When the smoke settles how do you feel?  When it’s all said and done and  your left with just the tingles of the last touch.  You bite your lip still in a trance.  You hope the sweat gathered under  your clothes stays with you long enough to make you cold when you step out into the winter wind and the chill excites you.

Your mind is erased from all the moments that lead up to that one.  That one moment when your eyes connected and the feelings crashed into you like lightning.  The want became a full contact sport at that moment.  Your hands moved and your body followed.  Your chest could barely contain your beating heart.  No longer and illusion, but it was there in front of you.  Alive and breathing with sensation.

Music lightly playing in the background, some random CD chosen for courage on the drive over.  The night being used like a blanket to cover and conceal is loosened when the street light sneaks in the windows.  A detour of your reality shared with out concern or conscience.  Numbers, time and places were irrelevant. It became that beautiful distraction you’ve searched for but hadn’t found until it was presented.  The first grasp at happiness from the sadness spilled from an overflowing river of hurt.

Questions unnecessary and inspiration coming from wine induced bravery could only lead to the finish line or close to it.  Home free and unsupervised with only your devils and angels on your shoulder’s as witnesses.  Exorcised by the thoughts that weigh as much as a ton but feel as good as the buzz you collected over the last couple of hours.  All palpitating inside you at that moment.  Only to be quieted by that look.  That silent stare that says “Ok” and you jump.  Jump off the cliff of sensibility and what was tangible is now tactile and lucid and hand held.  The pure rush of it all makes you spin like a little girl with arms outstretched, giggling and falling to the grass feeling the sun drench your skin and the breeze kiss your skin.  A release.  A departure from the now of it all.

Everything has stopped.  And it’s all about the movement of the moment.  The cold disappears and the heat picks up and the motions become fluid.  Unprepared for this you take it all in as you know that one day it will most likely end up a worn out memory that’s stored in the bank for reference of a time where you felt good.  So good.  Tears replaced by youthful smiles and young softness.  Pretty describes it best.

Slowed down by the spirits and handled by the darkness it comes to a close.  All good things must come to an end.  The music still plays and the lights pour in as the foggy mental windows clear and you settle back into the palpable uncertainty of tomorrow. Your reflection smolders with youthfulness and is flushed in the star shine.  Dulled by life’s unfairness but excited by the conquest of innocence.  A thought that will remain like a cattle brand on the hide of your subconscious. Burned into a ribboned sizzling letter on your skin.  Forever remembered.  A favorite played on repeat when necessary.  Cheers to that.

Coo Coo Ca Choo……….

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