abdomen as I slid it on in the mirror before I left my place.  I got those twinges as I thought about it.  How does he do that to me?

I see a large desk with paintings over it and the name of the firm above them.  I look around and wonder which office is his and then I hear music coming from one down the hall.  I can smell food too.  God I didn’t realize I was even hungry until that moment.  I walked slowly down the redwood hallway.  The big heavy doors lined them with windows next to them where I peeked in to see photos and trinkets on the desks.  A little home away from home for the people who worked here.  The lights were low and gentle shining up from the sconces on the walls.  It felt warm.  Inviting.  I come to one of the last offices as the music got louder and peered inside from around the open door.  There he was sitting on the side of his desk.  A large constructed desk with papers about and a table near it with 6 chairs around it.  Bags of food sitting on it from some place he called for carry out.  A brown leather couch with two arm chairs sat  near the large floor to ceiling window that showed off the city lights with purpose. The lamp was lit on the one end and the lights were turned down too.

He was dressed in a what looked like a white sweatshirt and worn jeans with dressier shoes that made his feet look huge.  How in the world could he make a sweatshirt look expensive and so fucking hot?  His hair was combed back away from his face with product in it to make it look smooth and settled.  I wanted to touch it.  His face was clean shaven this time.  Which was good since my chin just healed from the stubble burn from that make out session at the party.  I could have cared less though.  It felt so good every time I touched it because I remembered how I got it.  He looked up at me from his work and smiled.  Those sinfully delicious lips formed into that grin.  And those eyes. God, those eyes full of lust and desire like welled azure pools that I wanted to dive into naked and unafraid.

I stood there like a child on Christmas morning staring at all the glorious presents laid out by Santa the night before.  I was in awe of him.  He was cosmically textured.  He was phantasmically beautiful.  And oh my God I was ALONE with him.  The music was coming from a sound system on his book covered shelves and he smiled at me.  “Hello Zoey” he said.  His voice was so heavy it almost took me down when he spoke.  I wanted to drop my jacket and purse and attack him. I smiled and said “Hi Alex” as he stood up.  He was so tall compared to me.  His long and lean frame standing in the low light with the fitted shirt and jeans fitted as well made me swallow hard and breath in quickly.  He could tell.  I know it.  I waited as long as I could and I walked towards him.  Do I hug him?  Do I shake his hand?  I mean what do I do here?  Well, that got answered as soon as he met me in the middle of that office and took my jacket from my hands and my purse and sat them on the table and said “are you hungry, I got us some food” as he stood inches from my body.  I was hungry.  So hungry but no way could I eat.  “I am but….” I began bu,t as soon as I did he lunged at me.  Our mouths hit and it was like an explosion.  All lips and teeth and tongues and hands all over.  I could barely stand it was so powerful.  The air was palpable right before it happened.  It was like slow motion but sped up to catch up with time as we knew it right at that moment.  I had been paralyzed by his presence but as soon as we touched, I was revived.

In between kisses and grunts and groans and movements he stopped “I missed you.  I did.  I couldn’t get you out of my damn head” he said gasping for air and kissing me again.  “Zoey, what the hell did you do to me?” he questioned.  “I didn’t do anything but kiss you” I answered as we continued.  “More, I want more of you, all of you” he said as he picked me up and moved us over to the couch.  He laid me down gently and slowly lowered himself on me with reassuring eyes on mine as if to ask me if I was ok with this.  To feel him on me was nearly all I could take.  I moved to better feel him.  He moved to better feel me and we moved together.  He pulled his sweatshirt off over his head revealing his toned body underneath.  He had tattoos on his chest and forearms.  I looked at them and sat up to kiss his chest.  He moved to allow it.  He was so warm and smelled fresh and woodsy.  A mix of laundry detergent and sandalwood with mint. I wanted to eat him alive.  My hands tracing the muscles on his back and wrapping around him up by his shoulders.  I knew I needed to be next to remove an article of clothing and I was thrilled to do so as I was actually wearing my favorite bra and panties that matched and everything.  It was lace that the woman and the store assured me it wasn’t itchy and very sexy and it was.  So, off my green sweater came with his help.  Our shirts laying on the floor of his office as he lay on top of me kissing and caressing me.  Taking his time with me.  Feeling me.  Setting fire to me with himself.  It was as if I was the sun was kissing my skin it was so hot.  His mouth, his teeth, his hands had made friends with every part of my exposed skin and they were getting along very well.  He was very attentive.  I was alive and awake and ready.  So ready.  The music was perfect.  The location was suitable with the low light and the soft worn leather couch with the city scape behind us to light the room even more.  Alexander Kroy was going to have me, all of me, and I was going to let him.


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