When you just need a moment to yourself so you slip into something more comfortable like a day dream.  A lost thought trapped in the spider webs of your mind vault brought to light by a random inspiration like a visual pleasure or a certain smell that takes you on a sensory journey.  Hold tight because you know where it will end up, it always does.

Touch, taste, sight, sound and hearing.  All five ramped up like amphetamines running through your veins.  Your skin covered in goose bumps and your breathing hitches.  Your heart beats rapidly and your hands don’t quite know what to do with themselves.  Your body aches as your stomach drops and your imagination swells.  You have begun the free fall into your fabrication.  Your arms stretched out, your head tips back with eyes closed and you let go.  No one to catch you in your trust fall from camp here.  Just a plummet into  an ocean of breathable illusions.

A smile on your face laced with the memory of what happened that one time brought to you by your brain firing on all cylinders.  Your warm with thoughts and lost inside them.  Theater smoke builds with a sweet taste on your lips as you breathe in the production happening inside your mind.  The soundtrack of your reality is drown out by the movie music of your memory. It’s turned into the beautiful distraction that is necessary when you’ve just had enough of the day’s divinity and you need a little drink from the dark of night during the day to quench that thirst.  You sink your teeth in deep into your fantasy like a lust filled hollow vampire sucking every last drop of it until your fire is put out.  Only the embers burn and crackle on the outline of your artistry.

So now what?

Your walking down the cobblestone streets of your meditation lined with neon signs blinking and twinkling with greed.  But don’t rush it.  Take your time there.  It’s yours to revel in.  Your own creation.  It is yours to luxuriate in, to get high on and to savor from it’s ravenous birth to it’s wild death. Eat it all up like the carnivore you are.  Take it all in.  Allow it to settle deeply and fully inside you and then set yourself free with it. An aura explosion. No fears. No time. No reality, only invention.

Smother the burdens you suffer from with musing reflections and soothe your restless woes with the unreality that you have shaped and brought to existence through your mind.  And if you get lost it’s no problem, life will shine it’s light for you to see and as you shake the snapshots and illustrations from you hair as you awaken from you sensation coma your eyes still heavy with mood and your body limp from release. Let it leave you with a grin for the day and may it stay with you until night calls  with his slumber and may he entrance you just as well as you have entranced yourself.  Take pleasure in your deduction and may it fuel you thoughts as they intertwine with the real world once again. Your lucidity is has returned and you file that one under “fantasy” in your mind for safe keeping because there’s always room for one more.

Welcome back.

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